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Olympia Digital Marketing Services

Business building in Olympia, WA is our passion, and SEO has been the #1 way we drive growth since Fannit was founded in 2008. Our Olympia online marketing services empower you with a knowledgeable consultant who’s up-to-date on the latest tips, tricks, and tactics for achieving the results your company needs.

Olympia, Washington, is a popular shopping destination among locals and tourists alike, making it an excellent location for small businesses to find success. But beating the local competition for business growth in town can be challenging, especially if you’re not ready to hire an entire marketing department.

Olympia Digital Marketing services can help you scale your business and expand its reach beyond word-of-mouth. You can choose from many digital marketing services in Olympia, but none will match the quality and drive to meet your business goals that FANNIT provides.

At FANNIT, our high-level digital marketing team strives to help your business flourish. We have specialists across every area of digital marketing, so you don’t have to. Whether you’re interested in social media, paid advertisements, SEO strategies, or anything in between, our team will deliver outstanding results.

Our Services

Unlike other digital marketing companies in Olympia, FANNIT offers an all-encompassing end-to-end digital marketing strategy that can cover all your customer touchpoints. With our extensive services, you can promote your business across many different avenues without needing to spend months learning each new trade.

To succeed as a business owner, you must consider all avenues, analyze which works best, and optimize. We help you do the same with your marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy Management

Attempting multiple marketing campaigns in Olympia at once can become overwhelming and ineffective. Our team will help you craft an efficient marketing management strategy so that you can define future objectives with actionable achievement plans.

Our team will help you:

  •       Create business goals
  •       Craft strategies to meet each goal
  •       Space out campaigns for maximum effectiveness
  •       Analyze results
  •       Optimize campaigns

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing refers to the strategies you use to attract people to your business. Rather than throwing out an advertisement to broad groups of people, we will help you craft highly engaging content that will act as a magnet, pulling in leads and igniting conversions.

Our key to inbound marketing is how we craft our content. By understanding your target audience, we can create information that prospects actually want to consume. With enough consistency, you can take over the Olympia market, dominate conversions, and attract leads with minimal effort.

Our inbound marketing tactics typically include:

  •       Content curation (like blog posts)
  •       Content sharing (including social media, link-building, and other avenues)
  •       Search engine ranking efforts

Olympia SEO

If you searched online for “Olympia digital marketing agency” or something similar to find this article, you’re witnessing the power of Olympia SEO.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of adjusting your website’s content and structure to rank higher across search platforms for specific keywords. SEO allows you to appear at the top of search results for local queries related to your business, like “best street tacos in Olympia.”

As the top digital marketing agency in Olympia, we know all the methods for matching search engine crawler parameters so that you can rank high. We will craft the perfect face for your business by optimizing the technical aspects of your website and generating relevant content.


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a form of digital marketing that allows you to target online ads to specific groups of people. You only pay when someone clicks through to your desired landing page. Our team can help you create and run campaigns on the following platforms:

  •       Google Ads (also known as Google AdWords)
  •       Facebook
  •       Instagram
  •       LinkedIn
  •       Bing Advertising

PPC can help you instantly increase search rankings, which improves your short-term website traffic and supports your long-term organic marketing efforts. We will help you:

  •       Select the appropriate keywords to rank for
  •       Craft engaging content
  •       Direct visitors toward high-converting landing pages
  •       Finalize all visual elements of the ad

Website Design and User Experience Improvements

To enhance your website, our Olympia digital marketing services team will focus on two main elements:

  •       Making it easier for site visitors to consume content
  •       Making it easier for website crawlers to understand your content

To achieve these goals, we will update your text, page structures, and navigational elements to create a simple and easy experience for bots and humans alike. Out of all digital marketing agencies in Olympia, our FANNIT team has one of the strongest collective skill sets and track records for successful crafting websites.

Website Development and Graphic Design

Aside from how your website appears and functions, we also need to ensure that it has good bones. Just like a house, the structural integrity of your website, like the coding, HTML, sitemap, and more, can determine how well your content holds up against the competition.

Our Olympia digital marketing team will ensure that your website loads fast, doesn’t have bugs, includes only unique content, and doesn’t lead to broken links or pages.

We also have services for custom graphic design if you wish to elevate the look and feel of your brand. We can create personalized graphics to match other parts of your website.

Social Media

Social media is an incredible marketing opportunity for all local Olympia-based companies, allowing you to expand your reach beyond residents, gain the interest of tourists, and earn the attention of potential customers everywhere. Our team can help you manage your accounts on:

  •       Facebook
  •       Instagram
  •       Twitter
  •       LinkedIn
  •       YouTube

Social media can offer huge rewards, but many businesses struggle to succeed in such a saturated market. Our digital marketing company in Olympia will help you:

  •       Create posts that match your target audience’s interests
  •       Publish the content according to the platform’s optimal schedule
  •       Interact with the Olympia community and your industry-specific community
  •       Respond to comments and brand mentions
  •       Gain followers
  •       Manage online interactions across all platforms

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most traditional forms of digital marketing that remains relevant today. With the right approach, you can directly target large groups of people with little upfront costs, increasing your awareness and website traffic.

Our email marketing experts at FANNIT will help you generate contact lists with optimal prospects, craft emails with personalized and engaging content, and route leads toward high-converting landing pages.

Content Marketing

Content marketing includes publishing consistent, high-quality content that attracts new people to your website to further engage with what you sell.

Content marketing increases site traffic by introducing more entrance points to your site, creating an educational outlet for visitors, and improving your SEO with increased keyword opportunities. As you bring in new traffic with your content, your rankings will naturally improve due to your site’s increased credibility.

Our content marketing services might include creating:

  •       Blogs
  •       Articles
  •       Webinars
  •       YouTube videos
  •       Case studies
  •       Social media posts
  •       And more!

Your digital marketing consultant in Olympia will design a content plan unique to your business’s biggest selling points.

Reputation Management

Customers only want to purchase from companies that they trust. As a local Olympia business, your reputation is everything. The only way to beat big corporations is by proving your dependability, service, and quality.

Our reputation management team will utilize content dispersion techniques to ensure that you maintain a positive name on the internet. We might encourage more customers to write reviews, highlight the positive ones, monitor your accounts across social media platforms, and discourage any slander.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a generalized marketing term that refers to the different channels and methods you use to attract new prospects. We can use all the Olympia digital marketing services mentioned thus far for lead generation tactics, depending on your business’s unique needs.

When you focus on lead generation, rather than waiting on customers to discover your business on your own, you can:

  •       Nail down achievable goals
  •       Create better digital content
  •       Optimize your website for conversions
  •       Continue making decisions based on outcomes from the above methods
  •       Scale business growth

Analytics and Tracking

Marketing efforts won’t work without analytics and tracking. If you can’t understand what works and what doesn’t, you might waste resources on ineffective strategies while missing out on the true goldmines.

Our digital marketing company in Olympia, WA, offers custom progress tracking for all our services so that you can view how your campaigns succeed in real-time. Our dashboard will show you:

  •       Current keyword ranking statuses
  •       Website visitors
  •       Form completions and calls
  •       Expenses per campaign
  •       Engagement numbers per campaign and channel
  •       Google Analytics data
  •       Spend totals in comparison to competitors
  •       Landing page A/B testing data

Rather than receiving a long PDF of numbers that you don’t understand, your dashboard will include easy-to-read charts, personalized comparison models, and other tools.

Defining Olympia Digital Marketing for Your Company

The internet is vast, and so are the digital marketing opportunities for your Olympia-based business. Understanding which avenues you should follow can feel overwhelming. At FANNIT, we want to help you define what digital marketing means for your company.

Typically, this starts with outlining your goals. For example, do you want to go viral on social media to attract customers globally? Maybe you want to dominate the local market by ranking at the top for relevant Olympia search results instead.

Regardless of your passions, you must define what you want to achieve so that we can help you reach that goal. If you skip this step, your digital marketing strategy becomes disjointed. By beginning with a defined purpose, we will ensure that all campaigns work toward the same result.

What Are the Benefits of Olympia, WA, Digital Marketing?

Digitally marketing your Olympia-based company with the help of FANNIT will reap many rewards. Shifting your focus toward online opportunities with the help of experts can help your company succeed in many ways.

Credibility and Reputation

Online reputations take precedence over word-of-mouth opinions in the modern world. Many customers won’t even consider doing business with you if you don’t have a strong online presence.

Fostering a positive online name for your company could take years if you attempt it independently. With the help of FANNIT’s Olympia digital marketing services, you can achieve results in weeks. The credibility you gain from our support will stick with your company for many years as you blossom into a force within your industry.

Traffic Volumes

Imagine your online traffic volumes like investing money: the more you have, the more you can gain. Search engine crawlers view websites with high traffic volumes as more reputable and will rank you higher, thus boosting your traffic even more.

When you invest in FANNIT’s digital marketing services, you can increase your traffic in the short term and place yourself in a better position to gain more long-term traction as well. The more you invest in website traffic, the more returns you’ll enjoy.

Brand Visibility

Brand visibility is how well people recognize your company name and what you provide. Digital marketing allows you to boost awareness, which directly increases brand visibility.

You can grow exponentially by allowing more people in the Olympia area or your industry community to learn your company name. These people might tell their friends and colleagues, post about your company online, and continue spreading the word.


Traditional marketing campaigns, like commercials or billboards, can cost tens of thousands of dollars. FANNIT’s digital marketing strategies require very low upfront costs with higher yields.

Rather than spending money on advertising to people who would never need your product, you can target your efforts on prospects who will likely convert. FANNIT’s Olympia digital marketing services allow you to reduce unnecessary spending so you can allocate your budget toward more critical business matters.

Higher Profit Margins for Your Company

Lower upfront costs allow you to enjoy larger profit margins. With digital marketing, you can spend less money and earn more valuable customers who will contribute to your business’s growth and success.

Ideal for Short- and Long-Term Goals

FANNIT’s digital marketing services allow you to achieve short-term wins while working toward ultimate long-term goals. You can see results from most of our services within a few weeks of the campaign start date. As your website traffic and conversions increase, you can continue to build site credibility for long-term growth.

We will also help you produce content that can both create immediate results and act as a permanent resource for your future leads. Content is the foundation of your business—the more you make, the stronger your brand will become.

3 Steps to Choosing the Best Olympia Digital Marketing Services Provider for Your Business

When you begin your search for Olympia digital marketing services for your business, you’ll likely find that tons of options exist. Many agencies provide fractured solutions that might help you gain a few more customers, but they will not help you reach ultimate success.

So, how can you tell which Olympia digital marketing agencies are right for your company? Use the three considerations below when evaluating your options.

1. Experience

Hiring a marketing agency without any experience would be useless. You may as well attempt the campaigns yourself. If you’re seeking help from a marketing service, you should select an organization with ample experience in all things digital marketing.

You should also consider the company’s local authority. Digital marketing in Olympia requires ample knowledge and experience of the city’s business landscape. You should pick an agency specializing in digital marketing services for Olympia-based companies.

With headquarters in western Washington, we know Olympia like the back of our hands. We work with many clients in Olympia and the greater Seattle area and can use that experience to help you succeed.

2. Approaches and Transparency

All business professionals approach obstacles, goals, and management strategies differently. One digital marketing agency might leave all the planning to you, while another might take over the entire process, leaving you zero creative control.

At FANNIT, we aim to provide our clients with flexible approaches and full transparency by:

  • Helping you determine your business goals
  • Walking you through your best options for achieving those goals
  • Making recommendations based on our experience
  • Offering transparent data so you can see the results for yourself

3. Success Record

Numbers often speak louder than words. Before selecting your digital marketing agency, you should examine its success record, past client reviews, and testimonials. Use this information to determine if the agency can achieve your desired results.

How Working with FANNIT Can Boost Your Olympia Digital Marketing Company Strategy

Working with FANNIT will boost your marketing strategy and offer you immediate results. We will equip you with content, tools, and knowledge that your company can rely on for many years to come.

Content Evaluation

First, our team will sort through all your existing online content to find any gaps and growth opportunities. A content audit can help you generate a long-term plan for how you want your company’s online personality to appear in the future.

Olympia Keyword Research

Keyword research is challenging and involves many complex data evaluations. Our team can help you determine the most optimal Olympia-related keywords for your company. You can continue crafting content and marketing strategies around these terms in the future.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding what your competition does well and not so well is a valuable cheat sheet for your business. Rather than trying all these strategies yourself, you can quickly see what works best for your industry. We will help you analyze your top competitors’ campaigns so you can build a master strategy combining all of the optimal methods.

Acquire Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are when another online source links to your website. Backlinks improve your website’s SEO and often lead to a snowball effect of generating more traffic. Our Olympia digital marketing services team will help you acquire high-quality backlinks that will continue boosting your company’s awareness for many years.

Regular Updates and Trend Monitoring

The internet constantly changes as new trends erupt every day. Our FANNIT team continuously monitors relevant Olympia digital marketing trends so that you never miss growth opportunities. If we hear about something that might benefit your business, you’ll be the first to know.

Preparing Your Business Website for Olympia Digital Marketing Success

Once you’re ready, our FANNIT team will transform your business’s online presence to maximize all digital marketing opportunities. Our personalized approach varies from client to client, though we will always complete the following steps.

Learn as Much as You Can About the Audience

To successfully market your business, we must truly understand who your customers are. We will climb into your target audience’s head to learn about their:

  • Wants
  • Needs
  • Demographics
  • Problems
  • Potential solutions

Once we know the items above, we can learn how your business solves your audience’s biggest problems.

Create a Marketing Mix

Placing all your eggs in one basket is too risky, especially when dealing with the unpredictability of the internet and social media. We will create an appropriate mix of digital marketing campaigns to learn what performs best for your business.

Synthesize a Strategy

Next, we can plan when and how to accomplish each task. Our team will generate a timeline for reaching all short-term objectives and long-term goals.

Craft Content

Once we finalize the planning stage, we will move on to drafting and publishing all the content for your various campaigns. Depending on your strategy, this might include writing blogs, posting on Instagram, creating PPC ads, and much more.

Optimize All Internet Marketing Channels

After sending out the content, we will regularly review how everything performs and optimize based on this data. We aim to ensure that all your resources yield the highest returns possible. We will periodically cut out any dead weight to focus on the top-performing campaigns.

Ready to Revamp Your Olympia Digital Marketing Strategy? FANNIT Is Here to Help

Are you searching for Olympia digital marketing services to revamp your business? If so, look no further! Our Olympia team offers the best experience, knowledge, and skills in the industry.

Call us at FANNIT to get a free quote today.

How We Execute Our Services Properly
Olympia Digital Marketing will never die, it only evolves. In a nutshell, internet marketing has always been the same. The organic results in search engines were always intended to provide searchers with the products or services that were the most relevant result.
Initial Consultation
We meet with you and develop a clear outline for both your qualitative and quantitative goals of getting new leads through the organic search channel.
The Fannit team will again connect with you to obtain an in-depth understanding of your company to align a developed marketing strategy with your qualitative and quantitative goals.
We take the time to continually and carefully research your industry and your competitors to be sure we are equipped with the best SEO data to apply to your marketing strategy.
Strategy Plan Development
The Fannit team will create a strategy around your SEO marketing campaign using the researched information and analysis as well as our result-driven strategies to tailor with your company’s goals.
We organize actionable tasks to perform and execute within our project management software to make sure we are in the right cadence with SEO deliverables and the strategy.
Tracking & Measuring
Fannit has carefully developed a system to track SEO results and measure marketing campaign KPI’s to make sure everything is working together as planned.
Continuous Optimization and Improvement
The truth is that Google is an ever evolving search engine that makes constant updates to its algorithm. The Fannit team has equipped themselves with the crucial knowledge and experience to be flexible with Google’s ongoing updates, and adapt with optimization and improvement.
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Search Engine Optimization will never die, it only evolves. In a nutshell, internet marketing has always been the same. The organic results in search engines were always intended to provide searchers with the products or services that were the most relevant result.
“FANNIT is able to provide visibility to our marketing performance and that has helped us realize higher ROI on our overall spend.”
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