Personal Injury SEO Case Study: 2471% ROI

Russell & Hill PLLC are expert attorneys in the Pacific Northwest that specialize in many different branches of law, but focus particularly on personal injury cases. Over the last five years, Russell & Hill has risen into a dominant-level legal presence in the area, spanning all the way from Everett, WA to Portland, OR.

The Challenge

Before working with Fannit, Russell & Hill had several marketing channels running, but were lacking a strategy that tied it all back to their ideal target audience.

The challenge came in the form of becoming true experts in their industry and partnering with them to gain as much knowledge as possible — only then were we able to drive amazing results in SEO, PPC, and introduce other advanced marketing tactics.

The Solution

After creating a full-fledged marketing strategy together with Russell & Hill, we were able to implement advanced marketing tactics.

From an SEO perspective, they benefited tremendously for having a focus on local SEO in all of their cities as well as a complete overhaul on their website architecture to make it one of the most appealing, organized websites for Google to prioritize in the search engine results for attorneys in the area.

  • Assessed initial sales metrics and website conversion performance
  • Conducted research and targeted PPC highest converting keywords (buyer keywords)
  • Focused message and positioning of Google AdWords campaign to appeal to ideal buyer
  • Conducted conversion rate optimization on website to convert traffic from paid search and organic
  • Operating 12-city SEO campaign
“Fannit is able to provide visibility to our marketing performance and that has helped us realize higher ROI on our overall spend.”
Matthew Russell
Managing Partner at Russell & Hill, PLLC
“As a video production services company we had not considered social prospecting before Fannit approached us about it, but the program they have going for us in the Seattle market is driving at least 20 marketing qualified leads our way each month.”
Michel Hansmire
Director/Producer at Sparkworks Media
“I was ready to take my medical practice to the next level. I knew I needed to expand my internet marketing presence, but didn't know where to start or who to trust. Fannit has been so consistent in meeting our goals. I also love how personal and professional the Fannit team is - I love these guys!”
Dr. Amanda Brimhall