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Is your website a fancy sign in the desert? If you don’t have traffic coming to your website, it doesn’t matter how smoothly it operates or how pretty it looks. SEO marketing builds the digital highway to your business that drives traffic to your site and allows you to turn visitors into leads.
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Atlanta SEO Services

Business building is our passion, and SEO has been the #1 way we drive growth since Fannit was founded in 2008. Our SEO services empower you with an SEO consultant who’s up-to-date on the latest SEO tips, tricks, and tactics for achieving the results your company needs.

Web Positioning And SEO Agency In Atlanta

Our web positioning team will work so that the authority of your web page grows every day. We fully analyze your site and determine the best organic positioning strategy to follow to obtain the best results.

We will work the technique of your website creating an attractive site for Google taking into account from the main factors, general structure of the web, indexing, crawl Budget, etc. and always with some interesting content for both the user and Googlebot, your website will also be more important than similar ones through the authority it has on the Internet, that is, thanks to the external influence of other websites, something that we will also work on, reviewing Your links and mentions profile.

Our organic search team, with the support of the best Premium tools for SEO, will work to raise the web positioning of your project as you have not seen so far, and this well-oriented results in good results.

How do we do it?

  • Deep analysis of your business, sector, competition, and target audience.
  • Development of SEO strategy to develop.
  • Structured execution of SEO changes on the page and off-page.
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Monthly report to evaluate service progression.

Every business is a world, but we are specialists in detecting the needs of our customers and offering them a customized solution. Our results are based on personalization and the ability to adapt to each of the online businesses; these are the pillars of our web positioning work.

  • SEO audit – The first step is to detect the current situation and problems.
  • Competition – We detect who is who and why within the targeted searches.
  • Web Optimization – The main thickness of our work is to leave your website perfect.
  • Authority – We manage campaigns to make your website more important for Google.
  • Contents – We analyze and look for key content for your blog; we also write to them.
  • Strategy Review – We mark milestones and deadlines for having a lively and proactive strategy.

The Importance Of Web Positioning

Investing in web positioning is one of the safest and most profitable decisions to improve online business, so it is very important to find a good partner, someone who understands your business, that matters to you, and does things with quality.

Forget about magical results, short term or low-cost packs, the seriousness and results are in the hands of professionals.

We are the reference of web positioning in Atlanta, as well as one of the main SEO agencies nationwide, contact us, and we will help you.

Visible and profitable results

If we combine the experience of our Web Positioning professionals with the use of the best professional organic positioning tools, we obtain a powerful and profitable website. We are one of the best national options as an SEO agency.

We solve all the doubts you have about our web positioning service.

How We Execute SEO Services Properly
Search Engine Optimization will never die, it only evolves. In a nutshell, internet marketing has always been the same. The organic results in search engines were always intended to provide searchers with the products or services that were the most relevant result.
Initial Consultation
We meet with you and develop a clear outline for both your qualitative and quantitative goals of getting new leads through the organic search channel.
The Fannit team will again connect with you to obtain an in-depth understanding of your company to align a developed marketing strategy with your qualitative and quantitative goals
We take the time to continually and carefully research your industry and your competitors to be sure we are equipped with the best SEO data to apply to your marketing strategy.
Strategy Plan Development
The Fannit team will create a strategy around your SEO marketing campaign using the researched information and analysis as well as our result-driven strategies to tailor with your company’s goals.
We organize actionable tasks to perform and execute within our project management software to make sure we are in the right cadence with SEO deliverables and the strategy.
Tracking & Measuring
Fannit has carefully developed a system to track SEO results and measure marketing campaign KPI’s to make sure everything is working together as planned.
Continuous Optimization and Improvement
The truth is that Google is an ever evolving search engine that makes constant updates to its algorithm. The Fannit team has equipped themselves with the crucial knowledge and experience to be flexible with Google’s ongoing updates, and adapt with optimization and improvement.
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Over the years we've lead a diverse portfolio of clients toward creating lasting wealth by growing their businesses.
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Search Engine Optimization will never die, it only evolves. In a nutshell, internet marketing has always been the same. The organic results in search engines were always intended to provide searchers with the products or services that were the most relevant result.
“FANNIT is able to provide visibility to our marketing performance and that has helped us realize higher ROI on our overall spend.”
Matthew Russell
Managing Partner at Russell & Hill, PLLC
“From the beginning of our relationship with FANNIT they've proved themselves - I would definitely recommend them as a great digital marketing firm!”
Shahrokh Naieni
“FANNIT has provided the Community Health Center of Snohomish County with Internet marketing leadership, great content, and has helped us increase traffic and new patient conversions - they are easy to work with and provide great value with our marketing budget.”
Mallory Lisk