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25 Website Must Haves for Driving Traffic, Leads, and Sales

25 Website Must-Haves For Driving Traffic, Leads, & Sales

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Why Social Media Prospecting Beats Out SMM Any Day for B2B Lead Generation

Social media has changed the marketing playing field for all companies across the board.

Even so, taking advantage of social media is easier said than done. Many marketers try to get the most out of social media, but still remain focused on what's typically known as vanity metrics.

Instead of focusing on vanity metrics which is really hollow data in terms of demonstrating ROI, B2B companies can see greater success by taking advantage of social media prospecting to get qualified leads into their sales funnel.


What is Social Prospecting?

We all know that social media marketing (SMM) is not a new term or concept, but what about social media prospecting?

You may have heard the term “social prospecting” tossed around before, but chances are you don’t have a strong definition of it. Social prospecting is the process of identifying potential prospects and engaging with them through social media networks in order to turn them into a real lead. This, in turn, can produce real ROI.

The end game of social prospecting is to get marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and sales qualified leads (SQLs) into your sales funnel. This turns social media into a legitimate source of leads and positive ROI. All social prospecting efforts are geared towards generating revenue. This is one of the key differences between social prospecting and SMM strategies.

The Difference Between Social Prospecting and SMM

Social media marketing and social prospecting may not be the same thing, but it is essential to use both in unison as part of a larger marketing campaign. The key difference (and some claim it’s the only difference) is the purpose behind SMM and social prospecting.

Social media marketing uses Facebook and other platforms as a strict marketing tool. Social media campaigns often aim to make a company more personable through informal interactions with their consumer base and for the increase of brand recognition.

The aim is to become a thought leader or local expert — and this is not a bad thing. As part of inbound marketing, you must become a thought leader and local authority in your field of expertise. This helps you build credibility and maximize exposure for your brand.

Social prospecting, on the other hand, is designed to attract a measurable amount of leads. Social prospecting is a marketing strategy that uses social media as its main tool too. Implementing a social prospecting campaign means listening to your audience identifying potential prospects, and seeking to create a meaningful engagement with them.

Then, you can engage these prospects through appealing content that will direct them to your site and move them further down the funnel. This enables you to specifically zero in on the leads and track relevant statistics to further optimize the campaign.

Social media marketing and social prospecting should both be implemented to create a balanced, successful marketing strategy. Social marketing awareness campaigns will give you the credibility and exposure you need. Social prospecting will bring you the qualified leads to boost your sales funnel. Both are essential pieces of the social media strategy.


Understanding Social Media Like Never Before with Socedo

The social prospecting landscape was not always this clear. Automated software has evolved, and it can now track and qualify leads based on their real-time social media activities and demographic information gathered through social media. Socedo now allows us to identify prospects and leads at a critical moment, as soon as they show interest in our space, even before they enter the sales funnel.

As one of our partners, we work with Socedo to gain a panoramic view of our target audience on social media, allowing us to gather relevant information and behavioral patterns in one platform. The powerful software generates meaningful leads that will be engaged with our content offers.

The automated workflow automatically drives leads to our content offers, helping us collect valuable contact information in our CRM so that we can track leads through the entire sale process. Using Socedo also has other advantages too. It helps us to:

  • Nurture existing leads on social channels
  • Monitor the social media activity of existing leads
  • Collect key information (replies to direct messages, click-through rate, followback rate) on buyer personas to develop targeted follow-up strategies
  • A/B testing of campaigns to optimize messaging, CTAs and offers

The best part of Socedo is that it can be integrated to popular CRMs like HubSpot. This means we can now follow up with every lead, measure ROI, and optimize our pipeline through the proven HubSpot platform.

Running A/B Testing Campaigns

Social prospecting campaigns need to be optimized and refined, just like other inbound marketing strategies. Building and running a social prospecting campaign requires a lot of investigation, analyzing, and A/B Testing. Similarly to email and nurturing campaign, trying out alternative elements like taglines, images, and calls-to-action is imperative to find the best performing variation.

A/B Testing means changing several variants of your post, and you need to think outside of the box. Think about changing the time of the day you post, different image formats (GIFs, etc.), and working used in your posts. You can even change up your tone of voice and style; find one that your audience is receptive to. Socedo will help us identify the variants that really work, so we can weed out the poor content and avoid it in the future.

Automated Workflows to Nurture Your Leads

Another thing email campaigns and social prospecting have in common is the need to nurture. Nurturing has undeniable benefits, and the stats back up that claim. But why is lead nurturing such a big fuss, you may wonder? Simply put, letting a hot lead get cold is one of the deadly sins of inbound marketing.

We should always keep prospects in the loop, even if they dropped out last minute. That just means they may still be likely to have an interest or a need that needs to be resolved, and contacting them at the right time may just inspire a sale.

One of the former setbacks of using social media as a marketing tool was nurturing. Socedo allows us to create custom follow-up and nurturing campaigns. These are designed to increase closing rates with content that is strategically curated towards prospects. And before you ask, yes — it can be managed straight from HubSpot.

Socedo Integration Features

A big part of Socedo’s success has been the ability to integrate it with major CRM platforms. This easy-to-implement addition allows us to track each lead individually. This means personalized campaigns for every single one of your prospects. Socedo also qualified your leads on the spot, so your decisions will be influenced by real-time information.


Social Prospecting and Inbound Marketing

Social prospecting is marketing made effective, but it needs to be used in unison with other strategies. Inbound marketing presents the perfect example. It’s a holistic marketing approach that combines all aspects of marketing into a single being.

Social media marketing, email campaigns, SEO optimization, and social prospecting all go hand in hand. In order to run a truly successful marketing campaign, all elements should be complementing each other. Most importantly, you should be able to track success and make the necessary adjustments to get better performance from your marketing efforts.  

Personalizing User Experience Through Business Development Representatives (BDRs)

Business Development Representatives, or BDRs, are not an old concept, but can prove to be game-changers when you combine them with social prospecting. BDRs can work on developing new opportunities for your business, using social media as the link between your audience and your products.

Business Development Reps can use outbound prospecting on their leads, or use the information collected by Socedo to curate services and messaging that is directly targeted to your audience. BDRs should be the link between your closers and your prospects, so they should know all about your products, visions, values and competitive landscape.

They are also in charge of qualifying (or disqualifying) a large number or leads, setting up for Account Managers, identifying best practices, and contacting prospects daily.

Social Prospecting: Another Piece of the Inbound Marketing Jigsaw

Social prospecting campaigns give us the ability to turn social media into a lead generating tools, if implemented correctly. By running structured campaigns and having the tracking tools to optimize them, a social media presence can yield more than awareness. It can become a detectable, measurable source of ROI for your company

At Fannit, we design and implement inbound marketing campaigns that use social prospecting to bring in qualified leads. We generate warm lead opportunities so your sales team can reach out at the right time. This guarantees a dramatic increase in your closing rate and overall sales.

If you are interested in seeing what social prospecting can do for you, give us a call today. Our team of qualified professionals will be glad to help you drive more targeted leads by using social media. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at 425-359-7989 today. Contact us now!

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25 Website Must-Haves For Driving Traffic, Leads, & Sales

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