Top 7 Digital Marketing Issues Professional Service Firms Request Help For

on Inbound Marketing December 09th, 2017


Because of their very nature, professional service firms face different challenges than product-based businesses, while still having to focus on common tasks such as improving sales rates and marketing efforts. Digital marketing is the most cost-effective advertising channel available and can benefit any professional service firm if used correctly.

That being said, they also require a lot of time to set up and optimize, so managing them can easily become a full-time gig and take up more than one of your team member’s entire schedule.

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The Top 7 Digital Marketing Issues Professional Service Firms Often Struggle With

Digital marketing campaigns can encompass a huge number of unique elements, but I’ve noticed that professional service firms usually struggle with the same key aspects. Digital marketing companies such as Fannit can help professional service firms create and optimize online campaigns that improve revenues while implementing growth-driven advertising techniques.

There are many different aspects to online advertising and identifying which areas you need the most help with can be a difficult task. To help you out, I’ve highlighted the most common issues that professional service firms request help for, and explained how a marketing company like us can help address these challenges.

Improve Website Design

Creating a basic website is easy, but professional service firms require sites that provide a good user experience. Many service companies often need help improving their website design because they don’t have an in-house website creator with coding knowledge.

Our web development team can create sites that are designed to provide the best user experience, and are optimized to all stages of the buyer’s journey. Our skilled web developers work with our SEO experts to come up with an engaging design that moves leads down your funnel. This results in a website that can attract high-quality leads and sell for you more often.

Increase Local Rankings

Search engine local rankings are a key part to any effective digital marketing strategy, but there are many influential factors you have to take into consideration. To manage these factors you need to make precise changes that have a real impact on the rankings. We can help you choose the right keywords, establish high domain authority, and improve other local ranking factors that will in turn will result in higher positions.

Increase Lead Conversion

There are many cases where websites attract a decent amount of traffic, but they don’t seem to get any leads or business out of these visitors. Efficient lead generating sites are designed specifically for that reason: to attract relevant traffic through quality content and collect as much information as possible from them. By focusing on making the right changes through conversion rate optimization (CRO) we can turn your business website into a reliable source of high-quality lead

Managing Digital Marketing Campaign(s)

Digital marketing encompasses a growing number of platforms through which you can connect with your target audience. Each channel offers a unique opportunity to launch a separate marketing campaign. But, you need extensive knowledge and understanding of specific trends to set up, analyze, and optimize these campaigns correctly. Fannit can help you manage a huge variety of digital marketing campaigns that include social media, blogging, and SEO efforts.

Nurture Qualified Leads

Generating leads is important, but it’s only one component of an effective online lead generating strategy. Professional service firms must have a nurturing system setup to engage with users and nurture them until they are ready to make a purchase.

We can set up nurturing campaigns to help move qualified leads down your sales funnel, according to what stage of the buyer’s journey they are currently in. Streamlining the nurturing process for qualified leads can help service firms direct their efforts on leads who are at the bottom of the funnel, while still connecting with top of the funnel prospects.

Write Content

Because there are no products involved in the mix, professional service firms know that relevant, useful content is one of the best ways to showcase their expertise. But, just because you understand the technicalities of your industries doesn’t mean you can write engaging content about it.

Moreover, you need to know what keywords to target and what headlines are going to have an impact on your audience. We can help find the best keyword ideas, produce the best titles, and write engaging content that your audience can relate to while still showing off the mastery of your craft.

Manage and Improve Paid Search Campaigns

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing offers a great solution for companies that need fast results and are willing to make an investment. There are numerous paid search platforms available, and each one has its own set of challenges and benefits. Our PPC campaign managers can help service companies identify the best growth opportunities and achieve the highest possible ROI for each one of their


In Conclusion

Unlike traditional advertising, digital marketing is an ongoing effort and professional service firms may struggle to fulfill without a real marketing specialist on board. The issues I outlined above are just some of the most common areas that professional service firms need help with.

At Fannit, we can help set up and manage all aspects of your digital marketing efforts, from improving local rankings right down to managing PPC campaigns and producing engaging content.

If you need help with one or more issues I outlined above, get in touch with us today to learn how we can help your digital marketing efforts. You can fill out our online contact form today.