These Instagram Trends Will Help Your Business Dominate Social Media in 2023

on Blog December 31st, 2021

With Instagram becoming phenomenally successful, around 71% of businesses in the United States admit to using Instagram for business.

Studies have revealed that 7 out of every 10 hashtags are branded on Instagram. More than 80 percent of American businesses regard Instagram engagement as certainly the most crucial metric.

With over half the Instagrammers following a minimum of one business account and over 1 billion active users every month, it is safe to assume that Instagram is a powerful social media marketing platform or an incredibly massive marketing tool.

As shown on, there are over 1 billion Instagram accounts across the globe. Moreover, 90 percent of Instagram accounts are known to follow, at least one
business on Instagram.

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We know that over 500 million accounts are actively using Instagram Stories every single day. We understand that millions of organizations, and small businesses, are having a business profile on Instagram and they leverage this vibrant and versatile platform as their secondary or primary revenue generation tool.

According to , in 2019, an astonishing 10 percent of Americans (approximately 30 million people) own their own businesses.

We know that, while a website is certainly a great place to start, experts believe that businesses must also focus on the various vibrant social media platforms to stay relevant, grow brand awareness, and increase opportunities for consistent consumer growth.

One of the top-performing platforms for them is certainly Instagram.

It is a highly competitive world and if your organization wishes to emerge a winner on Instagram, it’s especially important to consider implementing an effective marketing strategy on the platform and understanding the latest Instagram marketing trends.

For instance, in 2012, it was considered trendy to spam your posts using random hashtags. This worked wonders back then but it doesn’t work anymore now.

With that in mind, here are some of the latest Instagram trends to maintain a winning and competitive edge.

1. Utilize More Interactive Instagram Stories

Instagram launched ‘Instagram Stories’ way back in August 2016 and at that point of time, it was just an add-on for keeping followers updated with some day-to-day activities
taking place in your business.

However, ever since then Instagram Stories has evolved gradually into a far more interactive and versatile platform. There have been over 500 million daily Instagram Story views in 2019 alone, proving the immense popularity of the platform.

There are some other fascinating interactive features that are integral to Instagram Stories such as countdown timers, question stickers, and also external links. You may make announcements regarding your business and get instant feedback.

For instance, you could make an announcement about the launch of a brand new product or you could announce updated pricing for any of your products or services, post a poll to engage effectively with your community, and get feedback via question stickers from all those customers who have signed up already.

Consider using ‘Stories Highlights’. Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, however, you can still save your best content if you choose to. Your ‘Story Highlights’ could be the safe haven where you let your IS content stay
permanently. Your followers and fans would be able to see and find your Stories Highlights right on top of your Instagram profile and browse through the ones they find interesting.

There are several ways to leverage this feature. For instance, you can create content that helps with promoting your brands. You could come up with stories promoting specific events or products and even generate stories that explain clearly what your brand or business is all

2. Utilize the Larger Explore Tab

Instagram’s Explore tab is known for curating content and providing posts for you depending on your past interests and likes. In the past, it was pretty generic but since interests have in recent times become segmented, you could now consider navigating to your Explore tab looking for content that fascinates you. The Explore tab that until now has been strictly organic content may start including more ads. You could feature your company in an Explore listing by paying for an ad. However, here are some effective strategies you can use to get there organically.

Consider Engaging Followers in Your Precise Niche:

If you want your business to be present on your Explore tab, there should be enough of an audience checking out your specific content in your niche. You’ll need to focus on creating your ideal or perfect follower persona for this; examine the type of businesses they are following, and the exact type of content they like.

You may consider replicating that content on your account for engaging those types of followers.

Focus on Using Hashtags and Location Tags:

You could get a ranking utilizing location tags. When customers near you are searching for it, your location tag could prove to be helpful.

3. Augmented Reality Story Filters

The most exciting and unique way of promoting your brand is by using interactive content.

Since 2018, Instagram has come up with an effective closed beta program for allowing select third parties, like certain top brands or celebrities, etc., to generate their unique Augmented Reality filters specifically for Instagram Stories. Now brands and businesses have an exciting new tool for promoting and advertising their products on Instagram.

4. Cinemagraphs

Originality and creativity are the hallmarks for success on Instagram. It is a highly competitive world. It is best to focus on posting varied content and experimenting with
your unique content.

One form of content that is fast gaining traction is cinemagraphs. They are fundamentally still pictures with slight motion in them. You can do a lot of things with this fascinating form of Instagram content.

5. Consider Leveraging Instagram Growth Tools

The biggest and the most successful players on Instagram are utilizing cutting-edge growth tools for obtaining more likes, followers, and other types of active engagements. To see your Instagram following grow, you may use tools like Blast Up which helps you find targeted, real followers.


So far, 2023 has been an exciting year for brands and businesses utilizing Instagram marketing.

With COVID-19 pandemic creating havoc in the lives of everyone, we know that offline businesses have been adversely impacted because of lockdown, home-isolation, and social distancing. Although it feels like normality is right around the corner, many of the top businesses have switched to Instagram to maintain contact with their customers and engage actively with their target audience. Instagram is certainly the right choice for promoting your brand or business.

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