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Landscaping Search engine optimization (landscaping seo company) helps your landscaping business capture new customers at their initial point of interest – right when they are searching online for your services. Those queries commonly entered when searching are called keywords, and landscaping SEO is the marketing service that helps your website pop up when someone enters that query.

As if this weren’t a challenge enough, the real difficulty comes in making sure that you are ranking for the keywords that bring in the right type of traffic. For example, as a landscaping company, you don’t want your site to rank for digging house foundations — that’s the wrong type of traffic.

Choosing The Best Landscaping Organic Search Marketing Company

At Fannit, we specialize in landscaping SEO services for landscaping companies with our niche Hardscape Marketing Agency, HMC. We bring in organic traffic that converts into sales. If you want your landscaping customers to find you when they go online to search for a landscaping company, we’re the team to help you out.

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Landscaping PPC Management for Business Growth

Most landscaping companies like yours have one driving goal — get more leads at a faster rate. Paid search is an excellent marketing strategy for businesses like yours who want to invest in the long-term slower-growth of landscaping SEO and Content Marketing, but also need leads fast and now.

This is where Paid Search (PPC) can help you. Our strategy often includes Google Adwords, intentional content creation for ads and landing pages, and sometimes paid social campaigns. Our paid search strategies consistently provide our clients with amazing ROI.

Landscaping Website Design

When it comes to converting website viewers into leads, landscaping companies web design needs to focus on showcasing. Demonstrate your skills, offer case studies — and include lots of images.

At Fannit, our landscaping web design services are uniquely tailored to your niche industry. We’ve worked with companies just like yours before, so we understand the pain points and needs of your potential customers.

But there’s more — our web design for landscaping companies focuses on creating a website that funnels leads effectively, and is continually being optimized to improve that buyer funnel. All of this optimization, something we call ‘growth-driven design’ equals more sales, more revenue, and more contracts for your growing landscaper business.

Landscaping Content Marketing

At Fannit, we believe that content is the powerhouse behind every effective marketing campaign. In the online world, content IS communication. This is why we focus so much on creating content that captures the attention of your viewers by addressing and resolving their felt needs. For a landscaping business like yours, this will largely revolve around the desire to transform their property into a peaceful, beautiful, and functional part of their home.

We sit down with our clients to discuss and establish a content marketing blueprint — a map that guides your content creation based upon your ideal Buyer’s Journey. We will identify the pain points of your buyer persona and the voice, style, and proper distribution in order to leverage your content best. Then, we’ll get creating — and customers will start coming!

Think we’re just talking big? Check out the results we’ve been able to generate for other businesses or contact our team to learn more.