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Like other medical professionals, dentists and other dental care specialists rely on the internet to bring attention to their services and engage potential patients in their areas. That said, developing a successful digital strategy is not easy. There are countless dental professionals competing for the top positions in Google search engine results as well as the best placements in other channels. Fortunately, the right dental SEO company can ensure that your campaign is built for long-term success.

At Fannit, we’ve spent the last decade helping dental care professionals develop online content that attracts more patients, so we understand the importance of having a solid strategy. Our SEO, content creation, and web development teams work in unison to ensure that our clients’ marketing campaigns are firing on all cylinders. If you need help promoting your dental services and getting on the first page of Google search results, contact us today and our team will be glad to help.

A Dental SEO Agency You Can Rely On

As a dental service digital marketing company, we aim to help dentists and other oral health experts attract a higher volume of prospective patients. We employ a variety of techniques including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, and other effective approaches. All of these allow us to connect at a deeper level with patients in your service area.

Building powerful pages that deliver results and producing high-quality content are essential for the success of your dental SEO and overall dental digital marketing campaign. Whether you want to boost online bookings, get more phone calls, or drive more organic traffic to your pages, our digital agency can help you create a tailored marketing strategy for your dental website.

Cosmetic Dentistry SEO Services

Cosmetic dentists are among the most sought-after dental care specialists. That said, the average cosmetic dentistry patient has slightly different needs than traditional cases. In other words, cosmetic dentistry SEO campaigns need to be tailored specifically to patients looking to improve both the functionality and appearance through treatment.

A well-crafted cosmetic dentistry digital marketing strategy can help you reach these potential patients and engage them while they are deciding which specialist to choose.

Not only this, but the advantages of a tailored cosmetic dentistry SEO digital marketing strategy include:

Attract a Higher Number of Potential Patients

Cosmetic dentistry specialists are usually passionate about helping people restore their ability to smile, laugh and enjoy life. That said, your practice is also a business, so you need to attract as many potential patients as possible.

Rather than targeting random segments of your audience, SEO and other forms of digital marketing allow you to connect with potential patients who are already interested in your services. This, in turn, means that your digital campaigns have a better chance of attracting a higher number of potential patients than conventional campaigns.

Increase Dental Practice Brand Awareness

Having an attractive logo and a well-defined identity is a great start, but you need to work on brand awareness to truly grow your practice.

Through SEO and digital marketing, you can establish a great reputation and build your brand awareness. The best part is that the content you develop will always be available to your audience, unlike television ads or appearances on live shows. So, your audience will always have access to the knowledge you share, which will only contribute to your good name.

Sell the Services with the Highest Revenues

Not every service is a cosmetic dental practice that has the same return-on-income (ROI).

Fortunately, SEO and other digital strategies allow you to promote specific services while building your brand. Therefore, you can choose which cosmetic dentistry solutions you want to focus on and increase the number of patients that purchase these services.

So, you can choose to promote the services that have the highest ROI and build a reputation for being the best in these specific fields.

Expand Your Service Area

As any consumer will attest to, finding a good cosmetic dentist is hard. Unlike other specialties, patients are willing to drive more than one hour each way to go to a cosmetic dental specialist they trust. Through digital marketing campaigns, you can target locations beyond your usual service area and potentially start attracting patients from these regions as well.

Set Yourself Up for Long-Term Success

Perhaps the biggest advantage of SEO is that it’s suitable for short, and most importantly, long-term success.

Unlike conventional advertising techniques, SEO and digital marketing can be tracked and optimized. This means that you can see how your campaign is performing, how many leads it’s bringing in, and how much money it’s costing you. Additionally, you can make adjustments to the different content you have online in order to improve the results you’re getting.

We customize our approach depending on your short and long-term goals while also implementing two fine-tuned systems, which we can TRAP and IRON.

Our Approach to Dental SEO: TRAP

The main idea behind a dental website SEO plan is to develop content that ranks high on Google search results while also delivering value to the target audience. But, for this to occur, you need to ensure that your website design is on point while also optimizing all other elements on your website.

dental seo companyWe have developed an in-house method called TRAP that allows us to identify the areas of your website that need improving and ensure that these elements remain optimized after. TRAP stands for technical, relevancy, authority, and popularity. We’ll go over each one of these in detail to help you understand our process.


The first elements we look at are the technical score and overall performance of your dental search engine optimization content. Some dental practice owners are aware of the importance of the technical elements on their dental websites. But, it’s extremely common for an inexperienced dental digital marketing manager to commit basic mistakes that ultimately impact the success of the campaign.

Our dental SEO experts have decades of combined experience auditing, building, and optimizing websites in many industries, including a variety of dental specialties. Besides your web design and logo design, our team will also assess elements that influence organic traffic volumes and conversion rates. This includes variables like page speed, meta descriptions, URL structures, and so on.


Even though it can work as a standalone strategy, dental SEO provides better results when combined with other techniques, like content marketing services. For this combination to be successful, you need to ensure that the content aligns across all channels while also maintaining relevance in the context of the audience.

Whenever you publish content that’s not relevant, it disrupts the performance of your materials across other channels. In addition to only distributing materials that your audience will find valuable, also note that you need to avoid thin content as well as duplicate articles that are found on other platforms.


Sharing relevant content is a good start, but this doesn’t mean that the materials you’re publishing are building a good reputation for your company. New patients that may not know much about your brand will evaluate your dental services based on the quality of your content.

If the content you produce is generic, full of mistakes, and generally invaluable, then you’ll have a hard time building good authority. On the contrary, if you only develop and publish valuable content, you’ll have an easier time driving traffic, building your metrics, and getting backlinks that improve your website authority.


The last element of our TRAP approach is popularity. In simple terms, this variable represents the variations caused by human preference. It’s crucial because it helps you determine how many actual interactions you’re getting, all of which represent a potential new customer.

One of the biggest ways that Google determines popularity is through bounce rate. A page’s bounce rate tells dental practice owners how many users are leaving without navigating any other areas of their dental websites or consuming any more of their content. To improve this,

As part of our dental search engine optimization services, we evaluate your website, figure out what elements may be increasing bounce rate, and work on improving these to increase the amount of time users spend on our partners’ sites.

IRON: Effective Dental SEO for the Dental Industry

There are many dental SEO companies you can partner with, but not all of them provide quality results. At Fannit, we’ve been able to maintain long-standing relationships with dental specialists thanks to the quality of our dental SEO service. And, the reason why our approach is so effective is that we’ve been perfecting it for more than 10 years.

While TRAP allows us to identify areas of improvement, it’s our IRON system that enables us to jumpstart your dentist SEO marketing strategy and improve your search engine rankings within the first 30 days.

Let’s take a deeper look at our IRON system and how it works in relation to our dental marketing services.


As you’ve probably noticed, IRON is an acronym and the first letter stands for interview.

We established our dental digital marketing agency a while ago and we’ve learned that the best way to produce quality content early on is to get to know our partners.

dental seo companySo, unlike some SEO agencies, the first step we take is to conduct an interview with your team to learn as much as we can about your company and your ideal tone of voice.

Besides getting to know your company identity, our team will also collect information about your products in order to fully understand your organization. This will enable us to generate content that speaks to your audience and truly transmits the value of your dental practices.


Setting the right expectations is part of a solid formula for success. This is the reason why our team researches your industry, competitors, target audience, and local variables. We also create a benchmark of your current performance with the purpose of measuring the success of your dental SEO strategy while also charting the future of your plan.

As part of our dental SEO services, we also conduct an audit on your website. This allows us to determine whether your website is properly equipped to be a central cog in your campaign, if it needs to be improved, or if the best option is to redesign it entirely.


At this point, we’ve already collected most of the information we need for our dental SEO experts to create a plan that attracts more potential patients. So, the next step in our IRON system is to organize all the data we’ve collected and create a strategy that helps you boost the online presence of your dental website.

As with most dental practices, there’s a strong chance that you have one area of focus, like Invisalign, orthodontics, or a similar specialty. We also take this into consideration at this point to ensure that we target the ideal audiences in terms of the services you provide

Nail It!

Once your tailored internet marketing plan is organized and ready, our team will start working to improve your rankings on search engines. Our dental marketing agency focuses on improving your website during the first stage and ensuring that it’s ready for the traffic boost your website will experience once the rest of your efforts start producing results.

The dental care industry is constantly evolving, so specialists are always adding new devices and treatments to their services.

Our online dental marketing agency has experience working with dental practices that are constantly improving. So, you can rest assured that our SEO experts will always be ready to improve your web design, email marketing content, and other areas based on any new techniques you introduce.

Effective Dental SEO for Dentists & Oral Care Specialists

The vast majority of people turn to Google or similar search platforms to find dentists and other dental specialists in their areas. However, most people don’t look past the first page before contacting a few providers. So, your dental website needs to have an intuitive web design and other elements that increase your chances of landing a top position.

Search engines take a huge range of factors into consideration when determining organic dental website rankings, including social media presence, website structure, and page loading speed. Through SEO, dental practice owners can improve their online presence, get better organic rankings, and attract new patients through their websites.

It’s true that dentists and other dental experts can handle their own dental SEO. But, the world of internet marketing is constantly changing in order to adapt to new consumer trends. This means that running a successful campaign can become a full-time job. In these cases, working with a dentist SEO agency can relieve some of the pressure while ensuring that your marketing investment produces great results.

Some of the benefits of focusing on dental SEO and working with an internet marketing agency include:


As we mentioned before, most people turn to Google to find businesses in their area, including dentists, orthodontists, and other dental care experts.

By hiring reliable dental internet marketing and dental SEO marketing services, you can expand your reach and engage a huge number of potential new patients in your area through targeted content. Not only can you reach more people from a geographical perspective, but digital channels allow you to connect with potential patients based on demographic factors like age, interests, and type of device.


Dental digital marketing has become the new golden standard in the advertising industry because it has an interactive element, which engages prospects. Engaged prospects are more likely to respond positively to the marketing message being displayed. In other words, the more your new patients pay attention to your content, the more likely they are to contact you.

If you’re working with an agency, make sure to hire dentist SEO services that can combine this type of organic strategy with other approaches, namely email dental marketing and PPC.


Driving visitors and creating awareness are great first steps, but the main goal of all dental websites is to encourage new patients to book an appointment. A reliable dental SEO services provider can help you ensure that most website visitors come from your target area while converting a large portion of these users into qualified leads.

There are many different elements that can help you achieve this, like strategically-placed pop-ups, contact forms, and chat boxes. But, remember that all dental websites are different, so you need to evaluate your goals and adjust your dental digital marketing plan accordingly.

Monitor and Optimize

Prior to the widespread adoption of dental SEO, traditional dental marketing looked the same as in other industries. Conventional channels like television, radio, and print media were the most common tactics, although they were and still are almost impossible to track.

SEO and all other forms of dental digital marketing can be tracked and monitored. This gives us the ability to evaluate the performance of the content we produce and make tweaks to improve the quality of future materials.

Unlike conventional channels, digital content can also be updated and optimized after it’s been published. As part of our dental SEO marketing services, our digital dental marketing experts set up rigorous optimization schedules and adjust live content based on its performance.

What Is Dental SEO?

In order to hire the best digital firm, you need to familiarize yourself with dental SEO services for dentists.

SEO is a digital marketing technique that focuses on promoting your website through Google and similar search platforms. Organic tactics like dental SEO are the best way to drive traffic to your site because they don’t require direct payment for each user, plus visitors from these platforms also tend to be more engaged. But, dental professionals need to pay close attention to a range of variables that impact their rankings, which can be divided into on-site and off-site SEO.

On-Site Dental Practice SEO

On-site SEO refers to all the elements that are directly on your website and under your control. This includes the content on your site, its loading speed, the website design, and technical elements like your URL structure. But, even though they are controlled by the dental website owner, there are hundreds of on-site SEO variables that need to be perfectly adjusted in order to claim the top spots on Google.

Off-Site Dental Practice SEO

Off-site SEO variables are elements that are not directly on your site, yet affect your organic rankings. The biggest off-site SEO variables on your website are backlinks, but this list also includes social media presence, review site ratings, and similar elements.

Our dental SEO experts can help you manage off-site variables like backlinks and reviews. To learn more, get in touch with us today and we’ll be glad to help.

Other Digital Techniques for Dental Marketing

Dental SEO is a powerful strategy, but it delivers the best results when it’s part of a wholesome marketing plan. Rather than working with specialized dental SEO companies, your best bet is to find a full-service marketing agency that can combine a variety of approaches.

Your dentist SEO expert should also have mastery over strategies like:

Dental Content Marketing

As the name suggests, content marketing can help you attract new patients through a combination of organic and paid channels. The idea behind this tactic is to answer questions that potential new patients may have in order to showcase your knowledge and establish yourself as an authoritative source. This form of online dental marketing boosts your chances of being contacted when your audience members need your services the most.

Dental Social Media Marketing

Google is still the top search platform, but social media networks like Facebook and Instagram are already great sources of new patients for dentists.

Dental Email Marketing

Yes, it’s one of the oldest forms of digital marketing. Yet, emails remain one of the best ways to promote dental websites while also giving SEO marketing tactics a boost in performance.

Dental Inbound Marketing

This is an umbrella approach that includes dental website design, dental social media, dental SEO, content digital marketing, and other techniques that are customer-centric. The goal is to attract new patients in your area that have shown interest in your services by publishing quality materials through a variety of channels.

Dental Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

PPC campaigns can help you generate new patient leads right away, which boosts the results of your whole digital marketing efforts. While they do require upfront investments, paid ad campaigns can also help drive more traffic to dental websites. As long as you have optimized your website for conversions, this should dramatically increase the number of new patients you get for the duration of your campaigns.

Ready to Create a Tailored Online Dental Marketing Plan for Your Business?

Building a successful dental online promotion strategy from the ground up is not easy. But, the right dental SEO changes can help you drive a huge amount of traffic to your website without having to pay for each visitor. This, in turn, can represent an exponential boost in the number of new prospects you get every week.

If you want to learn more about working with our dental SEO marketing agency, get in touch with us today and we’ll be glad to help.

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