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Take a Look at Real Client Results

Below are a few examples of the ranking and traffic results we’ve been able to achieve for clients after learning their local search market share and where to attack the competition who was out performing them.

The Chicago Dental Studio

The cosmetic dentistry niche is as competitive as most local service businesses out there.

After getting back the analysis on their top local competitors and the local ranking gap they had, we went to work updating their website design along with optimizing their content and building backlinks.

SEO Performance
On the Go Moving & Storage

On the Go Moving & Storage

The local moving and storage niche has few barriers to entry

After understanding their top local competitors and the top content clusters that were getting relevant search volume. We retooled their website with a new design, video, and a lot of content, SEO and backlinks.

Halterman’s RV

The RV sales and service niche has become a very popular local niche ever since COVID hit.

With the knowledge of their many local competitors we went to work building out content and backlinks. This website was particularly tricky because, like a lot of RV dealers, their website is on the Dealer Spike platform. This poses some challenges for our SEO, but we have been able to work through them.

Halterman's RV
Advanced Skin Therapy Results

Advanced Skin Therapy

The med spa niche has been growing over the last few years. It is a seasonal industry as a lot of skin treatments should not be done during the summer months. We learned that the competition was marketing products and services this client provided, but was not doing any online marketing for. We improved their website experience and dramatically increased their online visitors

Brain Injury Law of Seattle

The personal injury law niche is one of these most competitive markets out there. Our client had just spent tens of thousands rebranding their logo, office, and website, but needed to get local traffic. With the knowledge of their toughest local competition that was spending like crazy on radio and tv advertising, we did some old fashioned local SEO work to grow traffic.

Brain Injury Law of Seattle Results