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Our Home Services Company Top SEO services greatly increases a business’ momentum in growth beyond traditional marketing, giving you access to a limitless number of potential clients.

On top of that, internet marketing also gives you the opportunity to track your company’s growth so that you can assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. This lets you refine your marketing strategy over time for maximum effectiveness.

Most home services companies just think of internet marketing as simply having a company website or social media platforms.

However, good internet marketing goes way beyond simply having a company blog or Facebook page.

You need to make sure that what you are putting online is actually being viewed by your target audience and converting leads into customers. Your website isn’t going to be making you any sales conversions if it is on the buried by competing websites on Google.

As evidence of this, a shocking 71-92% of internet searchers choose to work with a home services company that appears on the first page of Google.

In other words, if you want to grow your client base through online marketing, then your website needs to rank on the first page of Google.

If you want to be ranked on the front of Google, a quality SEO strategy is what you need to get there.

What is Organic Search Marketing for Home Services Companies?

Home Services Company SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is the process of using targeted keywords and other optimization techniques to get your website to rank higher on search engines — such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

There are two main branches of Home Services Company SEO:

On-Page Organic Optimization

This kind of Home Services Company SEO refers to elements of your website that you have direct control over such as your website’s structure, ensuring that your site’s HTML is properly formatted, and that you are producing relevant, keyword-rich content on your website.

Off-Page Organic Optimization

This refers to the ranking signals that Google is getting about your website that take place on other websites.

For example, backlinks can make or break your site’s authority. Google takes careful note of where your backlinks are coming from. Links from relevant and authoritative sites improve your ranking, links from spammy or unrelated sites damage your ranking.

To increase your off-page SEO you should be networking with other reliable industry professionals that will be able to provide your site with authoritative backlinks.
A good backlink SEO strategy shows search engines that your website is authoritative, trustworthy, and deserving of higher rankings.

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Why Is Organic Search Marketing Important For Your Company?

In our modern age of connectivity through the internet, online marketing through utilizing Home Services Company SEO is the single most effective strategy for traffic and business growth. Having a website with a Home Services Company SEO strategy offers you an affordable way to reach a limitless number of potential clients.

Let’s face it, almost everyone has access to the internet, it is the way forward. More and more people are finding home services companies online while fewer and fewer people are using phonebooks and billboards to find services.

And if you want to set yourself apart from other home services companies while also working towards that spot on the first page of Google, you need to be prioritizing SEO for your website and creating a strategy for success.

How To Build An Effective Home Services Company Organic Search Strategy

As you know by this point, Google is very picky about what it allows to be featured on its front page, and in order to rank highly, you will need to meet these standards.
Building an effective Home Services Company SEO strategy requires dedicated time and research.

This task is usually very complex and requires working with professionals who understand Google and have refined the process of creating an SEO strategy.

Here at Fannit Internet Marketing, we use a tried and true system to help your home services company reach that place on the front page of Google.

Here’s how we do it:

We utilize two systems called TRAP and IRON. Each of these acronyms describes a fine-tuned process that we have spent a decade refining in order to get it to be what it is today.

To help you better understand each system and how they can help your home services company, let’s go over what these acronyms stand for.

TRAP: The 4 Main Categories Of Home Services Company Organic Search Marketing That Need To Be Optimized For Your Website

There are different categories of Home Services Company SEO on your website that each need to be properly optimized in order to boost your rankings. Our TRAP system details an effective procedure for optimizing each of these categories in order to boost your site’s rankings.

T = Technical

The T in our TRAP acronym stands for technical. This is where Fannit’s team of technical SEO experts fix any technical issues your site may have (i.e. broken links etc.) and upgrade any out of date systems in order to allow your website to run more smoothly — something Google will take note of.

R = Relevancy

This stage of the TRAP process involves a relevancy team assessing the existing content on your website to determine if it is helping or harming your rankings. Examples of how content can harm your rankings include duplicated content (something Google is adamantly against) and thin content.

Our team of relevancy experts will spin or delete duplicate content and bolster up thin content in order to increase the relevancy of your website so that it provides visually clean and valuable content for your readers.

A = Authority

Google loves authority and will only allow websites with enough authority to rank on the first page. One of the best ways to improve your site’s authority is through quality backlinks.

This doesn’t mean just any backlinks, however, as spammy backlinks will actually harm the authority of your website.
Fannit’s team of SEO consultants will focus on increasing the authority of your website by removing damaging backlinks and helping you create a link building strategy to boost your website’s authority.

P = Popularity

While the above three categories of our TRAP process have focused mainly on increasing your popularity and rankings on Google, it is important to not neglect your human audience as they also serve to boost your rankings.

The Popularity stage of TRAP focuses on creating a strategy for getting your human audience to stay longer on your website by assessing them so that you can tailor your content to what they are looking for.

Our production team will optimize the design of your website so that the layout is navigable and aesthetically pleasing for your human audience.

IRON: How We Build A Solid Home Services Company Organic Marketing Foundation During The First 30 Days

Our IRON process focuses on jumpstarting your Home Services Company’s SEO and maximizing what we can accomplish for your business in just 30 days.

To learn more about our IRON process and what Fannit can do for your business in the first 30 days of working together, contact us today.

We want to help your home services business flourish by using our knowledge of SEO to take control of your online marketing. Work with Fannit’s team of Home Services Company SEO experts to start growing your online presence today.

Curious what IRON and TRAP look like in action? Check out this case study, where we improved a home services company’s ROI by 823%.

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