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25 Website Must Haves for Driving Traffic, Leads, and Sales

25 Website Must-Haves For Driving Traffic, Leads, & Sales

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How to Write a Fantastic Press Release

An Easy to Follow Press Release Template

What is a Press Release (PR) Used For?

Your a press release should be a third person news story that focuses on the newsworthiness of a specific person, event, service, or product. Depending upon it's newsworthiness determines how many editors or reporters will actually accept your PR.

How Should a Press Release (PR) be Used?

Press release is a fantastic way to launch a new website or business. Utilizing an online press release syndication tool is the easiest way to get your PR in front of editors and reporters. While there's many free press release services I would suggest sticking with a paid press release service. You'll get much better distribution, traffic, and keyword rankings.

What Type of Press Release Format Should be Used?

Here's a sample press release format:

How to Write a Fantastic Press Release

How to Approach the Writing of Your Press Release

Writing a good press release is more about understanding the topic you're writing about then trying to sell your company. Editors don't want to be sold on your company they want rich content that will get lots of reads.

Let's just say your'e writing on the topic of Search Engine Marketing. You want to show the difference between how businesses use Search Engine Optimization for marketing compared to ten years ago.

The Topic: How Do Business Owners View the Importance of Search Engine Optimization Today.

Next, you need to develop your topic through in-depth research. After you've exhausted your topic research you find that current trends for the importance of internet marketing among businesses owners today has drastically increased from 10 years ago.

So, now you've got your angle:
Businesses Now Using SEO as a Standard Marketing Tool Are Skyrocketing Sales

Great, now we just need to write about the topic:

Press Release Headline

Remember, you're not trying to sell the editor. They don't care about your company they are looking for a press release headline that really captures readers attention. Try to focus less on your product and company and more on giving the reader something of huge value. You'll have plenty of opportunity to sell your company later in the Press Release. Right now you're just trying to develop your "hook."

Bad Headline: SEO Company Offers Businesses Great Service Helping them Increase Sales and Profits.
Good Headline: More Businesses are Increasing Sales Through Search Marketing

Press Release Subhead

The Press Release subhead helps further explain the topic headline. The goal is to continue to hook the reporter. Remember, for online press release this subhead also becomes your "meta description" which is the sales pitch for readers as well. Having a good subhead will drastically improve your click through rate.

Subhead: Latest trends show more business owners are drastically improving their bottom line through online search marketing.

Press Release Lead

The leading paragraph should contain the who, what, when, where, and how of the story. The reader or reporter should be able to grasp the entire topic in just the first paragraph of the press release.

Bad Press Release Lead:
Just the other day the most impressive SEO company who offers companies nationwide the greatest search marketing service did an analysis on SEO trends and business owners. They found that more businesses are using SEO to increase their bottom line.
Good Press Release Lead:
Businesses across the nation are increasing their online marketing efforts through Search Engine Optimization. With an average return on investment of 100%-1000% a study by "" shows a 1000% increase over the last 10 years to business owners who are developing their web presence by contracting out web marketing efforts to local search marketing companies.

The Remaining Sections of the Press Release

Basically, you'll need to support the claims of your lead with well thought our paragraphs, quotes, and statistics. This shows you've exhausted the topic and have something really important to report on. Make sure to use discretion when citing a source. If your source does not want to be named use ambiguous wording like, "the owner of a local business in Texas says". Quality citations support the fact that theirs real evidence backing up your claims making it much more likely your Press Release will be picked up.

In the final paragraph you'll want to place the "boilerplate". The boilerplate is a standard copy that is repeated on every PR that gives a little "about us" to help readers understand what you do.

"SEO company" was founded in 2010 in the Seattle area. They provide businesses with high quality search engine marketing tools. Their services expand from small business to large corporations to developing articles that help individuals learn more about internet marketing.

Some Final Tips

  • - Always use third person. Stay away from personal pronouns.
  • - Stay away from phrases like "Breakthrough" "Unique" etc...
  • - Research a lot! Notice how other good reporters are writing.
  • - Keep your press release short and sweet. Short is always best.

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25 Website Must-Haves For Driving Traffic, Leads, & Sales

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