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There are thousands of solar companies in the United States and, as the owner of a solar company, chances are you face stiff competition in your city or state. The most challenging part is that solar energy has only attracted early adopters so far, so your company is also competing for the attention of a relatively small audience.

Stepping away from the noise and getting prospective clients to notice your business can be a challenge. This is especially the case if all you have is a maximum of a hundred words in a crowded ad page or thirty seconds of airtime on the radio to describe your solar energy services.

If you want to stand out, you need a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your electric technology that includes search engine optimization (SEO). When a prospective client is thinking about improving their home’s energy efficiency, the first thing they will typically do is take out their phone and do an online search. Most people rely on Google’s first page results to find a trustworthy company and your solar power business is no exception.

If your website doesn’t appear on the first page of search engine results, you are losing customers to your competition. If you want to succeed in the solar industry, you have to create a comprehensive solar marketing plan and optimize your business website for search engines using a Solar Energy top SEO service.


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What is Solar Energy Organic Search Marketing?

Solar Energy search engine optimization (SEO) is the implementation of different strategies to improve your business website and rank better in Google search results. The Solar Energy SEO strategies work together to boost your site’s search engine ranking, and include, among other things, keyword research, content creation, cleaning up HTML code, and building backlinks from reputable sites. These should all be a part of your overall solar energy marketing strategy.

Without this combination of techniques, your solar company website will not rank in search engines. Traffic from organic searches will be non-existent.

In essence, SEO is based on keywords, which are common phrases that people search for when looking for a solar power specialist. For instance, your customers may be looking for “solar panels,” “solar company near me,” and similar terms. But, it’s worth noting that not every search term has the same value.

Each keyword performs differently in terms of traffic, number of searches, and competition. Keyword research will allow you to find and target terms that your audience is searching for.

Content marketing is another crucial component of any Solar Energy SEO strategy. Generating valuable content in the form of videos, text, and images showcases your authority and provides your site visitors with valuable information. And, it is also a handy medium for targeting solar industry keywords.

The Benefits of Solar Energy Organic Search Marketing

A solar energy marketing strategy that includes search engine optimization can benefit your company in many different ways. It doesn’t matter if you specialize in helping homeowners, commercial buildings, or industrial facilities, the internet has become the best place to market your solar company.

Potential customers are turning to search engines and social media channels that allow them to find quality solar panels as well as reliable installation companies. Additionally, your collar company and the renewable energy industry as a whole need to create more demand, so it makes sense to advertise in a space that allows them to showcase services through low-form articles, interactive images, and videos.

Create an Organized Marketing Plan

A solar marketing strategy needs to be organized and precise. Companies that focus their resources on developing a comprehensive plan can visualize their entire marketing machine and find better ways to connect with customers. Having this information available can also help you identify the most profitable areas of your energy marketing strategy and focus on these parts more heavily.

Monitor Leads and Move Them Down Your Pipeline

Like other companies, your customers go through a decision-making process before contacting your business. This process is called the buyer’s journey. Unfortunately, this process tends to be longer as well as more complex for the solar industry because making the switch from conventional to renewable energy is regarded as a big decision.

Your online solar marketing plan will help you determine where users are in the buyer’s journey, allowing you to reach out at crucial stages in order to accelerate the process. That said, you need to carefully study your audience and figure out what techniques can get them to make a purchase without being too salesy.

Improve Your Ranking on Google and Other Search Engines

It’s estimated that at least 75% of all web traffic goes to the first page of Google’s search engine rankings, so getting your company site in the top positions should be a priority. Solar Energy SEO and solar marketing can help improve your company’s rankings and drive more customers to your site through organic channels.

Boost Your Branding Efforts

As a solar energy company, it’s common to have inconsistent branding. Replacing an outdated logo and color scheme can improve the way customers perceive your company, but you also have to ensure that you maintain a consistent brand across all channels. Having a well-structured solar marketing strategy can boost your branding efforts and help make sure that your company’s image is the same on all digital channels.

Ensure Your Company Has a Good Reputation Online

Local directories, industry listings, and review sites help people determine if they want to do business with a solar energy company. This is the reason why managing your online reputation is crucial.

In addition to delivering great services, you also have to get customers to write reviews and testimonials on these platforms as part of your solar marketing plan. Customers trust online reviews almost as much as personal recommendations, so having a good reputation online can help increase the number of leads you get on your site.

Study the Different Audience You Want to Target

Even if you already feel like you know your customers, a robust solar marketing plan will give you valuable insights about the different audiences you target. Besides collecting demographic information, you can identify the page designs, language, keywords, and other elements that your audiences find more engaging.

Setup Better Communication Lines

In addition to collecting information, your solar marketing efforts will also allow you to open better communication lines. Customers have different preferences based on the area and demographic data, but your marketing plan will help you figure out if you need to focus on social media, live chat, email phone calls, or all of them.

Create an Attractive Website That’s Also Functional

Your business website is your company’s online storefront and people will judge the quality of your service based on its appearance. However, if you want to get leads and paying customers, having an attractive website is not enough.

Through Solar Energy SEO, you can make sure that your pages are not only aesthetically appealing, but also functional in every sense of the word. From the navigation menu to your contact forms, all of the elements on your page should work properly in order to instill confidence in the people that visit your site.

Increase Web Traffic

Additionally, Solar Energy SEO increases traffic to your website. As we’ve covered before, the first page of Google is, by far, one of the most effective website traffic sources there is. If you rank in the first three or four results, you will have a consistent stream of clients, your business will grow, and your income will increase.

Capture Leads Through Your Site

One of the cornerstones of SEO is the creation of valuable content. Solar energy companies should develop resources that help customers understand this form of renewable energy and allow them to make better decisions. This will boost your rankings, but it’ll also create a loyal group of followers that have the potential to become leads and, eventually, paying customers.

Because search engines prioritize value and relevance, optimizing your site for SEO will also increase your website’s ability to convert leads into buyers.

Better ROI Than Traditional Advertising

Although SEO is a more effective strategy to reach customers, it is also a more affordable marketing method than placing ads. Ranking organically on Google doesn’t cost anything – it’s free advertising in a place where prospective clients look for information. Add to this, the fact that ranking on the first page of Google will increase your brand credibility exponentially.

Good rankings combined with a page that’s designed to drive leads can get you a better ROI than traditional forms of advertising. Although they need to be monitored and optimized regularly, solar energy SEO marketing campaigns can fuel exponential growth if managed correctly.

Track the Performance of Your Marketing Efforts

One of the reasons why SEO is so effective is that it allows you to track and monitor the performance of your campaigns. By using the right tools, you can assess the performance of your blogs, service pages, and other site elements in order to find out what’s working and what you need to change.

Optimize Your Campaigns

The optimization process can be defined as the steps you take to improve the performance of your marketing plan, so it goes hand-in-hand with the ability to track your campaigns. During the optimization process, our team of marketing professionals examines your solar campaign to find out what areas need to work and which variants are yielding positive results.

Establish Your Company as a Leader in the Industry

Many consumers will start researching solar energy way before they’re ready to make the switch. After some time, they will start to see what companies are thought leaders based on the quality of the resources they produce. It’s safe to assume customers will be more likely to contact the providers that show up most during the research as these companies have partially proven their knowledge.

Solar energy marketing allows you to position your company as a leader in the industry, so people will be more likely to reach out to ask questions and request quotes.

Get More Referrals and Recurring Customers

Referrals in the solar energy industry are worth gold, especially if they come from commercial or industrial clients. Because SEO increases your chances of getting leads through your site and helps you establish your company as a thought leader, it also improves your odds of landing more referrals. And, because this marketing technique focuses on delighting current customers, there’s also a higher chance of getting new business from repeat customers later on.

Techniques that Support Your Solar Energy Organic Search Marketing Strategy

It’s not easy to get people to your site or convince them to switch to renewable energy, but a good solar energy marketing strategy can help with both of these. SEO is a great tool that can allow you to achieve these goals, but there are also other techniques that can be effective in the solar space.

These include:

Content Marketing

Content marketing is usually deployed as a part of a major Solar Energy SEO strategy, but it also requires careful planning. Content marketing refers to the practice of creating valuable resources in the form of ebooks, reports, blog posts, informative pages, and other formats in order to reel in more customers. The solar space is great for this type of marketing as it’s not a mainstream industry, so consumers still want to learn more about it.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing plays two crucial roles in your solar energy marketing campaigns. It allows you to distribute the sources you create and redirects valuable traffic to your site. It can also serve as a great communication channel that can help you get closer to people who are interested in your service.

The best part is that the social commerce movement, which is the idea of making purchases directly on social platforms, is also picking up a lot of momentum so these channels may soon be a great way to sell solar panels and other products.

Email Marketing

Emails marketing campaigns are still a great way to inform people about your solar services, move customers down the sales funnel, and reel in new leads. With this in mind, each email sequence needs to be crafted to perfection in order to have the right effect.

Online Reputation Management

By managing the online reputation of your solar company, you can make sure that the quality of your services is reflected in your business reviews.


Pay-per-click (PPC) can help solar providers who want to get immediate results. The solar space is very competitive, but PPC can give you a competitive edge if you’re able to make the investment. Like any other campaign, solar PPC ads require close monitoring and regular optimizations, but our team has the expertise to take care of this area as well.

Common Challenges Solar Energy Digital Marketing Can Solve

There are many challenges that companies in the solar industry face when it’s time to convert leads into clients. A well-crafted marketing plan for your solar business should allow you to overcome these common challenges, including consumers who are worried about:

  • Upfront costs of installation
  • Reliability
  • Complexity and maintenance

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Search engine optimization requires continuous input. You must create content and update your solar website regularly, and you have to carry out audits to gauge your site’s performance. As someone with a business to run and solar panels to install, you may not have the time to keep your website optimized for Google.

Fannit can provide you with proven, effective Solar Energy SEO strategies that are specially formulated for your solar business. Contact us today to learn how we can help grow the income of your solar company.

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