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Hello, I'm Keith Eneix, CEO of Fannit,

The foundation of a great internet marketing campaign begins with us understanding who your customer is. What do they search? What does their buyers journey look like (browse, compare, buy)?

Once we answer these basic questions we can use SEO or PPC to drive targeted traffic to your website that turns into qualified leads. SEO helps you capture new customers at their point of interest - when they are searching online. The challenge is making sure your keyword rankings are bringing in the right type of traffic.

This is why it's so important to understand your target personas and their buyer's journey.

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Now, Let's Show You Some Real Results

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The marketing work Fannit has done for On The Go Moving & Storage has increased my revenues, helped me launch a new service, and improved my marketing ROI. Hire this team!
Jason Sexton
Owner/ CEO, On The Go Moving
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North Pacific Properties 

  • More Online Leads
  • More Organic Traffic
  • Lowered Average Cost Per Lead from $70.00 to $8.00
  • 285% Organic Keyword Rankings Increase
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Naimor Results

  • From 2% to 10%+ Lead Conversion Rate

Seattle SEO - On-site

On-Site SEO

It all starts with laying the right foundation. This means making sure your website can support the business and sales growth you envision.

SEO Seattle - Off-site

Off-site SEO

Trust is key when it comes to off-site optimization. We help our clients build quality relationships with key partners. This allows them to connect their brand via content to other audiences.

Best SEO in Seattle - 5 Steps

The 5 Steps of SEO

Fannit uses a tried and true method to SEO that consistently allows us to rank local and national keywords for our clients. This is a system I've developed over the last seven years .
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