Ecommerce SEO – Case Study: 2176.33% Online Rankings Growth

Our ecommerce client provides emergency products and gear for consumers and businesses. Together with Fannit, they've been able to scale their online growth and capture more target users on a national scale.
Keyword Rankings Growth
Traffic Growth
Keyword Ranking Positions (from 245)

The Challenge

Before receiving services, our ecommerce client had a difficult time growing their keyword rankings online, which made it difficult to grow their sales revenue. By putting together an ecommerce seo strategy for them, we were able to help them scale the way they were hoping with 2176.33% growth in keyword rankings.

The Solution

We found that the client was struggling with their onsite and offsite optimization and that processes weren’t in place to scale both areas. We put a plan in place to increase the relevancy of the website through onsite optimization and several content campaigns for their survival kit products, and worked on increasing the domain authority with backlink building and social signals through social promotion.

Immediate Results

Over the course of 7 months, we were able to take this client from 245 keywords to 5,577 and grow monthly users by 4385.98%.

  • Created an SEO ranking strategy at a national level
  • Researched and developed a content marketing campaign that would dramatically increase their relevancy over time.
  • Focused on initially ranking longtail keywords that would give them relevancy to quickly build into short tail money keywords
  • Developed targeted category pages for primary products that would resonate with their target buyers
  • Search Engine Optimization (on-site) – Next, we built landing pages, backlinks, and fixed their site architecture based upon our keyword research. The onsite optimization was vital to keeping their website topics clear and concise for Google indexing.
  • We also did site speed optimization to improve the visitor experience and user signals to Google
  • Google Analytics Data/Tracking – This was key. Before developing their content marketing plan we integrated tracking to give us a realtime baseline of the effects of our future marketing efforts. This feedback loop allows us to put time into which marketing activities were working the most.
“As an ecommerce company, we love working with Keith and his team. You can trust Keith and FANNIT with your improving your website - SEO technical and optimization.”
Grace Cheong