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Nearly 64.4% of people are now willing to click on a Google Ad when they are looking to buy an item or service online. This free guide is the go to resource for learning how to run an effective paid search campaign. 

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Neil Eneix - Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Hello, I'm Neil Eneix, partner & head of business development at Fannit
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the hidden secret of Inbound Marketing and Fannit is really good at it!

Sometimes sites that generate a lot of traffic do not always convert that traffic into leads well. CRO is about digging into the data and figuring out how well your content marketing efforts across diferent pages and articles are turning the people who view them into leads.

We increase lead conversion rates by 50% on average for clients. On a site that is currently receiving 20,000 visits per month and converting leads at 5% (1000 leads per month) that is an additional 500 leads per month!


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CHC - CRO Testimonial
Fannit helped us transition our existing website design to WordPress for a more mobile friendly site because 28% of our traffic was coming from mobile. They also sprinkled their ROI magic to our homepage and increased appointment bookings by 301% - amazing. 
Mallory Lisk
Marketing Manager, Community Health Center of Snohomish

Community Health Center Results 

  • Online leads increased by 301%
  • Achieved a marketing spend ROI of 1040%
  • Improved the overall site conversion rate by 301%
  • Improved overall user engagement by 3.8%
  • Converted existing site to responsive site

Clean Crawls Results

  • Organic traffic increased by 132%
  • Organic keyword rankings increased 495%
  • Organic Cost Per Lead (CPL) Decreased by 52%
  • Organic lead volume increased by over 50%
  • Achieved a marketing budget ROI of 3900%

CRO - Approach

Systematic Approach

We operate A/B tests on pages without disturbing your existing design so we can gather results without re-designing your entire site. 

CRO - Conversion

Increasing Conversion

This is a continous effort because once you get to one level of success, we continue to search for ways to improve your lead conversion.

CRO - Leads

Yes, More Leads

Our results speak for themselves, but this is not an overnight game - it takes discipline, but we provide that for your business. 


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