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    How long is your typical sales cycle?

    More than likely, you run a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) business model. B2C businesses have a shorter sales cycle since consumers typically make their purchasing decision based on an immediate need. A shorter sales cycle typically means you are closing new business quickly after they reach your website and discover what you offer. Your average sale price is probably under $3,000.

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    We’d make a reasonable estimate that you’re a Business-to-Business (B2B) business model. B2B businesses operate on a longer sales cycle due to the potential customer’s lengthy decision-making process. A longer sales cycle typically means your average sale price for services or products is much higher. Your sales processes are likely more relational-based and requires more sophisticated lead nurturing.

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    This is a good predictor that Internet Marketing is, in fact, the tactical approach most effective for your business. Internet Marketing tactics commonly use a mix of both search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search advertising (PPC).

    This is a good indication that your business will do well with an Inbound Marketing approach. Inbound Marketing is a blanket term for a methodology of using content that speaks to your target audience in the four different stages of the buyer’s journey—awareness, consideration, decision, delight.

    How would you best describe your current marketing team?

    • We have a basic website and are making sales.

    • We have little to no system to our marketing and sales. We depend a lot on referral business.

    • Typically we run a single campaign at a time which is usually email or having Sales call down a list of contacts.

    • We have basic analytics capability, but really don’t know what it means.

    • There is no way to tie our digital marketing efforts to sales performance.

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    • Our website is critical to our digital efforts.

    • We have a CRM and some marketing automation and are meeting regularly with rhythm.

    • Typically, we run a few campaigns at once and understand multi-channel marketing.

    • We have solid analytics capability, we know how use the data, and we are trying to figure out how to get to an acceptable cost per lead.

    • Sales and Marketing are engaged in a collaborative process to “close the loop”.

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    • Our website has a modern design, is critical to our online marketing efforts, and is relied upon by Sales.

    • We have a CRM and marketing automation and are meeting regularly with rhythm to review our marketing plan quarterly and update it annually.

    • Typically, we run multiple campaigns at once and understand multi-channel marketing.

    • We know our numbers, including cost per lead per channel.

    • We are able to get sales numbers in automated reports.

    • We want to scale our business by replicating a marketing process we know generates revenue.

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    In which area(s) do you have the most challenges?

    Poor market perception or lack of brand awareness in market

    Lack of vision or plan

    Inconsistent marketing management or lack of rhythm

    Falling behind in search engine marketing, low(ering) rankings

    Inconsistent or poor quality lead generation.

    Missed opportunities, stalled business growth, hit a revenue ceiling

    Unoptimized sales funnels and marketing channels

    Unclear key sales and marketing processes, roles and responsibilities

    Lack of key sales and marketing automation systems to scale

    Can't run business units using KPIs

    What is your top goal over the next 3-6 months?

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    Not Ready to Get a Plan for Generating More Online Leads? Read This Checklist:

    First, let’s answer the question: What is a Sales Lead?

    Sales leads are people and the businesses they work for who are prospective buyers of your product(s) or service(s). A sales lead is typically identified by marketing or business development activities.

    Checklist of 23 Tips for Getting More Online Leads

    1. Document Your Sales Funnel(s)
    2. Add Outbound Marketing (Business Development)
    3. Have an Inbound Marketing Plan
    4. Invest in New Marketing Technology
    5. Use Social Media Marketing to Engage Your Audience
    6. Make Sure Your Site SEO is Structured Appropriately
    7. Publish Blogs or Other SEO-compliant Content on a Regular Basis
    8. Share Videos on YouTube and/or Other Platforms
    9. Run a Remarketing or Paid Search Campaign on Top Lead Magnet Content
    10. Segment Your Marketing Database
    11. Look Through Lost Sales in Your CRM
    12. Connect with Ideal Buyer Personas on LinkedIn and/or Facebook
    13. Use Marketing and Sales Automation
    14. Obtain Aged Backlinks to Develop Site Authority
    15. Invest in Key Partner Relationships
    16. Comment on Other Blogs
    17. Trade Links With Other Sites Relevant to Your Topics
    18. A/B Test Your Email Marketing
    19. A/B Test Your Landing Pages
    20. Be Active in Online Groups and Forums
    21. Interview Influencers and Post their Content
    22. Attend an Event
    23. Create a Referral Campaign