Insulation Digital Marketing Services – Case Study: 142.86% Online Revenue Growth

Our client provides insulation services including attic and crawlspace installation and removal. Together with Fannit, they've been able to scale their revenue growth online and capture more market share in local areas.
Annual Marketing Budget ROI
Average Cost Per Lead: $43 (Internet Channel)
Increase in Annual Revenue
Keyword Ranking Positions (from 18)

The Challenge

Prior to working with FANNIT, Clean Attic & Crawl had a difficult time scaling their lead volume. They had trucks sitting in the yard and the phone was not ringing.

They used lead aggregators like YELP, Angie, and HomeAdvisor to generate most of their leads but these leads had an extremely low job close rate which made them burn cash instead of making more money for their bottom line with scaled revenue.

We organized an organic custom online marketing strategy for them to scale their leads.

After our first full campaign review of the client’s account, we also approached them regarding their Paid Search marketing. Their Marketing Manager was concerned that the cost per lead was far above their $80 acceptable cost per acquisition (upwards of $200+ each).

The Solution

Organic Leads

Yelp leads underperformed Google. A Yelp lead average closed job amount was 52% less than Google. The average close rate on yelp leads was 7% vs 20% from Google.

Increasing the volume of leads from search engines allowed our insulation client to reduce management, marketing, and sales expenses (sending more money to the bottom line) while also giving them a clear path to scale revenue.

Paid Search

We discovered that a huge amount of the budget was being spent on keywords that weren’t relevant (high traffic but no conversions). We tightened down the campaign to keywords that were relevant and tied every conversion to a keyword-level source. We brought their cost per lead down from over $200+ per lead to an average of $43 per lead across all channels

Internet Channel Revenue (Yearly): Grew from <500K to $8.5 Million.

Immediate Results

We were able to bring the client’s overall organic and paid marketing cost down 300%. We cut the total cost to Adwords down to just 61% of the prior budget while providing an increase in the lead volume of more than 70%.

  • Analyzed competitors to determine the gap opportunities to beat the local competition
  • Created an SEO ranking strategy for dominating local city areas they wanted to serve.
  • Created a targeted testimonial campaign to increase social proof and the Click Through / Call Through Rate of their Google map listings
  • Focused on their highest converting areas with keywords that gave them their best average sale price
  • Developed targeted service pages for niche locations and services that would resonate with their target customers
  • Website Development – Working with a client who already had an established communication flow was great, but what they were still lacking was a well-designed website that funneled leads properly into their client management software.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization – We first nailed down their best personas and helped in the process of developing a new website that would convert the customers they wanted. When we first started with them, their website converted around 7-8%. Through Conversation Rate Optimization and user testing, we increased this to 19%-21%. This dramatically increased the lead volume and lead generation efficiency from all their marketing channels.
  • Search Engine Optimization (on-site) – Next, we built landing pages, backlinks, and fixed their site structure based on our keyword research. The onsite optimization was vital to keeping their website topics clear and concise for Google indexing.
  • Google Analytics Data/Tracking – This was key. Before developing their content marketing plan we integrated form and call tracking to give us a real-time baseline of the effects of our future marketing efforts. Ongoing, we tied every conversion to a keyword-level source so we could dial in on where, when, and what keywords customers were converting on for both Organic and Paid Advertising. This feedback loop allowed us to double down on putting efforts into what lead generation activities worked best.
  • Content Marketing Plan (on and off-site) – After fixing their site architecture and data we worked on developing a content marketing plan mixed with onsite optimization, Social Media, Press, Release promotion, Guest Posting, and Local Directory Optimization.
“Professional, results-driven comprehensive approach tailored to meet the needs of our industry.”
Gregory Zimmerman
Marketing Manager at Naimor Inc.
“The SEO work FANNIT has done for me has increased my revenues, helped me launch a new service, and improved my marketing ROI. Hire this team!”
Jason Sexton
“These guys are great! My website is bringing in way more business than it ever did prior to hiring FANNIT to operate and optimize it. I interviewed various SEO companies before making a final decision to go with FANNIT and am g...”