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We have a tight system of processes engineered to solve your growth challenges no matter your organization’s shape, size, goals, or marketing channels. We make it easy for business owners, marketing coordinators, and even entire marketing departments to bolt-on our marketing superpowers.
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Our Team Is Your Team

We’re a tightly-knit group of capable, business-savvy professionals with a diverse mix of backgrounds in marketing and business as a whole.
Our extensive experience in marketing and sales helps us serve you with unique capabilities.
“I was ready to take my medical practice to the next level. I knew I needed to expand my internet marketing presence, but didn't know where to start or who to trust. FANNIT has been so consistent in meeting our goals. I also love how personal and professional the FANNIT team is - I love these guys!”
Dr. Amanda Brimhall
“The SEO work FANNIT has done for me has increased my revenues, helped me launch a new service, and improved my marketing ROI. Hire this team!”
Jason Sexton
“FANNIT's services resurrected my business and made me a viable, productive company again. I am now stronger than ever in 40 years of business. It felt like a miracle that FANNIT knew how to get New Life Rockeries back into the green and in touch with people looking for my services. Thank you, FANNIT. I wish we had been involved with a marketing company sooner and received the benefits of their services. They showed me the power of online marketing in how to reach customers. I was amazed at how professional FANNIT was in helping us turn around. They were amazing.”
Neil Eneix Sr.

7 Keys to a Successful Internet Marketing Strategy

Using the internet and your website to market your small-to-mid sized business requires some planning. Here are some resources you can read through to help you think through your decision to hire an agency.

Before you hire anyone to help your business with internet marketing challenges you are going to face, please consider reading Questions to Ask: Hiring a Marketing Agency

Or if you think you’re ready, you can go straight to FANNIT’s Sales and Marketing Playbook