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If you offer professional services and want to gain more exposure for your company and find your online voice, then this article is for you.

Whether you are a sole proprietorship, freelancer, photographer, wedding coordinator, or any other type of professional service provider — professional services marketing with a professional services top SEO company can benefit your business in many ways.

For one thing, it’s important to get the word out there about your professional services so that you are able to increase your clients and grow your reputation.

Online marketing enables you to do that and so much more for your service company. Professional services digital services marketing focuses on tried and true systems, sales tactics, and advanced professional services SEO techniques to boost your professional service website’s rankings in order to bring more traffic to your business.

If you want to run a successful professional service business in 2020, you have to take your online marketing game very seriously.


What is Professional Services Organic Search Marketing?

Professional service marketing is defined as the steps you take to put your brand and company in front of potential customers. Likewise, professional service SEO and professional digital marketing services as a whole focus on driving more visitors to your website, which in turn allows you to collect leads through your online platform.

Before contacting a product or service provider, consumers usually begin their search on the internet. Users rely on search engines like Google to provide relevant results that contain the most up-to-date information about their query, to the point that the vast majority of people don’t get past the first results page.

Professional services search engine optimization (SEO) is the part of your services marketing strategies that aims to achieve higher rankings on Google and other search engines. There are hundreds of different factors that affect your ranking and professional services SEO allows you to take control of these variants and increases your chances of landing on the first page.

Is professional Services Organic Search Marketing All That It’s Hyped Up To Be?

The short answer? Yes.

A professional services SEO marketing strategy is the way forward for professional service companies that want to go beyond what their competition is doing and send their client count soaring. Online marketing gives freelancers, coordinators, proprietorships, and other intangible service providers a voice and the opportunity for exponential discovery.

Think about it. Almost everyone is connected to each other by the internet, and while traditional services marketing may be effective for a period of time, your advertisement is only being viewed by a minute number of people each day — who might not all be looking for the professional services that you offer. If you’re marketing a service, the internet is the only alternative that gives you a fighting chance against the bigger brands.

Professional services services marketing gives you the chance to market to a limitless number of potential clients — all of whom specifically searched your keywords looking for your services. This means that you will mainly attract users that are already interested in your services and have a higher chance of becoming customers.

As you can see, online marketing is the best option if you hope to grow your professional services business in 2020. It allows you to create a service marketing plan that targets interested users and attracts them to a website that’s designed to transform them into delighted customers through a gradual process.

Professional Services Marketing Done Right

Effective online marketing involves multiple facets of your website being tailored, fixed, refined, and updated. In addition to your service website, you also have to focus on off-page elements like review platforms, social media profiles, and other areas that help build your reputation and showcase your experience.

Professional services marketing also requires a deep knowledge of professional services SEO and the way that Google, as well as other search engines, rank your service website. As we’ve covered before, ranking on the first page of Google and other search platforms is the only way to rake in a significant amount of organic traffic. Unlike PPC, organic traffic is free — you only need to make sure you have the right system in place.

Creating a professional services marketing and professional services SEO strategy takes dedication and thorough education. Without the right tools or experience, your photography or events coordinator service website will remain on a forgotten page of Google without the chance of being read by potential clients.

Unlike a physical product provider, companies in the professional services industry don’t necessarily need to create an ecommerce page. If consumers and other companies are looking for freelancers or other professionals in the service industry, they will want to contact candidates before actually making a payment. Instead of building a shopping card, service providers need to have website features like the ability to book appointments or submit questions because these play a more important part of their marketing mix.

If you are in this position and you want to take your professional services marketing to the next level but aren’t equipped to do so yourself, then it’s time to consider working with a professional services SEO agency. Working with a service marketing firm can help you attract interested people to your website and slowly transform them into paying customers, without putting an extreme amount of pressure on yourself or your internal team.

Here at Fannit, our professional services marketing experts have been helping businesses in the service industry find their online voice for the past decade. We have worked diligently to create innovative strategies and to develop one-of-a-kind processes for growing internet traffic for our service clients, who specialize in selling intangible goods. Consumers that are looking for services rather than a physical product tend to have specific browsing habits and we can help you create a new marketing strategy that improves your rankings and brings more visitors to your site.

Our team of professional services SEO experts understands the importance of strategic online marketing for freelancers and companies offering professional services, so we aim to help you achieve your business goals in a sustainable way.

How To Build An Professional Services Marketing & SEO Strategy That Works

To give you an example of how Fannit has helped push the professional services industry forward, here is a brief explanation of two of the systems we have created to help your website grow.

These systems have been refined over the years to make them more effective and have helped countless service business owners gain traffic and clients as a result. We create a healthy marketing mix that includes a combination of online channels, including your website, social media channels, review pages, and other relevant platforms that allow us to connect with your audience.

Our two systems are called TRAP and IRON. Below is a description of each to show you what we can do for your professional services company.

TRAP: Organic Search Marketing Top 4 Areas That Need To Be Optimized On Your Professional Services Website

First, let’s talk about TRAP. Here at Fannit, we have a team of dedicated SEO experts who have been able to identify the top four categories of professional services SEO that require extensive optimization in order to boost service company rankings. These four elements are a crucial part of the success of your service marketing plan because they help people to find your website and ensure that your pages provide a positive experience for visitors.

If these four categories are thoroughly optimized, your professional services website will take a jump in rankings — bringing more internet traffic to your site and growing your customer base. Not only this, but this process also ensures that your potential customers can navigate your site and find everything they need. With this in mind, your service website should have forms and other elements that allow you to collect information from visitors.

Besides that, Google pretty much requires that these areas be optimized in order to reward your site with high rankings. We’ve found that most service providers that manage their marketing internally get one or two of these right, but the only way to achieve higher rankings is to create a balanced plan to cover all essential areas.

If you’re ready to dive into the four categories, let’s get started.

T = Technical

Designing a professional services SEO campaign for the marketing of services and intangible goods involves several steps, but the technical setup is among the most important elements in terms of performance.

Our team of technical experts will help you identify technical issues your professional services website is having that are stopping it from ranking well. After we’ve identified the problem be it broken links, slow systems, or conflicts within your links, we will set to work remedying the issue. This requires a combination of manual analysis and the use of specialized tools, and our team of services marketing experts has both of those covered.

Fixing any dysfunctional issues on the technical side of your site will allow Google to crawl and index your pages, which in turn is how it is able to rank and be discovered. If these areas of your service website aren’t optimized, your chances of achieving new, higher rankings will plummet.

This is why the technical side of your freelance professional services website is the foundation for improving your rankings. Once that is optimized and your website has been crawled and indexed, our team can focus on the other aspects of SEO that will drive traffic to your service site.

A = Authority

Next, our team will tackle the online authority of your professional services website. Website authority comes in different forms and is massively important to Google, but it’s not always easy to establish it with an intangible good or product. Google takes a huge number of factors into consideration during the calculation process, so your marketing services should include techniques that help improve the authority of your site.

The biggest way that you can increase your online authority is through obtaining quality backlinks. That being said, you also have to pay attention to how you obtain these backlinks. By working with a marketing service provider that has experience with similar projects, you’ll be able to create a solid backlink profile that actually boosts your SEO.

Backlinks can be the making or breaking of your website’s authority. Google doesn’t just want to see backlinks but also takes into account the quality and trustworthiness of the backlinks. If you receive a backlink from a spammy website with no authority, this will harm your site’s rankings since Google will conclude that your website is also spammy.

As part of our marketing service, our authority experts will help you build a link strategy for future success and will help you take care of existing backlinks that are harming your rankings.

P = Popularity

Next comes the Popularity stage where our team focuses on enhancing your readers’ experience in order to encourage them to stay longer on your website. Keep in mind that the content on your site and how you portray your intangible goods will affect the popularity of your site, so you need to take the time and craft quality elements.

Popularity is also one of the main ways that Google determines your rankings. If your bounce rate is extremely high (bounce rate refers to if a reader clicks away the moment your site loads) Google will conclude that your service marketing plan isn’t honest and that searchers looking for specific professional services aren’t finding what they’re looking for on your site.

This will damage your rankings as Google only rewards sites that are honest and that are able to keep readers. To combat this, you need to create quality content in the form of website copy, blogs, social media posts, and other creatives that are consistent and provide value to each customer that visits your pages.

Our production team will set about analyzing your readers for clues about what they are looking for on your website and will transform the layout of your website to make it more user-friendly and scannable. The more we know about your audience, the more effective our content will be, so this is a necessary step for the success of your service marketing approach.

IRON: What Fannit Can Do For Your IT Company In The First 30 Days

Now let’s discuss Fannit’s other tried and true system, IRON. This system has worked extremely well for our clients in the service industry, but we tailor this approach depending on your unique circumstances.

IRON is all about intensity and seeing what our team is able to accomplish for your professional services website in just 30 days. We want to kickstart your SEO so that we can see maximum results in a minimal timeframe. Experience has taught us that we can have a significant impact in a short amount of time by applying different research techniques and determining what improvements will have the most impact once we move on to our TRAP process.

Our IRON acronym stands for:


Our team will conduct a series of interviews in order to gain a thorough understanding of the professional services you offer. We don’t want to use a new or different tone of voice. Instead, we want to learn what drives your company and what your team is passionate about in order to use it as part of your service marketing plan. This will give us the ability to speak with authority and replicate your voice online.

Depending on the size of your service company, we’ll conduct interviews with different team members and create an organized process to collect internal information. Knowing what your team is like and understanding more about your services will help us design an effective campaign that brings more people onto your site.


Using what we’ve learned about your company through the interviews, our team will begin researching all things related to your specific service industry. We will find out all we can about your competition, audience, locations you services, similar products on the market, target keywords, and anything else that will help us achieve higher rankings and bring more people.

Freelancers and other service professionals that take care of their own marketing don’t usually conduct thorough research, which leads to the creation of a faulty marketing process. Having a marketing service provider like Fannit can help ensure that you collect all the information you need before crafting a quality campaign for your intangible goods.


Equipped with the data collected from the previous two stages, our team will develop an organized plan that consists of different marketing strategies for your professional services company. This in-depth online strategy will be presented to you at the end of the first 30 days of working together and will be filled with all of the marketing goodies to get your website’s rankings skyrocketing.

It’s important to note that every service provider is different, so the strategies put in place may vary depending on your specific case. Our team will use their knowledge and experience to develop a sustainable service marketing approach that addresses areas of high impact in order to produce results as quickly as possible.

Nail It!

Our team is committed to helping you nail this online marketing strategy to promote the maximum growth for your company. Nothing in our IRON process is done half-heartedly and with this last stage, our team will set diligently to work implementing our TRAP process so that your company can nail your online marketing goals.

While each service provider has a different experience, the end goal is to gradually improve your ranking factors, reel in more traffic, and capture valuable information that allows you to acquire more leads and eventually sales.

Do All Companies Need Professional Service Marketing Services?

The service industry has traditionally relied on referrals from their customers to help sell their intangible goods. While this is still a powerful channel, many consumers who can’t find a good reference turn to the internet in order to locate a reliable service provider.

Your service website is your online storefront, so you need to showcase your services in one way or another. There’s no doubt that this process is easier for physical products, which is the reason why you need a service marketing plan that allows you to highlight the quality of your non-physical goods.

Benefits of Implementing Professional Services Organic Search Marketing in Your Marketing Plan

Professional services SEO marketing makes your intangible products more visible while ensuring that you have a good reputation across all channels. However, you have to take the time to understand all the factors that will affect the performance of your campaign and build a services marketing plan that takes them into consideration.

Making sure that you have the right setup can bring many benefits, including:

Learn About Your Potential Customers

Learning about your potential customers is one of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional services SEO marketing agency.

The only way to attract visitors and keep them on your site is to produce quality content. However, developing materials that your audience finds engaging is only possible if you understand what your customers’ wants and needs.

By focusing on professional services SEO marketing, you’ll understand how your potential customers think and you’ll be able to use this information to provide better content to users on your site.

Find Creative Ways to Market Your Intangible Goods

Marketing a physical product is simple when compared to people in the services service. SEO and services marketing as a whole allows you to find new ways to reach your audience and keep them engaged through creative ideas.

For example, you can develop a series of useful ebooks, compliment them with several blog posts, and gradually release them to maintain the hype around your products or services.

Improve Online Visibility

The ultimate objective of digital services marketing is to improve your visibility online. Whether your customers try to find a service provider through a search engine, review site, or social media platform, our main goal is to ensure that they can find your services and non-physical products as easy as possible.

Enhance Reputation and Brand Awareness

A few decades ago, having a logo and an attractive color scheme used to be enough to have a memorable brand, and quality service was enough to earn you a great reputation. The statement above is not entirely false today, but you need to do much more than that to draw attention to your non-physical products.

Professional services SEO allows you to take control of your digital reputation and accelerates your branding efforts, if done correctly. Your website needs to be designed to perfection in order to create a good impression. But you also have to look at elements like review sites, social media accounts, and in order to draw new and recurring customers to your services.

Complement Social Media Campaigns

It’s safe to assume that each customer has a social media account that he or she uses at least on a monthly, if not weekly basis. Social networks have ingrained themselves as part of our culture, but they are also proving to be a valuable tool that can provide quality leads.

Professional services SEO can help you take advantage of these platforms and bring more visitors that come from channels other than Google to your service website.

Ensure a Positive User Experience on Your Site

Whenever a customer goes onto your site, he or she needs to find what they are looking for right away. If not, your visitors will likely hit the back button and move on to the next website, so having an intuitive and attractive interface is just as important as producing quality content.

Besides quality content, our SEO marketing services also focus on producing a new website that features a responsive design, attractive graphics, an easy-to-use interface, and other elements. We design these to address your customers’ needs and create a good user experience.

Generate More Quality Leads

The professional services SEO techniques used in your service marketing plan can vary, but they should all work to produce a larger volume of quality leads. Our marketing services revolve around attracting interested people to your site based on the searches they make.

We develop an approach that gradually moves every potential customer down your sales funnel by using techniques like email sequences and other marketing strategies. These can make sure that you make contact with each customer at a crucial point of the decision-making process and that your non-physical products are available when they’re ready to contact you.

Produce a Sustainable Business Model

Professional services digital marketing is much more affordable than conventional advertising. Not only this, but modern strategies cover all the 7 P’s of marketing mix, which are:

  • Product (or service, in this case)
  • Promotion
  • Price
  • Place
  • People
  • Process
  • Physical evidence (or in this case, information that can be used to measure success)

When used properly, the 7 P’s model results in a sustainable business structure that allows you to address the customer’s needs, provide more value to your visitors, and shine a positive light on your products.

More Affordable than Other Forms of professional service Marketing

Professional service marketing is more affordable than traditional advertising. Through the internet, you have the ability to reach thousands of users in your local area without spending a small fortune. You may even choose to attract visitors from all over the world, depending on the type of service you provide and it still would probably cost less than launching a campaign of the same magnitude online.

Marketing your products online also allows you to track your expenses and figure out how much money you’re making out of these campaigns.

For example, you can see how much money you’ve invested in content, the number of visitors have seen these product pages, and the customers that you’ve attracted or converted through your website.

Target Different Audiences

If your intangible products attract multiple audiences, you’ll be glad to hear that SEO allows you to target them all. Our service marketing team puts in the time to identify the different needs your potential customers have and we design resources that people on your site will find valuable.

Establish Your Company as a Thought Leader in the Industry

Developing high quality content and getting it published not only on your site, but other sites that are relevant to your industry is key to becoming an industry thought leader.

Encourage Collaboration Between Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales need to be on the same for your marketing engine to work correctly. If these two areas aren’t in sync, both areas can suffer from message mismatch and a lack of clarity in your inbound funnels.

Take Your Professional Services Company To The Next Level

Our team at Fannit wants to help you take your company to the next level. We want to see the service you offer being used and appreciated as they should be. Let us be the ones to help you step up your online marketing game today utilizing our tried and true systems.

We have dedicated years of our lives to refining this process so that you don’t need to. If you would like to take your professional services company to the next level, contact Fannit today to discuss how we can help you make that dream into reality.

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