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The rise of internet marketing has been a wonderful thing for window cleaning companies. Window cleaning seo allows your business to reach a limitless number of people in your market. And is cheaper than traditional advertising, and provides you with the ability to measure the effectiveness of your marketing.

All of that said, internet marketing requires more than throwing together a website and making it live. Out of 100 people using Google to find a window cleaner, 71-92% of them will choose to work with a company that is on the first page of search results.

SEO for Window Cleaning Companies

If you hope to grow your company online and gain leads via online marketing, you need to have an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy in place. Having a good SEO strategy will enable you to capture a place on the first page of Google so that your company gains popularity and your client base soars.


How We Help Your Window Cleaning Company Get More Leads

Google has high standards for what it allows to be featured on its front page. Window cleaning SEO focuses on the science of optimizing your website in a way that meets and exceeds Google’s quality standards so that your company can win a place on the first page of search results.

Working with a professional window cleaning SEO firm to develop a window cleaning SEO strategy for your website will benefit your company in a number of ways. Working with window cleaning SEO specialists will give you insight into the technical side of online marketing as well as help you to partially understand just how much online marketing can serve your company.

To give you an idea of how Fannit uses SEO to boost your website to the front page, let’s look at two of the systems we use:

  1. TRAP
  2. IRON

Each of these acronyms is a fine-tuned system that we have spent over ten years perfecting. The rest of this post will be spent explaining what each of these do to help your website.


TRAP: The 4 Main Categories That Need To Be Optimized

All the SEO that needs to be done on your site can be divided into four categories. Our system, TRAP, identifies each of these categories and puts procedures in place that we can follow to boost your site’s rankings.

T = Technical

Underneath your website’s surface, there are countless codes and programs in place that need to be functioning properly in order for Google to rank you highly.
Our technical window-cleaning SEO Experts in Los Angeles and other areas find existing issues on your website and fix them. We also upgrade your site’s system so that it runs more smoothly in the future.

R = Relevancy

This is where our content relevancy team will assess the quality of content on your website and will amend any content that is hurting your rankings. Thin content, duplicate content, and content that has not been SEO optimized could all be damaging your ability to rank. We will repair pages and cut loose content that’s weighing your website down.

Relevancy SEO is about ensuring that your window cleaning content provides value for your readers so that you continue to gain online traffic and grow your leads.

A = Authority

Google only wants sites with a certain amount of authority to rank on the first page, and one of the best ways to prove your website’s authority is by having a massive amount of quality backlinks.

Now, the key here is to have backlinks from other authority sites. If you have links coming in from spammy or gimmicky sites, then Google will probably assume that your company is also gimmicky and spammy — thus lowering your ranking.

Our window cleaning SEO consultants will help you increase your website’s authority by removing spammy backlinks. We’ll also create a link strategy to boost your website’s authority and provide you with high-quality backlinks.

P = Popularity

While you are making an intense effort to boost your rankings on Google with SEO, it is important to also optimize your website for your human audience as well.

This is where the Popularity stage comes in to play. During this phase of the TRAP system, our team will focus on assessing your human audience and how to get them to stay longer on your site.

To do this, our production team will optimize the content and design of your website in a way that is appealing to your audience.


IRON: How We Build A Solid Foundation For Your Window Cleaning Company During The First 30 Days

When you start working with Fannit, our goal within the first 30 days is to build a robust SEO foundation that we can build off of over the following months and years. We’ve created a system called IRON that we use to ensure that these first 30 days run perfect every time.

With over ten years of window cleaning SEO experience, we know how to achieve maximum results in a minimal amount of time.

Here is a brief overview of how our IRON process works:

I = Interview

The first step in our IRON process is interviewing. Here at Fannit, we strive to understand the services your company provides on an equal level to you so that our team is able to replicate your voice during content production and marketing. We achieve knowledge of your company through a series of interviews where we discuss the ins and outs of your window cleaning business.

R = Research

During this phase, our team of skilled researchers will gain knowledge about your industry, ideal clients, and competitors. Understanding all of these aspects is essential in creating an optimal SEO and content strategy for your window cleaning company. Our research consultants will conduct an SEO audit of your window cleaning website in order to identify any already existing technical problems so that they can be remedied.

O = Organize

Now that we have all the information, we will create a customized SEO marketing plan for your window cleaning business. This SEO marketing plan will be presented to you within your first 30 days of working with Fannit and will be customized according to the specific needs of your window cleaning company.

N – Nail It!

During the researching and interviewing process, we will have our production team working behind the scenes to fix any issues that currently exist on your site. Our production team will utilize the “technical” process from our TRAP system to fix these website issues and ensure that your company’s website is optimal.


Ready To Take Control Of Your Rankings?

Take control of your online marketing today with Fannit’s team of window cleaning SEO professionals. Working with Fannit will boost your Google rankings and grow your window cleaning company’s sphere of influence online.

Curious what IRON and TRAP look like in action? Check out this case study, where we improved a home services company’s ROI by 823%.

To hear more about what Fannit can do for you, get in touch with us today.

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