Driving ROI for Mercedes-Benz Seattle Through AdWords

“The best or nothing."

That’s the motto that Daimler-Benz founded Mercedes-Benz with, and it remains the motto that the company carries the torch into the future with.

It was also the primary principle at the front of our minds as we devised a Google AdWords campaign that would produce the kind of return on investment (ROI) that would put a smile on the faces of the owners at Mercedes-Benz Seattle.

Running a Google AdWords campaign has been described as “more art than science.” At Fannit, we believe that it is a delicate combination of the two — with the science governing the campaign’s foundation, and the art dictating its appeal to those that come across it in their searches on Google.


Setting Out With a Goal

With a good idea of what kind of vehicles we wanted to promote and the markets that we wanted to be going after, we set out to the search engine titan with the goal to get as much for our ad spend as we possibly could.
As always, keeping the cost-per-conversion low was every bit as imperative as getting the clicks in the first place. We don’t just want traffic, we want the right traffic. Our month of June was meant to collect some sample data to test the proverbial “waters” and see what we were capable of in the market.

Results: “Well, that went well.”

The results of our June campaign for Mercedes-Benz Seattle speak quite well for themselves, so have a look.

Adwords Dollars Spent

The campaign spent a total of $6,460.71 in the month of June for its paid search activities.

Qualified Leads

Again, we want to bring the right traffic, not just traffic. Here are the leads that the campaign generated who were classified as qualified.

  • Adwords Click To Call: 91
  • Adwords Paid Call: 27
Closing Rate

We can bring the right traffic to the door, but we count on the business owner to be able to close the lead into a sale! Thankfully, the expert team at Mercedes-Benz is highly effective and dedicated to providing amazing experiences for their customers.

The closing rate for the amount of leads generated was an impressive 23.6%.

ROI: The moment you’ve all been waiting for...

ROI are the three favorite letters of our inbound marketing team. We love when we can use strong data to prove exactly to what degree your campaign and your efforts succeeded.

At their current margin per car, Mercedes-Benz Seattle boasted a 767% ROI for the month of June. First, we were speechless — then we shouted with joy! That’s a sensational ROI.

Mercedes-Benz Seattle is just one of many successes in our growth-driven ROI efforts, and they’re sure to continue experiencing such attractive numbers long into the future.

Want to see what we can do to make you our next success story? Let’s get started!

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Evan Ebert

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