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At Fannit, we have the skills and equipment to take care of your business’s video production needs. Our video marketing production services are ideal for businesses of all sizes that want to develop quality rich media for marketing and sales.

A Team that Has Your Corporate Video Production Needs Covered

Our corporate video production specialists help provide solutions for our clients by creating videos that make their communication more simple, effective, and efficient. For this reason, we strive to develop quality videos that deliver valuable content and highlight your brand with a flair at the same time.

Fannit works with a diverse roster of clients, from trade associations, nonprofits, and corporations so we have the ability to develop simple and complex content alike. Our job is to make the process of creating a corporate video easy for your business.

Creating Your Video

At Fannit, we employ top-notch equipment and produce content using innovative techniques that result in award winning video quality. Before getting started, we walk through each step of the web video production process with you and determine which type of style is going to be the best for your company.

Many video production companies rush to get their clients video done as quickly as possible so that they can move on to the next job, but we are a video production company that takes pride in high quality production. Our production company will tailor our delivery speed to your needs but we will ensure that it is the best quality content possible.

Whether your video is for a marketing campaign or internal use, it is important that you understand exactly what the video is going to entail so we understand the vision you have before getting started. We offer a full service experience and ultimately help firms grow.

The people behind our video production team at Fannit have extensive experience, knowledge, and experience in videography. As a video production company, our area of expertise is to work with your organization to provide you with content that meets all of your expectations. Our goal is to hit the ground running and create an effective video that allows you to connect with your customers, employees, or whichever audience the content is targeted towards.

Once we have reached the post production stage, we will finish the video off with our thorough editing process which includes color correction, motion graphics, and sequencing. When the video is complete, delivery will be based on the method that is best for your business.

The Advantages of Using Video

Web video production video has become very important in the business world over the last 10 years.

This type of content has the ability to inform and persuade potential customers like no other form of media. Web video is when you create a video and post it on the internet.

In terms of video marketing, it has been proven to make an impact on the growth of corporations when used both internally and externally, making it a sure-fire way to have an impact on the performance of your company.

Our full service web video productions team at Fannit helps capture the benefits of your company’s product or service.

Explanations of your products and services are important to utilize through text, but sometimes text is not as effective as utilizing web video content. Text doesn’t provide a visual representation for your viewer, especially if you sell a complex product or if you’re trying to show off your technical knowledge.

As a production company, we work with our clients to capture the human experience and ensure that their brands’ personalities are captured in the rich content.

One of the greatest benefits of video is that you can capture a lot of information in a short duration of time. It provides your viewers with an effective and engaging message.

Video production companies help you build a connection with your customers at an emotional level. At Fannit we create enticing videos that your viewers will enjoy watching while avoiding producing boring content that is full of dry facts.

Our videos will engage viewers and help you convert them into new customers. So, we can help add some flavor to your marketing campaigns through quality video content  and develop materials that you can use for  internal communication and training.

Types of Corporate Videos

There are multiple different types of video ranging from documentaries, music videos, corporate video, and much more. Let’s hone in on how your organization can utilize corporate video in many different ways. Some of the types of corporate videos that you could use include:

  • Corporate training videos
  • Corporate marketing videos
  • Internal communications
  • CEO profiles
  • Corporate branding videos

Each type of video provides your organization with a more effective form of communication. There are also many styles of video production to choose from. When choosing a style of video it is important to consider your budget, time frame, and who your audience is going to be in order to develop the best content.

video production company

Styles of Corporate Videos

There isn’t a style that is specifically better than another, but there are certain approaches that will be more fitting depending on the purpose of the video. For example, an animated video may be more suited for a marketing campaign than it would be for an internal training video. Part of our job as a video production agency is to help you define which style will be best for your organization.

Here is a list of video production styles:

  • High-end video
  • Live streaming
  • Standard style video
  • Cartoon-based explainer videos
  • Photorealistic 3D modeling
  • Flat/typography videos

Our video production team at Fannit will work with you to select the best style of video for your company. Our favorite way of providing our service is to use strategy in each step of the production process.

Distributing Your Video

It is now very easy to reach your target audience with your video due to platforms such as YouTube. In the past, video marketing was limited to being broadcasted on TV and in organizational events.

Using TV to reach out to your customers limits your marketing efforts from almost all perspectives. With the video that your organization and Fannit create together, you have control over where you want to publish it. Now is the time to decide where to distribute your video!

YouTube is a great video hosting website but you should also consider posting the content on your social media accounts. This will ensure that you are reaching the greatest number of viewers possible, if you’re targeting consumers of course.

We focus on helping businesses and corporations develop videos for marketing campaigns as well as for internal use. But, we can also help you identify the best distribution channels and ensure that your video is readily available to your audience.

Other Distribution Platforms to Consider

Here is a list of a few distribution methods to consider:

  • Your Blog and/or Website!
  • YouTube, Vimeo, and Other Video Platforms
  • Trade Show Display
  • Office and Lobby TV
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Pages
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • TikTok

Our video production agency considers YouTube as one of our favorites because you can host your video on it for free and you can distribute the link to the video easily. But, all of these methods are useful ways to showcase a product or service. Get your video out there for people to see now!

Want to Create a Video for Your Business? Contact Fannit Today!

Our goal as a video production company is to help our clients by crafting award winning videos that allow them to communicate effectively both internally and externally. Our corporate video production team can help your organization grow by improving your internal communication as well as engaging your viewers.

At Fannit, we take pride in the quality of your production needs and we can provide you with a high-quality video. Our video production services are backed by a team of experienced videography professionals who strive for greatness every time.

We help our clients grow their companies through producing video marketing campaigns that boost your brand awareness and communication. Contact us today to get started on creating a video for your business!

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