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Precision Tree Service

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Precision Tree Service provides experienced arboring services.

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Fannit has been great to work with from the beginning. The way they keep marketing accountable to sales is refreshing and their focus on reporting and tracking has allowed me to understand the impact my marketing campaigns are having. Because of it, I've been able to successfully grow my business and break into several new locations. I would definitely recommend them! We immediately experienced an 8% increase in click conversions that brought $130,000 in additional revenue for us and helped us grow into new markets.
Dan Rawls
CEO, Precision Tree Service
110% More Online Leads
200% More Jobs Closed
7.4% Increase In Overall Website Conversion Rate
204% increase in Google Ranking


Before working with Fannit, Precision Tree Service did not have an existing website.

After creating a website with an effective digital marketing strategy, Precision Tree Service now closes a high-volume of qualified jobs as a result of their web presence!


  1. Created an SEO ranking strategy for local county service areas
  2. Targeted PPC highest converting keywords (buyer keywords)
  3. Focused the website design and message to best target the right jobs and pain points
  4. Optimized website to convert traffic from paid and organic
  5. Strategically aligned articles and service pages to discuss the main pain points of the right jobs (content blueprint)

Inbound Marketing Services by Fannit

Web Site Design Migration

Migrated a site design from another designer to Word Press


Key word ranking analysis
Competitive analysis
Local listing research and update
Ongoing on-site key word use
Technical editing for all content
Off-site back links

Paid Search Management

Built and managing paid search campaign

Content Marketing

Persona development
Blog writing
Custom designed eBooks
Press releases
Web pages

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

A/B Testing
CTA (calls to action)
Phone call tracking
Smart forms

Marketing Automation with Hubspot

Persona tracking
Smart forms
Email automation
Conversion tracking
Campaign oversight

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