23 Marketing Tips Our Top RV Dealer Clients Rely On

The RV Sales and Service niche is very competitive. For over a decade we’ve been growing RV Dealers. Here are 23 proven marketing tips for growing your RV business.

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23: Create Referral Campaigns for Customers

An obvious one, but a good one.

Be creative. If you know it costs you $350 to get a new customer, think of other things you can give besides cash or discounts.

  • Propane tank fill up 
  • Dinner voucher for two
  • Outdoor BBQ grill 

What do RVers need? 

Referral Program - Marketing TIp

22: Attend Home Show or Other Events

This is an obvious one, but a good one. If you can’t afford a booth yet, go an mingle amongst the RVers to see what appeals to them and what all the other guys are doing that ISN’T working.

Marketing Tip - Attend Events

21: Interview Industry Influencers
& Post Their Content

People love to hear from the experts.

RVers are no different. 

Like most of us, they don’t like to be marketed to, but they love a great story.

Interview an RV-er that can tell a great story who carries weight with other RV-ers. Then, publish it.

Interview Influencers - Marketing Tip

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20: Be Active in Online Groups & Forums

There are forums in your industry that generate a lot of traffic and engagement. Like RV Network

Your customers and potential customers likely visit these blog sites.

Make sure you make yourself visible by commenting in conversations

Use online groups and forums - marketing tip

19: Comment on Other Blogs to Get Noticed

There are blogs in your industry that generate a lot of traffic. Like RVTravel.com for example.

Your customers and potential customers likely visit these blog sites.

Make sure you make yourself visible by commenting in conversations 

Comment on blogs - marketing tip

18: Trade Backlinks With
Other Topic-Relevant Websites

One way to obtain backlinks from other websites is to ask them to trade backlinks with you.

They link to your site – you link to their site.

One of your staff members that helps out with marketing could do this for you OR you could hire FANNIT 🙂

Exchange backlinks - marketing tip

17: Obtain Aged Backlinks
to Build Website Authority

Backlinks are critical for building your popularity signal with search engines

More popular sites, in the eyes of search engines, get better ranking grades.

This leads to more traffic. 

Exchange backlinks - marketing tip

16: Leverage Marketing & Sales Automation

When you have segmented email lists you could be communicating with 1,000s of contacts at any given time.

Email automation ensures you take the same steps with the same message every time … at scale. 

These tools can help you build quality marketing and sales funnels.

use marketing automation - marketing tip

15: A/B Test Vehicle Pages,
Service Pages, and Landing Pages

You can test different pages on your website too. The main thing to test for is conversion rate and engagement. 

What percentage of time do people take the steps you present to them on your pages?

  • Learn More
  • Submit 
  • Contact Us
  • Buy Now 
Run A/B Testing - Marketing Tip

14: A/B Test Your Email Marketing

When you email your customer prospects, send one group the email you want and send the other group a similar email with changes to test open rates, response rates, click through rates = conversion. Here are things you can test. 

  • Title 
  • Greeting 
  • Call to Action (CTA)
  • Link vs. Button for CTAs
  • Specific Words 
Run A/B Testing - Marketing Tip

13: Segment Your Marketing Database

If you haven’t already – segment your database into groups so you can be specific when communicating with them

  • Customers 
    • Class A
    • Class B
    • Class C
    • Service Program
  • Partners 
  • Online Leads (by Source)  
Segment your marketing database - marketing tip

12: Make Sure You Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is perfect for making connections with other business owners and relationships

Go where your potential partners are and make business connections – you never know when these connections might come in handy.

Used LinkedIn for B2B networking - marketing tip

11: Invest in Key Partner Relationships

Think about the community you are building to differentiate your business.

Take the time to connect with potential local Partners like …

  • Food truck companies 
  • Fuel providers 
  • Vehicle wrap stores
  • Tool equipment manufacturers
Invest in key partnerships - marketing tip

10: Investigate Lost Sales in Your CRM

So a potential Customer purchased a vehicle from another dealership OR decided not to move forward with a purchase for another reason. 

Keep track of these deals in a CRM and occasionally touch base with them in a polite, professional way.

You never know what might get these people to re-engage

Investigate Lost Sales in CRM - Sales Tip

9: Run Paid Media Marketing
(Cold & Retargeting Campaigns)

There are multiple platforms and ways for RV Dealers to run paid advertising.

  • Google Shopping Ads (with images)
  • Text Ads
  • Click to Call Ads
  • YouTube Ads 
  • Google Retargeting Ads
  • Facebook Retargeting Ads

Optimize for cost per conversion!

Run Paid Media Marketing - Marketing Tip

8: Use Video & Share

How to videos are a great way to share your knowledge and are searched.  

Create a video for each question you get.

  • How to winterize? 
  • Changing a tire?
  • Fixing plumbing?

HINT: for even better results, create videos about specific classes or brands of vehicles and their maintenance needs

Use video on your website - tip

7: Publish Educational Blogs

We all search for information on the Internet. Since you know the people who purchase RVs and need service. 

Write a blog to answer each question you get.

  • How to winterize? 
  • Changing a tire?
  • Fixing plumbing?

HINT: for even better results, publish blogs about specific classes or brands of vehicles

Search engines and people love educational blogs - tip

6: Make Sure Your Site & Content Are Engineered for SEO

First: Learn how SEO works

Beginner Tip: Use the Pillar / Cluster strategy when deciding what content to publish on your website. 

Intermediate Tip: Use Tools like Surfer SEO to make certain each page of content is SEO-Compliant

Advanced Tip: Create a Content Index to define your site’s structure, onsite SEO needs, and data schema 

Engineer site for SEO - marketing tip

5: Build & Grow a Community 

Social media is a powerful tool for building community, creating brand awareness, and showing people how authentic your company is. 

It’s the topics you post that matter

  • Behind the scenes of your business
  • People doing the work
  • Customer support
  • Contests 
  • Featured customers 
Grow your community - tip

4: Add Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing to Consumers (like direct mailers) is too expensive without precise targeting.

But, outbound digital marketing if done to target strategic partners can be very effective.

Add outbound marketing - tip

3: Invest in New Technologies

Perform simple SWOT Analysis of marketing technologies.

  • Website
  • Paid Media
  • Retargeting 
  • Social Media
  • 3rd Parties (RV Trader) 
  • CRM 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Analytics Tools

Decide where to remove, add or adjust use

Invest in marketing technologies - marketing tip

2: Do the Analysis & Create a Plan

Analyze: Look at current state of rankings, traffic, lead conversion, leads, sales, revenue, and margin. Then look at competitors you can catch and define the gap. Here are some key digital marketing metrics to look at.  

Plan: Should contain what to do for SEO, Content, Paid Media Marketing, Social 3rd Party Marketing, Website Conversion, Email Marketing, and Events

Do the analysis and create a plan - marketing tip

The Number 1 Marketing Tip for RV Dealers Is … Understand Your Top Online Sales Funnels

For every digital marketing channel (funnel) you are putting money into, measure the leads and sales that come out of that funnel.

To improve performance document the steps in the funnel.

Then, adjust specific steps to see if results improve. Here are some tips for getting more leads through the organic search funnel. 

Understand your funnels - marketing tip