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Chances are you spend a significant amount of money on marketing every month. While advertisements on conventional platforms are worth their weight in gold, this marketing strategy is not as efficient as organically ranking high in prominent search engines using HVAC top SEO services.

If you were to Google something like “HVAC West Seattle” (or wherever you operate), does your business name appear in the first three or four results? If not, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Your potential customers don’t want to save the flyers they receive from you in the mail, so they don’t. When a person needs HVAC services, they will take out their phone and do an online search. Since people generally trust the online search results to provide them with the most relevant companies, they will only contact the first few businesses on the results list for quotes and ignore the rest.

As a local business, the secret to success is ranking high on search engine results pages (SERPs.) To achieve this goal, you must implement an effective HVAC search engine optimization (HVAC SEO) strategy.

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HVAC Digital Marketing

Conventional marketing strategies like TV adverts and billboards may be effective for companies that have gigantic marketing budgets. Smaller businesses, on the other hand, rarely see great results from these methods, mainly because these channels don’t get the timing right. If you want to find a more effective form of marketing that can be measured and adjusted, promoting your services online is the only way to go.

Online marketing, which is the practice of promoting your HVAC business through search engines, social media networks, and other digital channels, allows you to reach customers when they need you most.

Homeowners usually look for a small business whenever they have a problem and ranking high on relevant search results is the best way to connect with these potential customers.

At Fannit, we’ve spent years studying how customers look for, find, and hire small businesses online, so our team can create a custom HVAC marketing plan to generate more leads through your digital channels.

In addition to HVAC marketing strategies, we also specialize in small business marketing for:

Common HVAC Digital Marketing Challenges in the HVAC Industry

HVAC marketing for heating & air companies can help you attract more customers through your business website and social profiles. However, putting together a website and a few profiles will not get your good results. As a matter of fact, promoting your HVAC business online brings its own unique set of challenges so you’ll want to have a marketing strategy that takes these into account.

There are many different obstacles you may face while planning or implementing your HVAC SEO marketing strategy. Some of the most common challenges include:

Low Website Traffic

Many heating, ventilation, and air conditioning companies struggle to get visitors to their site. This is because Google and other platforms take hundreds of factors into consideration when determining rankings in their search results. And, HVAC websites that don’t have the right ingredients won’t make it to the top of the list.

Having low traffic on your HVAC website is a common challenge, but the fix is anything but simple. You need to analyze all aspects of your website, including off-site elements, to determine the best course of action.

Working with HVAC SEO marketing companies like Fannit can simplify this step and take the pressure off your in-house team.

Poor HVAC Website Design

To customers, your HVAC website is your online storefront and they will judge your services based on the quality of your site. Having an unattractive design with poor contrast and features that don’t work will discourage clients from getting in touch with your small business.

In addition to functional features, your website should also adapt to different screen sizes to provide the best experience for users. Many users conduct searches on smartphones and other mobile devices. If your site has a responsive design, you’ll make sure that customers can read and navigate it comfortably regardless of the device they’re using.

Tough Competition

Competition in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry is fierce, so many HVAC companies struggle to stand out from the pack. You may have Googled something like “how to advertise HVAC business” to pick up some useful tips, but chances are you haven’t found the secret sauce that seems to be working so well for other companies.

The solution? Simple. Instead of trying to work out the kinks or scouring the internet for HVAC business ideas, you should work with an online marketing agency that knows the best ways to get past the competition and attract new customers through the internet.

What is HVAC Organic Search Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the process of continually improving your website to rank for specific industry-related terms. Search engines have algorithms to determine which sites offer the most valuable and relevant information for their users’ queries.

For example, if your business website has a slow loading speed and content that is irrelevant or difficult to read, you will rank low. However, if you have a fast-loading site with easy navigation and a lot of informative content, Google will want to show your site to its users and push you up in their ranking.

HVAC Organic Search Optimization Techniques

There are several techniques to optimize your website for search engines. These techniques fall into two categories, namely, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The former refers to optimization by improving the content on your site and enhancing the user experience through, among other things, increasing your website’s loading speed.

The website owner has less control over off-page SEO, but there are actions you can take outside your website to increase your Google ranking.

On-Page Organic Search Optimization

On-page SEO ranking factors refer to all website variants you have control over. As we mentioned before, this includes loading speed, but it also encompasses variants like page architecture, content layout and quality, meta tags, and other variants.

Controlling on-page SEO factors may seem straightforward, but it’s important to address all the different elements that may affect your ranking.

Off-Page Organic Search Optimization

As the name suggests, off-page SEO refers to all the external factors that help determine your site’s rankings. These variants include things like backlink profile, local directory reputation, and similar factors that you can influence, but don’t have direct control over.

Off-page elements can help you get better rankings for your HVAC profile, but make sure you monitor them regularly to maintain your position.

The Benefits of HVAC Organic Search Marketing

There are several benefits to HVAC SEO for your business. Firstly, optimizing your site increases your online visibility, which, in turn, sends more visitors to your website. Companies that are listed at the top of the results pages are also generally regarded to be more reputable and trustworthy.

The combination of improved online visibility and the establishment of your business’s credibility will increase traffic to your website and, ultimately, your income.

In addition to the above, HVAC marketing also allows you to:

Define Objectives

One of the best ways to set your HVAC company up for success is to define your objectives early on. HVAC marketing and HVAC SEO are similar to a long-distance cross-country race, so you’ll want to establish both short as well as long-term goals.

However, your objectives should be realistic and take into consideration all the challenges you’ll likely face. Setting unrealistic goals can actually hurt your marketing strategy and company morale, so make sure you create a list of achievements according to the resources you have available.

Build a Comprehensive Blueprint

Creating a list of objectives is only the first step. Once your goals are set it’s time to create a comprehensive marketing plan that will work as your roadmap to success. Crafting a marketing plan requires extensive knowledge of all the channels you have available as well as expertise about the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry.

From social media to email marketing and HVAC paid advertising, our team has experience creating a wholesome business strategy that includes the most effective methods.

Enhance Your Brand’s Image

Your website and social media profiles give you full control over your HVAC company’s image, which makes online channels extremely valuable for your branding strategy. In our experience creating and managing HVAC marketing campaigns, companies that have a clear and concise branding strategy have an easier time attracting potential clients.

Branding strategies that don’t include online channels are often outdated or ineffective, but a good HVAC marketing plan will ensure that your tone and image remain the same across all platforms.

Manage Online Reputation

HVAC company owners pay a lot of attention to reputation because they rely on local customers. The thing is, consumers today trust online reviews almost as much as personal recommendations, so managing your online reputation should also be a part of your HVAC marketing plan.

Managing your HVAC company reputation online doesn’t stop at social media. There are also review sites, local directories, and other platforms where customers can share their experiences. So you have to identify any and all relevant platforms and set aside some time to monitor and manage your reputation.

Achieve Higher Rankings

We’ve talked about search engine rankings, but we have to stress how beneficial these are for your HVAC company.

An estimated 75% of organic search traffic goes to pages on the first page of Google’s search results. In other words, all other companies outside of these top 10 positions have to share a quarter of the traffic pie, so achieving higher rankings is the best way to get a significant boost in organic traffic.

Produce Quality Content

HVAC SEO doesn’t stop once you achieve high rankings for your business site. When users get their search results and click on your site, they will likely be redirected to one of your service pages or blogs. Does your site have valuable content that keeps visitors reading? Or do you have an empty page that’s designed for search engines and doesn’t contain much information besides basic company details?

A solid HVAC marketing plan allows you to study your audience and produce useful content that keeps your audience engaged. Not only this, but focusing on quality also means developing SEO-friendly content, which allows search engine crawlers to read and categorize your business website properly.

Get More Leads Through Your Site

The main goal of most promotion plans is to produce more leads and online marketing is no different. A well-crafted HVAC marketing strategy can help you transform your website into a lead-generating machine.

Every HVAC company is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is the reason why our team of HVAC marketing specialists creates a tailored plan for each one of our clients. In addition to learning as much as we can about your company, we study your audience as well as your top competitors to determine the best approach.

From the development of better pages to the creation of contact forms and comprehensive resources, our marketing experts can make sure your site has all the elements to generate quality leads that have a higher probability of becoming paying customers.

Gain Insights About the Target Audience

Most HVAC company owners feel like they know their customers, but this is not always the case. Because online HVAC marketing relies on measurable data, this promotion technique can help you learn about your target audiences and get concise information that can be used to craft better campaigns.

In addition to demographic information like age, location, and gender, a solid marketing plan should also give your information about your target’s interests, how they conduct searches, and help you identify blockers that prevent your customers from contacting your company.

Encourage More Repeat Customers and Referrals

As local businesses, HVAC companies rely on repeat customers and referrals as a main source of income. The beauty of digital promotion is that it works well with this setup because this type of heating & air marketing focuses heavily on delighting customers even after the service is completed. Delighted customers are more likely to pick up the phone and give you a call whenever they run into issues with their heating or cooling systems.

Likewise, when customers are fully satisfied with the quality and cost of your services, they’re more likely to refer you to other people that need an HVAC business. If your customers are happy, you can proactively ask them for positive reviews and ratings as well, which work like referrals in their own way.

Improve Communication

HVAC marketing is also a great way to improve both internal and external communication. HVAC SEO and online promotion as a whole require a structured approach that allows your sales and marketing teams to collaborate effectively. Leads need to be transferred from marketing to sales seamlessly, so having well-established communication channels will only make this process easier.

Because it includes social media, email marketing, and other inbound methods, marketing your HVAC company online also enhances the way you communicate with your clients. Whenever customers or prospects want to reach you, all they will need to do is choose from the different communication channels your company has available.

Highlight Your Knowledge

To get clients’ attention, your company must establish itself as one of the leaders in the industry. Your marketing plan should include the development of resources that highlight your knowledge and establish your business as one of the leading firms in the heating and cooling space.

Some of the resources you can create include how-to guides, studies about energy efficiency, blogs on how to perform simple maintenance, and other resources that are useful, but also give you the chance to show off your expertise.

Create a Better Website

As we mentioned in the challenges section of this article, developing a good website in all sense is not easy. Designs that focus heavily on the visual element and skip functionally don’t usually get good results and the opposite is also true.

The key is to find a perfect balance between an attractive design and functional elements that ultimately complement your business marketing plan. Text and background contrast is crucial, but your website should also have a modern feel and features like quote request forms as well as intuitive navigation elements.

Lower Marketing Costs

If you’re running conventional advertising, there’s a good chance that marketing takes up a large part of your budget. The main problem is that radio, print, and other traditional approaches are used by almost everyone, but these methods don’t focus on engaging prospects when they’re looking for your services.

The good news is that marketing through online channels can actually be more affordable in terms of overall costs and return-on-income (ROI). With the right strategy in place, you can also get a significant volume of leads through your site, social channels, and company review platforms, so you won’t need to rely on more expensive techniques as much.

Give Your HVAC Company a Competitive Edge

It’s no secret that companies in the heating and cooling industry face stiff competition, so you need to find original ways to market your services. A good first step is to take a new approach to market and centering your efforts around your clients rather than your business.

Instead of thinking about what your services have to offer, you should consider what your potential clients want and need. This will instantly yield more appealing content from your clients’ perspective, giving your business a competitive advantage over other companies.

HVAC Marketing Strategies that Support Good Heating & Air Organic Search Marketing

Your marketing plan should not only rely on HVAC SEO. It should consist of a combination of online techniques that support good SEO practices and help work synergistically to reel in more leads. But, for this to work, you need to know which strategies that truly work well together.

Some of the HVAC digital strategies that work well with SEO include:

Content Marketing

Content marketing focuses on regularly producing quality resources, usually in the form of blogs, and using this content to achieve better rankings for your company. This technique works so well with SEO that it’s hard to think about a better combination. As a matter of fact, you have to work both your SEO and content strategies together to create a coherent marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Automation

The statistics around email marketing give a false impression of how effective this strategy actually is. Nonetheless, you’ll need to cure a list of quality leads through your site if you want your sequences to work.

Our HVAC digital marketing experts can help you get detailed contact information from visitors and craft email sequences that attract more clients to your business.

Digital Reputation Management

The practice of monitoring and managing your online reputation is also a good way to get leads and boost your SEO. Reputation management encompasses all digital platforms that contain information about your company, so you’ll want to look beyond well-known review sites and social media platforms. There are hundreds, if not thousands of local directories that can have data about your company, so you have to research all relevant platforms and get in touch to claim your profile.


Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a form of paid advertising that generates immediate results. Running adverts on Google Ads can help position your company above the top organic positions, but you also need to understand the platform to keep costs as low as possible. Formerly known as Google AdWords, this paid advertising channel allows you to place bids and get the top positions, but you can also reduce the price of each click if you work on quality and other parts of your site.

Social Media

Social media channels have improved the way companies communicate with their potential clients. Moreover, Facebook and other networks have also become legitimate lead generation channels, so you’ll also want to implement social media marketing into your overall plan from the get-go.

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Optimizing a website for search engines is a technical task that requires a working knowledge of digital marketing and things like search engine algorithms. As someone who provides flooring services, you may not have the time or skillset to improve your website’s search engine ranking and get the results you need.

Fannit can help you by providing you with a proven HVAC SEO strategy to increase your ranking, boost your online visibility, increase traffic to your site, and get more clients.

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