How Fannit Gets to Know your Business In the First 30 Days

on Marketing Strategy March 22nd, 2019


Internet Marketing: The Hitchhiker’s Guide

Partnering with a new internet marketing company may feel like a daunting, long process. But don’t panic.

The Fannit Team has worked with a diverse portfolio of clients in many different industries, including (but not limited to):

  • Manufacturing
  • Legal
  • Healthcare / Health & Wellness
  • eCommerce
  • Software-as-a-Service
  • IT Services

In order to do so effectively, we’ve had to put together standardized operating procedures that enable us to start things off with each one of our new clients as seamlessly as possible. The first 30 days are key to our success.

Because internet marketing involves a hefty amount of detailed-oriented work, having no process can often feel overwhelming, or very abstract — like a Douglas Adams novel.

If you have partnered with a marketing company in the past or personally studied it on your own, you’ll quickly find every inbound marketing company does things a bit differently.

Our process

Here are some key questions that our new clients have:

  1. What is working with this new marketing company going to be like?
  2. How will they learn what I know about my business?
  3. What are their processes?
  4. What should we expect after the first month?
  5. Why is 42 the meaning of life?

At Fannit, we’ve intentionally ironed out the first 30 days of marketing with us into a concise, coherent, and consistent system that removes the overwhelming feelings associated with engaging in a new agency relationship.

As an outline for the main themes of the first 30 days, we use the acronym IRON:

  • Interview
  • Research
  • Organize
  • Nail It!

Grab your towel, let’s get a better look at what each of those mean.


Of all the elements that make up this first month, the Interview phase is the most foundational. The chief goal of the interview phase in the first 30 days is for us to do our best to understand your business as well as you do.

30 day marketing planThe first 30 days launches with a Kick-off meeting to introduce the Fannit Team and explore the items outlined in the contract. Following the Kick-off meeting, we schedule a 90 Minute Discovery Interview.

This is where the Fannit Team begins the process of diving into who you are as a business; including business history, processes, sales & sales prospecting, vision, and the many other facets and nuances of your business.

It’s important to note that the process of interviewing and continually attempting to best understand your company not only remains an integral part of the whole 30-day process but also a keystone component of the ongoing partnership with Fannit.


Once the Fannit Team feels like they have a clear scope of your business and unique goals, the team sets off into the research phase.

The research phase is a continuous process throughout the month. We start by doing extensive research on the industry, your target audience, competitors, and specific keywords for your business. We also walk through an on-site search engine optimization audit to see what your website is currently ranking for and what opportunities we can tackle next.

Throughout the research phase, the team holds three internal roundtables to start the process of aggregating the information and continuing to brainstorm ideal strategies based upon our findings.


Once extensive industry, audience, competitor, and keyword research has been completed, the Fannit Team will organize the data and schedule a research review meeting.

The goal of this meeting to evaluate where the company currently is, then start strategically planning for where we want it to be a month, a quarter, or a year from now.

Before your marketing strategist can formulate and document a comprehensive marketing plan, the Fannit Team will prompt the development of several key elements, such as your buyer personas and core marketing message. These are paramount to your success as they steer the direction of all your future campaigns.

At the end of the 30 days, the Fannit Team will meet with the client again to present the proposed, comprehensive marketing plan. This plan will be the guiding map for all future marketing endeavors.

Speaking of organizing, we’ve put together a handy guide that will show you how to best organize your marketing efforts, whether you’re working with Fannit or not. Check it out below!

Nail It

While the strategy team is formulating the marketing plan in the organization phase, the production team begins to run forward with the initial research to begin integrating and setting up new technology and systems.

This involves on-site SEO optimization, lead intake systems, analytics configuration, tracking technology installation and configuration, off-site optimization, and citation quality assessment and optimization to name a few.

All of these are just the beginning of what it means to hone in on your internet presence and nail it when it comes ranking high in search engines to receive the leads you want.

Getting to Know your business

Fannit’s education about your business in the first 30 days is vital to our ongoing understanding and a key aspect that drives our success.

If you’d like to learn more about our process and how we can help solve your marketing challenges, click here to get in touch.