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Hello, I'm Neil Eneix, Your Client Advocate and Marketing Strategist.

Automotive Marketing can be tough when you're dealing with unknowns about which marketing channel is bringing in the best leads for your sales team, but that's why Inbound Marketing has proven over and over again to be the perfect fit for Automotive Groups and Dealerships. 

A lot of GM's, General Sales Managers, and digital marketing managers who come to us looking to grow their dealership with Inbound Marketing have found it difficult to scale growth with their in-house marketing team or current outsourced solution.

Predictable growth from Inbound doesn't just mean writing content or improving the look of your website. It's a custom solution that must capitalize on your current strengths and improve weaknesses. This means that you need a custom Inbound solution to scale your growth. 


Optimizing the Buyers Journey With Inbound for Automotive Companies

In working with Automotive companies like you we've discovered that our custom Inbound services consistently return an average of 10x what traditional outbound marketing can return in quality lead volume. We'll show you exactly how we've helped Automotive companies improve their digital presence with:

  • Better Inbound Strategies & Brand Development
  • Focused Content Marketing
  • Higher Quality Lead Generation
  • Improved Sales Pipeline Leads
  • Fine-tuned Marketing/Sales Automation
  • High Level Reporting Across All Marketing Channels
  • Consistent Reputation Management Across Several Platforms

See the results we've driven

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The Fannit team has been great to work with from the beginning. They brought a refreshing transparency in their role as marketing support and really helped give us insight into how specific marketing channels were performing and how it was impacting our sales directly. They also provided insight into their marketing campaigns that helped me make decisions on next steps and where campaign budget would be best spent. I'd recommend them to anyone in the automotive industry.

John McMillen
GM, Mercedes Benz of Seattle
Mercedes-Benz of Seattle_Wide.jpg

Mercedes Benz of Seattle

  • 91 "Click to Call" actions in One Month, Monitored by CallRail
  • Steadily Increasing Website Conversion Rate
  • 767% ROI on Paid Search Spend
  • Increased Sales Closing Ratio to 23.6% with Better Qualified Leads

Bentley, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce - Website

  • Developed a new website design based on target clientelle
  • Implemented a custom solution for front end editing
  • Easy access to make changes
  • Improved User Analytics

HUBSPOT Preferred Partner

  • HubSpot is proud to have Fannit as one of our fastest growing agency partners in the Seattle area. Their clients have seen tremendous success with inbound marketing from both a strategy and execution perspective. Fannit consistently delivers amazing results!
    Brian Moseley

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