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Mobile search and the ripple of Google's algorithm update

Mobile search is more important than ever before. I know you’ve been aware that it's a factor for a couple of years now, but it now has thee final say in how well your website ranks.


How to Recover from a Google Algorithmic Penalty Fast Using TRAP

On August 1st 2018, Google launched one of the most aggressive algorithmic changes since the notorious 2013 Google update, “Penguin”.


SEO Marketing Strategy: What is TRAP?

Who remembers those popular books from the 80’s and 90’s with the yellow covers and the dude with the triangular head?


The Insider Secrets of Keyword Research

Keyword Research for SEO: The Easy Guide (2018 Update)

When Tim Berners launched his website in August 1991, he had no idea what keyword research meant.

You can’t blame Tim because he actually invented the first website.


Is SEO Dead Or Evolving? 10 Top SEO Predictions for 2018

Is SEO Really Dead?

Recently, I read a comment from a web design company on the MOZ blog where they confidently stated that SEO was really, finally, dead.

Their reasoning?

Well, when you create a website with great content and user experience (UX), it makes people just convert naturally on your website and you don’t need to do ongoing SEO…



On-page SEO Infographic: The SEO's Cheat Sheet for Perfectly Optimized Pages in 2018

This is a simple fast track guide to making sure your on page SEO techniques are up to speed for 2018.

SEO can do amazing things to your bottom line, however, one of the most overlooked areas of optimizing your website is on page SEO. On page SEO accounts for about 70% of the reason why you rank well, while backlink signals account for about 30%. Having a perfectly optimized page will impact your rankings in a big way.


Inbound Marketing vs. Internet Marketing: Which One is the Best Fit for You?

While Internet Marketing dominated the early years of online business, Inbound Marketing has risen to popularity over the last 10 years and is fast becoming the dominant marketing strategy online. Nonetheless, the debate over the two marketing systems continues, and for those who are unsure about which strategy to utilize in their business it is often difficult to determine which camp has the upper hand.


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