Should You Use Video Marketing for your Small Business?

Most people are quite familiar with the Wizard of Oz.

The vibrancy of the color was something audiences at the time had never experienced before — their imaginations were captured and they were awestruck, proclaiming that surely they were “living in the future.” They also universally developed a pathological fear of flying monkeys.

Let’s hit the ol’ fast-forward button our magic time/space VCR and advance about 80 years, skipping over laser disks, VHS, MTV music videos, and James Cameron’s overhyped 3D movies. Hit the play button just before the dawn of YouTube in 2005.

By now, you have no doubt heard the many crows of the Internet cawing, “You gotta be doing video! You gotta be doing video!”

video marketing for small business 

I’ve personally been exposed to countless conferences, webinars, eBooks, and discussions on what it truly means to effectively implement a video marketing strategy in business.

As Fannit’s video marketing expert, I’d like to drop a little knowledge on you — video may not be new, but you certainly aren’t too late. The party has been going on for some time, but you can still join. Let’s explore how you can get started using video in your small business.

Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Small business video marketing is just like any core piece of your digital marketing engine — it requires the appropriate upfront research in order to ensure success.

This research and planning part of the process is where we see business owners having the most trouble, so I highly recommend taking a look our blog breakdown of why most digital marketing campaigns fail. May you learn from the mistakes of the masses.

If you’re a business owner or somebody heavily involved in the business, it may be very clear to you what makes you and your team so unique and desirable to work with. But to your potential customers, this is probably a mystery — the ultimate goal in marketing with video for your small business is to take all of those attributes and pour them into a one to three minute package. People want to be entertained while they’re being informed.

Here’s some topics that you can focus on to start communicating more effectively with your audience.

Introduce your team and yourself as the owner or manager

Who better to speak confidently about the business than the manager or owner? Be a face that the customers can associate with your brand and show the audience some positive energy coming out of your company.

Here’s an example from our own CEO and founder, Keith Eneix.

Teach them something that only an expert in your field would know

This is a great topic to cover in a small business video. Explain something about your industry to the audience that not only helps them better understand what you do and why they should care, but portrays you as the leading expert.

Show them what a day in the life of your team is like

Showing the audience exactly what they can expect when they work with you is perhaps one of the greatest things that you can do to market your small business with video.

Here’s another great example of a video that we did for our client, On the Go Moving & Storage.

And most importantly, don’t be afraid to let your culture shine through! A successful small business video nails the topic while providing a transparent look at who the people REALLY are.

Using Video for Small Business Sales

Using video in sales for small businesses is a cheap and easy way to delight your audience and get a prospect engaging with you on a deeper level.

While small business owners commonly get their leads strictly on referrals, call lists, and repeat business, it would be a mistake to leave video out of your armory.

Vidyard’s GoVideo chrome browser extension is something that I use just about every day here at Fannit, and it’s led us to our highest year of growth on record. The tool allows you to record your face, browser tab, or any combination of the two to create an smooth personalized message to your prospect.There’s just something about receiving a video versus an strikes a chord with people.

Last month, I was featured on the HubSpot Sales Blog with a post titled “The Science Behind Video’s Sales Superpowers.” I definitely recommend checking that out to get the lowdown on how video works wonders for sales.

Get Inspired, Start Planning

The whole objective for me here is to give you some assurance that while lots of folks are out there doing video, it isn’t too late for you to start using video to grow your small business.

As you get started producing video for your small business, make sure that you you follow Evan’s ultra-simple, two-step process.

  1. Get Inspired
  2. Coordinate the Logistics

Though the planning stage usually occurs first in creating a digital marketing strategy, being inspired is essential to making a great video. Your audience will be able to sense the difference.

Sit with your team and brainstorm on ideas — wait for that moment where everybody smiles and goes, “Oh yeah that would be cool!” Boom. That’s your idea. That’s the point where you want to start coordinating all of the associated steps.

Here’s a few things you’ll want to consider.

  • Who will shoot the video?
  • Will we shoot it at our office or out in the field?
  • How do we want to edit it? What’s the tone?
  • Camera/lighting/etc.

And before you think that you need a big fancy camera like the Channel 5 News Crew, bear in mind that you can make a beautiful video with nothing more than your trusty iPhone. Check out HubSpot’s handy guide for shooting a gorgeous iPhone Marketing Video.

Small Business Video Production

Similar to Shrek’s proclamation that “Ogres are like onions...onions have layers,” so too are effective videos for small businesses. They’re also typically less green and don’t live in a swamp.

video marketing for small business

Did this guy really just cram a Shrek reference into his blog…?

Whether you’re a video veteran or just getting your start, I highly recommend my recorded webinar on “Video Magic.” I go much further into detail on how you can leverage video to be impactful to your audience, and it’s a fun watch. I promise.


If you need some horsepower in putting a plan together or shooting a video, you can reach out to me directly on LinkedIn, Twitter, or call one of us on the Fannit Team at (206) 734-3886. 

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