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Yes, you can call your potential buyer, but can you stay in contact with them every day? Yes, you can put an ad in a magazine, but after one pass through the June-July issue, will they really remember you? Yes, you can talk to a purchase agent at a trade show, but what happens after […] Read More

What’s your brand message? Even if you don’t have a brand message written out on your ‘inspirational whiteboard’, you’re doing brand messaging already. You are doing it in your content, your sales brochures, your website and in your social promotion. It’s in flyers, sales pitches, and ads. Brand messaging is in your bio, your contact […] Read More

Apr 10, 2014 SEO

In the search community, there is a huge myth circulating. It is commonly believed that the more social signals you have on your site, the better your SEO. In other words, if you have four hundred thousand followers on Twitter, you’ll do better in the search rankings than if you had twelve followers. This is […] Read More

In the first March Madness Marketing blog post, I introduced the bracket – 64 online marketing tactics battling it out for a chance at being the best online marketing strategy out there. Here’s the original bracket: Round 1 has finally concluded, lending to the following results: Round 1 Recap: What Were The Best Teams?   […] Read More

The recent social media boom has caused business marketers to realize the vital importance of expanding their marketing campaigns to include a strong social media presence. The goal of this article is to help give you a social media marketing snapshot – a look at which social platforms you should use for your business and […] Read More

This post is part of our Google Analytics Guide. For a beginner’s guide, read our Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics. If you are a marketing manager, a CEO, or a stakeholder in a company, you are probably interested in measuring the results of your marketing campaigns. With the internet being the most popular place to […] Read More

Of all the companies I’ve been honored to serve, the best ones are measuring success. They know that such and such a source of traffic to their site turns into this much money at the end of the day. The process from visitor to sale converts at x percent. Therefore, this source of sales costs this much per sale. […] Read More

For some time, we’ve considered providing a beginner’s guide to understanding Google Analytics as a way to help new analytics users get acquainted with the system. We’ll soon be releasing more advanced articles that cover how to use Google Analytics effectively in the future, but for now, we hope you enjoy this introduction! How Do […] Read More

If you are a marketing manager, or marketing coordinator, chances are you have either lived through having to increase lead generation without an increased marketing budget, OR you are currently having nightmares as to how to make this happen. This post is for those marketing managers who are struggling with finding your way in the […] Read More

Mar 25, 2014 Content Marketing

Working in online marketing is like stepping into a world that, on the outskirts, looks very small, but in truth is bigger on the inside than most consumers imagine. There are SEOs, crawlers, tags, keywords, and other jargon which you probably know by heart now if you’ve worked in the field for some time. However, […] Read More

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