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RV Sales & Service Case Study


Keywords Ranked (Started at 578)


Leads (From 32 per month to over 416 per month)


Organic Revenue Increase


Cost Per Lead

Improved Website Design & Performance

We attracted more valuable customers, increased traffic and sales opportunities 

A much improved website experience for visitors.  Search engines were reading the website much more effectively too.

Almost right away, the average lead conversion rate improved to almost 3% which drove up the amount of new leads and repeat customers they were getting overnight. We continued working on the lead conversion rate to improve it even more.

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Used a contractor friend.


  • Not mobile responsive
  • Generating 32 leads per month
  • Averaged 1,600 visitors per month
  • Lead Conversion Rate 1.73%
  • 578 Organic Rankings


Used FANNIT to build professional site.


  • Mobile responsive
  • Generating 416 leads per month
  • Averaged 4,657 visitors per month
  • Lead Conversion Rate 2.81%
  • 5,000+ Organic Rankings

“Professional and Personable. Customized to specifically meet our requirements. It would be easy to simply lump our type of business in with other similar operating businesses, and cookie-cutter our website. FANNIT has created a solution that allows our uniqueness to come through, and our customers constantly remind us how easy and informative our website is. Bottom line it translates to increased traffic and sales!”

Ken Houck, Owner at Kirkland RV Sales

Ken Houck
Owner at Kirkland RV

Custom SEO vs. Template Sites

Typically, these RV marketing companies build huge home page titles and then use dynamic pages on all the others, but they aren’t static URLs, so they don’t rank well and aren’t optimized. This is a huge problem for an RV dealership when trying to get leads from the Internet.

Ken wanted customized, individualized, and bespoke marketing for his particular RV dealership. He wanted to stand out from the crowd and emphasize what made their business special.

Fannit worked with Kirkland RV Sales to create a customized, mobile-optimized website, and develop a comprehensive SEO strategy that lifted their brand, improved the level of trust, and allowed them to attract premium customers from multiple states. The newly

Increased First Time Callers

We increased the amount of first time callers
shopping for RVs dramatically over time.
When RV Dealers are able to get leads on the phone the
chances of them coming onto the lot increases dramatically.

Expanded Traffic Sources

The sources of lead conversations have come mostly
from their Google My Business Local Listing. This is a
ritical part of our local SEO Playbook for RV Dealers.

Business Summary

Revenue increased over 5,000%, keyword rankings increased from 578 to 5,469. Leads came in at 416 per month—a 1261% increase—and the average cost per lead (CPL) was reduced to only $5.98. The Dealership was able to attract a better-quality customer, which allowed them to upgrade the level of equipment sold from used Class-B and older Class-C RVs to Class-A Diesel Pushers. This also led to an increase in margin on each item sold.

Operating & Selling at a New Level

“With limited lot space, we had to go up levels in terms of quality, with higher-priced upgrades. Finally, we were able to focus primarily on Class-A diesel pushers.”

FANNIT’s SEO efforts helped Ken and his team market and sell to an entirely new level of customer. These new customers actually fly themselves out to the dealership, pay full price, and drive the equipment home.

The relationships with the customers, the referrals, and the overall commitment to the community are a massive part of Kirkland RV’s success – their website .

Since his business has grown Ken has been able to give more to important causes like donating a significant amount of money and time to helping orphanages in need.

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