We love growing businesses, and every one of our services is provided for this sole purpose.

Internet marketing services can take a variety of forms, so selecting the one that’s right for your needs and industry is crucial to success. Here at Fannit, we offer the following primary services:


As a Professional SEO Company, we know that no traffic means no sales, regardless of how smoothly your website operates or how good it looks. Our SEO services move your website up in the search engine results page for relevant keywords, driving traffic to your site and keeping your sales team busy with leads.

Inbound Marketing

At Fannit, we know that integrating marketing with sales to drive growth and build a consistent sales process is essential for success. Our inbound marketing services include lead generation, marketing automation, content marketing, and email campaigns.

Marketing Management

You’ve learned more than you ever thought you could about marketing, but now your organization has reached a level where you need some help. Fannit provides marketing management services that take a load off of your shoulders.

Web Design and UX

Your company needs a website that looks good and performs. As a top web design company, our design decisions are based not only on our extensive creative expertise and your unique brand, but also on user experience feedback from target personas and professionals in your industry.

Web Development

If you need an amazing website, our knowledgeable developers are versed in the pieces that go into a website that drives traffic and converts leads. Take your website from frazzled to fresh with our tried-and-true website development process.

Social Media Marketing

Every business needs to pay diligent attention to how its social media marketing presence gets handled. Social networks present a large access point to your brand and a powerful way to engage with a wider audience than you’ve ever imagined.

Lead Generation

Whether you need lead generation services NOW or you’re looking to develop a consistent system for generating leads long-term, we can help. We’ve engineered three solutions you can leverage for lead generation needs on varying degrees of a timeline.


An ideal fit for our B2C clients who are looking to get leads in the door now, PPC management services encompass any paid promotion with the primary goal of generating leads who are ready to buy. Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Advertising for businesses are our most common channels.

Analytics and Tracking

Data governs our key decisions for your marketing. Fannit’s approach to analytics and tracking involves laying everything out in terms that you can easily understand – we’ll always discuss what the numbers mean and how they’re getting you where you want to go.