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Seattle Digital Marketing Services

Business building in Seattle, WA is our passion, and SEO has been the #1 way we drive growth since Fannit was founded in 2008. Our Seattle online marketing services empower you with a knowledgeable consultant who’s up-to-date on the latest tips, tricks, and tactics for achieving the results your company needs.

Do you need help with marketing your Seattle-area small-to-medium business? If you want growth, you’ve likely realized that your company can no longer succeed without a professional digital marketing strategy. Luckily, you don’t have to retool to become a digital marketing master on your own.

With the help of our team at FANNIT, Seattle’s premier digital marketing services, you can achieve remarkable results by relying on our team of experts. Our Seattle digital marketing agency specializes in helping local companies gain more website traffic, convert new leads, and achieve scalable growth.

Seattle, Washington, is a bustling hub with thousands of businesses struggling to make it to the top. Climbing this mountain on your own is challenging, but with our help at FANNIT, you can summit with ease.

Our Services at FANNIT

What makes digital marketing so hard is deciding which of the many digital avenues is right for you. With FANNIT, you don’t have to choose.

A standout among other Seattle digital marketing services, our team at FANNIT makes it our number one priority to help you generate a marketing strategy that can evolve with your business’s growth. We can help you determine what needs you should meet, how to achieve these goals, and which options will offer the best outcomes.

Marketing Strategy Management

Once we nail down your marketing strategy management plan, you can:

  •       Implement the plan
  •       Measure results
  •       Evolve based on data
  •       Succeed!

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a successful tactic that utilizes various forms of content to ignite a desire in your target audience’s minds to want to learn more about your product.

Our digital marketing company team in Seattle utilizes the following pillars in inbound marketing campaigns:

  •       Attract: Define the audience, create consistent content, and master SEO (see below).
  •       Convert: Engage new visitors with low-commitment steps, like downloading or subscribing.
  •       Close: Convert unsure leads into confident customers who know that you can solve their problems.
  •       Delight: Continue proving to your customers that they’ve made the right decision in choosing you.

Seattle SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to optimizing your website to make it rank high in search engine results. Local Seattle-Tacoma SEO can help your website appear to potential customers who live in your area. For example, if you sell dog food, you want to be the first option that pops up when someone Googles “dog food near me.”

Our SEO team at FANNIT works within the Seattle business space, so we understand the competition. We can help adjust your site to maximize performance and SEO opportunities so that you can build a stronger local name, capture more online reviews, and gain a trustworthy reputation.

PPC (Pay-per-Click) in Seattle

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows you to instantly attract more site visitors in the short term while improving your overall website’s rankings in the long run. Paid advertising refers to many different mediums, including search-based ads, social media banners, browser pop-ups, and more.

At FANNIT, we specialize in only the most optimal PPC platforms that work best for Seattle-based companies, including:

  •       Google Ads
  •       Bing Advertising
  •       Facebook
  •       Instagram

Building a successful paid ad involves ample research and work. We can help you determine the best ad platform for your needs and then take care of:

  •       Conducting keyword research
  •       Landing page development
  •       Google quality testing
  •       Creating engaging copy, visuals, and designs

Pacific Coast Website Design and Improving User Experience

Many people think that designing a beautiful website will guarantee business, though this is simply not the case. You need a design that expresses your brand, functions easily, and informs Google about your company. A successful website should include everything from well-researched content and on-brand colors to actionable Calls to Action (CTAs) and sales funnels.

At FANNIT, we will help you:

  •       Define your website goals
  •       Learn about your visitors
  •       Construct a design plan
  •       Make changes in stages
  •       Analyze success and optimize based on results

We can help you through growth-driven SEO design changes or traditional webpage layout alterations for an enhanced user experience.

Website Development and Graphic Design In and Around Seattle

The construction of your website makes a huge impact on how high Google and other search engines rank you. We can help ensure that your site’s technical “bones” meet the industry standards. Typically, website development includes taking care of:

  •       Adequate loading speeds
  •       Sitemaps
  •       Orphan pages or duplicate content
  •       Proper heading structures

Our graphic design team at FANNIT can help you stand out among the competition with custom designs that speak to your brand and site needs.

Social Media Marketing Experts in the Seattle Region

Social media is an important part of life for many people around the globe, and social media marketing is a critical part of fostering any successful business in today’s age. The way your brand acts online can shift how people see your company.

At FANNIT, we want to help you make that shift positively so that you can attract a larger audience, build a stronger brand reputation, and ultimately create more converting leads.

Our social media services include all of the major platforms:

  •       Facebook
  •       Instagram
  •       LinkedIn
  •       Twitter
  •       YouTube

We can help you engage with audiences, grow your followings, monitor what people are saying, analyze performance, run paid campaigns, and create content to match your audience’s wants.

Email Marketing in the Puget Sound Region

How many emails do you get from companies trying to sell you their products every day? The number might be pretty high if you’re like the average Washington resident. Digital marketing agencies in Seattle rely so heavily on email marketing because it works.

Our FANNIT team can help you develop contact lists with key insights to deliver more personalized and actionable messages that create conversions. We’ll craft the perfect email content and engaging visuals to make your recipients feel inspired enough to click over to your website.

Content Marketing in Seattle-Tacoma-Olympia

Creating fresh content regularly will generate more leads and awareness. Some examples might include writing blogs, developing videos, or refreshing your service pages.

Content allows you to do two things:

  •       Build an audience that wants to return and continue consuming your content.
  •       Inform Google that your website has valuable information that attracts many site visitors.

Content marketing can yield incredible results when done well, though many Seattle companies waste time pumping out poorly-crafted content without a defined audience.

Our FANNIT team will help you target your goals, plan out your content mediums, develop ideas, execute publishing, analyze results, and optimize.

Reputation Management in Greater Seattle

As a local Seattle-area company, your reputation means everything. Customers need an outlet for reviews and recommendations to gain your trust, though you don’t want someone misrepresenting your name. Social media and the internet can provide many excellent awareness boosts for small companies, though sometimes, misinformation can turn south fast.

At FANNIT, we help you manage your reputation so that you can still achieve transparency and trust without the negative avalanches that the internet can sometimes trigger.

Lead Generation in Western Washington

Lead generation marketing lets you step inside your audience’s heads to determine the exact funnel you need to attract them to your company, build interest, engage, and convert them. Rather than sending out a simple ad, you generate an entire end-to-end process to pull in more high-converting prospects.

Our team at FANNIT can help you define your sales funnel and develop creative ways to lead people in and through the converting process. You’ll find that this process improves many other aspects of your business, like your website design, content, decision-making abilities, and more.

Analytics and Tracking

Marketing efforts mean nothing without an actionable way to measure results. Our custom analytics at FANNIT help you understand your progress and learn how to improve. Our reporting dashboard includes:

  •       All researched keyword rankings
  •       Monthly website traffic
  •       Form completions and calls
  •       Marketing channel expenses
  •       Engagements in each marketing channel
  •       Particular metrics surrounding your exact service

Defining Seattle Digital Marketing for Your Company

Digital marketing in the Pacific Northwest means something different for every company. Unlike other digital marketing companies in Seattle, we at FANNIT understand that you have unique customers, selling points, products, services, and skill sets—so your marketing should highlight such assets.

At FANNIT, we want to help you define what digital marketing means for your company. Maybe it means going viral on Instagram, starting up a successful blog, or reaching the top of search results. Regardless of your goals, we want to help you define an actionable plan and take steps toward success.

What Are the Benefits of Working With Our Seattle, WA, Digital Marketing Agency?

Our digital marketing company in Seattle, WA, offers quite a few benefits for your business. The days of paying for a newspaper ad or billboard are gone. Today, you must shift your focus toward building your online reputation, which allows you to reap the following rewards.

Credibility and Reputation in the Greater Seattle-Tacoma Area

When so many options saturate the market, customers only want to spend money on companies they trust. Many people would even prefer to spend more on a product if it comes from a more credible and reliable business.

Gaining credibility and a positive reputation as a local business creates challenges, especially if you have a tight budget. Our digital marketing services in Seattle will allow you to expand your brand to the online world, where you can build a successful name for your company and generate trust within your customer community.

Traffic Volumes

The Puget Sound area might be a large region of many cities and towns, though even our region does not compare to the global reach you can achieve with digital marketing. A physical storefront can only reach so many people. You can generate international traffic to your website with the right SEO strategies from our Seattle digital marketing agency.

Brand Visibility

Rather than choosing only one channel through which to communicate with your audience, our digital marketing strategy will allow you to maximize your brand visibility by taking advantage of many different advertisement avenues.

Potential customers can hear your messages when scrolling on social media, researching with Google, shopping on their favorite sites, watching YouTube videos, listening to podcasts, or existing anywhere else online.


Many digital marketing strategies cost no more than the time and effort they take to pursue. You don’t have to spend thousands on a commercial. Instead, you can utilize researched methods to spend time crafting something that will generate results without the huge upfront costs.

Even the paid advertising options we offer are budget-friendly since you typically only have to pay for the people who successfully click on your ad.

Higher Profit Margins for Your Company

Our customized digital marketing plan will allow you to grow your company in a scalable way. With lower upfront costs, larger traffic volumes, and increased conversion rates, you can improve your company’s profit margins.

An Ideal Solution for Short and Long-Term Goals

At FANNIT, our successful digital marketing strategies will outline a roadmap of short-term goals that aim toward longer-term objectives. Your shorter aim might be to gain more followers or blog subscribers, while the long-term goal might be to appear first on Google for your desired search term.

In this example, gaining more subscribers and followers improves your site’s credibility and helps you rank higher. These missions work together, providing benefits now and ultimate achievements later.

3 Steps to Choosing the Best Seattle Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

Your business is unique, so it deserves personalized and professional marketing support. Digital marketing should never be a one-size-fits-all strategy, so you must find a digital marketing company in Seattle that can support your custom needs. Many digital marketing services exist in the region, so how can you choose the right one?

When searching and later interviewing agencies, be sure to look for and ask about their:

1. Experience With Digital Marketing in Seattle

The more experienced a digital marketing company, the better chances you have of success. You need an agency with local Seattle-area-based experience that knows your community, industry, and needs. With this experience level, you can expect fully customized and detailed results.

2. Approaches and Transparency

Some marketing services only provide silo-type approaches. For example, a company might help you fix up your website for SEO purposes, but will the company research the optimal keywords for you to target? The ideal marketing agency will utilize an end-to-end approach with full transparency throughout.

3. Success Record as a Digital Marketing Agency in the Puget Sound Region

Sometimes the best way to tell if an agency is legit is by its track record. You should look through past client results to see if they meet expectations and promised claims. A strong success record speaks volumes.

How Working with Us at FANNIT Can Boost Your Seattle Digital Marketing Strategy

At FANNIT, we will strive to help you build long-lasting marketing foundations that you can continue to evolve and utilize. Rather than just handing you a finished result, we’ll work side-by-side with you to develop a digital marketing strategy that your company can continue to implement throughout the future.

Content Evaluation

First, we will evaluate what content you already have. Content types might include:

  •       Website copy
  •       Blog posts
  •       Webinars
  •       Podcasts
  •       YouTube videos
  •       Knowledge articles
  •       Customer communities
  •       Social media posts
  •       Email newsletters

Our team will use this information to get a solid understanding of how we can improve your content. We might lead you toward new mediums, recommend different topic areas, or help you through an entire content makeover.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing and one of the most challenging. You must pick keywords that strike the perfect balance between traffic, difficulty, relevancy, and purchase intention. Our team can help you discover all of the best local Seattle keywords for your business that you can continue utilizing moving forward.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding your competitors’ digital marketing actions can help you learn what you should and shouldn’t do. Competitor analysis might include keyword research, trend insights, content mediums, social postings, and much more. We can help you gain valuable insights into all of this information so that you can take charge of the local market.

Acquire Quality Backlinks

Backlinks refer to another website linking to your own. Backlinking builds your site’s authority, which improves your rankings. Our team at FANNIT can help you acquire backlinks that will continue to improve your company’s reputation for far longer than any short-term advertisement.

Regular Updates and Trend Monitoring

At FANNIT, your success is our priority. If one strategy isn’t doing as well as the others, we will adjust until we see the best results possible.

With a huge team of digital marketing experts in Seattle, WA, we constantly have our eyes on current industry and Seattle-based trends. We can ensure that you’ll never miss out on any potential digital marketing avenues.

Preparing Your Business Website for Seattle, Washington, Digital Marketing Success

How will our FANNIT team prepare your business website for Seattle-based digital marketing success? We will use the process below to fully understand your business, develop a plan, execute each step, and achieve results.

We’ll Learn As Much As You Can About Your Audience

First, our team at FANNIT must thoroughly understand your audience by learning their:

  •       Target demographics (age, location, gender, occupation, etc.)
  •       Biggest problems and pain areas
  •       Ideal solutions to their problems

We will use this information to generate a bridge between your customers’ needs and your business solutions. Then, we can use this unique selling point throughout all digital marketing content to maintain consistency.

We’ll Create a Marketing Mix

The best digital marketing strategies target multiple lead-generation angles at once. We will use what we know about your audience and your existing content to create a personalized marketing mix that covers every base.

We can adapt these strategies in the future once we know which ones perform the best.

We’ll Synthesize a Strategy and Roadmap

Since you cannot develop every asset and complete each project simultaneously, we will use our marketing mix plan to create a strategy. The strategy will intelligently space out a roadmap toward the short-term rewards and long-term goals. We’ll utilize actionable to-do items, measurable goals, completion dates, and progress tracking to stay in line with our plan.

We’ll Craft Your Content

Creating quality content is everything. We’ll help you build the right type of content that utilizes the best keywords in the optimal ways. Content could be anything from a blog post or Instagram story to an entire website rebuild.

Our FANNIT team will ensure that your content exceeds the competition’s quality. We back up our work with thorough evaluations and local research so that you can feel proud of what your brand represents.

We’ll Optimize All Internet Marketing Channels

Finally, we will analyze and improve all of your business’ online channels. Our team will ensure that every space in which your company exists online meets top-notch standards. With our thorough reporting and analytics, we can see how our marketing efforts perform and make adjustments to improve.

Are You Ready to Revamp Your Seattle Digital Marketing Strategy? FANNIT Is Here to Help

Our Seattle-area digital marketing services are excellent opportunities for small-to-medium local companies that aren’t ready to fork out millions of dollars for a brand new in-house marketing department. With FANNIT, you can gain a team of the most experienced and knowledgeable digital marketers in the industry who want to help you revamp your Seattle-area digital marketing strategy.

Our FANNIT team provides an all-encompassing digital marketing approach to transform your small locally owned business into an unstoppable force. We have ample experience in the Greater Seattle business space, and we know how to deliver personalized strategies to match your needs.

Contact our FANNIT team today in Seattle, WA, for a free quote—or fill out our convenient online form! If you have any questions, our team is happy to help.

How We Execute Our Services Properly
Seattle Digital Marketing will never die, it only evolves. In a nutshell, internet marketing has always been the same. The organic results in search engines were always intended to provide searchers with the products or services that were the most relevant result.
Initial Consultation
We meet with you and develop a clear outline for both your qualitative and quantitative goals of getting new leads through the organic search channel.
The Fannit team will again connect with you to obtain an in-depth understanding of your company to align a developed marketing strategy with your qualitative and quantitative goals.
We take the time to continually and carefully research your industry and your competitors to be sure we are equipped with the best SEO data to apply to your marketing strategy.
Strategy Plan Development
The Fannit team will create a strategy around your SEO marketing campaign using the researched information and analysis as well as our result-driven strategies to tailor with your company’s goals.
We organize actionable tasks to perform and execute within our project management software to make sure we are in the right cadence with SEO deliverables and the strategy.
Tracking & Measuring
Fannit has carefully developed a system to track SEO results and measure marketing campaign KPI’s to make sure everything is working together as planned.
Continuous Optimization and Improvement
The truth is that Google is an ever evolving search engine that makes constant updates to its algorithm. The Fannit team has equipped themselves with the crucial knowledge and experience to be flexible with Google’s ongoing updates, and adapt with optimization and improvement.
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Over the years we've lead a diverse portfolio of clients toward creating lasting wealth by growing their businesses.
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Search Engine Optimization will never die, it only evolves. In a nutshell, internet marketing has always been the same. The organic results in search engines were always intended to provide searchers with the products or services that were the most relevant result.
“FANNIT is able to provide visibility to our marketing performance and that has helped us realize higher ROI on our overall spend.”
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“From the beginning of our relationship with FANNIT they've proved themselves - I would definitely recommend them as a great digital marketing firm!”
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