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Is it time your website started capturing leads and driving sales? We’ve learned what makes a website move like a well-oiled machine – and it’s not oil.
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Your website is the face of your business online. Chances are, your web page is the first thing a prospective customer sees. Consequently, your site should welcome customers in, show them around the place, and take them to the next step in your sales funnel.

An outdated and cluttered website makes it difficult for visitors to quickly see what your company does, turning away potential customers more often than not.

As an internet marketing agency, Fannit’s knowledgeable creatives have the experience on how to build the pieces that go into a high-performance website, and have the tools to analyze and improve the web page that represents your company.

How Are Web Design and Search Engine Optimization Related?

Search engine optimization, known as SEO, is the practice of improving your site to achieve a higher ranking in Google and similar search platforms. This practice includes the development of a detailed digital marketing plan and the creation of keyword-rich content that delivers value as well as the implementation of technical elements.

Regardless of what platform you’re on (like wordpress or e-commerce), Web development and design is crucial to good SEO for a variety of reason. From a technical point of view, if your web page doesn’t have the right structure or send certain signals to Google, then the search platform won’t find your pages.

Aside from ensuring that your small business site meets all the technical requirements, you have to verify that it’s intuitive, user-friendly, and responsive. Google will analyze these parts of your web page and hundreds of other elements in order to determine your position.

For this reason, working with the right web designer and digital marketing agency is crucial. That said, there are many web designing sites and providers out there, so you need to find a digital development firm you can trust.

Benefits Growth-Driven Web Design

All businesses are different, so you should find the best web design company that takes the time to understand your company and learn about your goals. In addition, instead of focusing on just the visual elements (making it beautiful or interactive), make sure that your professional web design agency follows a growth-driven production strategy that allows you to get more business from your site.

Having a growth-driven web design goes beyond placing a few forms on your different pages. Easy navigation is a key element, so you have to make sure that all the elements on the site are functional and placed in strategic locations. You should also ensure that the web design elements will not affect load time or compromise the responsive feature.

By emphasizing growth, you can:

Improve the Way Consumers Perceive Your Brand

Your potential customers will see your web page as your digital storefront and you should treat it that way as well. Companies with a years old, outdated web design with features that don’t work anymore create a negative image for themselves.

Instead, a modern, impressive web design that includes functional elements encourages consumers to share information with your company and reach out for assistance. It’s a great way to make the most of your advertising dollar.s

Consumers lean towards brands they trust when searching for a local provider. An attractive, functional website combined with a strong social media presence and good search engine rankings translated to a reputable company, and a solid SEO play can help you get all of these.

Complement Your Social Media Campaign and Other Online Efforts

Search engine optimization is necessary to attain good rankings, but there are many other elements that Google takes into consideration. Your social media presence, local directory reputation, and the pages that link back to your site are all part of the formula.

By working with an experienced agency and implementing a wholesome digital marketing strategy, you’ll complement your other efforts and amplify the reach of your content.

Also, keep in mind that the opposite is true, so managing social media and paying attention to other external elements can have a profound effect on the performance of your campaign. If you’ve crafted great content and built a quality web page you’re already on the right track, but you still need to distribute your resources through social channels and pay attention to what review sites are saying about your brand.

Higher Volume of Quality Leads

Some top web design companies focus on appearance, but the team at Fannit is driven by results. Our website designers always craft pages with a purpose – to allow people to explore your brand while gently guiding them down your sales funnel. While our design work is still among the best in the web development industry, we pride ourselves in driving tangible results in the form of leads and sales.

When consumers locate a company they trust and they get valuable information, they are more likely to sign up for newsletters, ask questions, watch a video, and even provide contact information in exchange for gated content. The right web design allows you to build your sales funnel and increase the number you collect through your service pages and blogs.

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Steps to Develop Good Web Pages for Digital Marketing

Despite the fact that all web design projects are unique, your web development company should follow a few basics steps in order to determine what your company really needs.

The web design companies you consider should all:

Help Define Your Web Goals

A reliable digital marketing company can help you through this process and give you realistic expectations in terms of performance. If you want faster results, your websites’ designer should also be able to provide more immediate solutions like PPC and other solutions.

Study Your Audience

All web pages should have something unique to offer, but remember that you’re competing with other companies for the same audience. Before starting your web design process, you need to analyze the information you already have about your ideal clients and figure out how to get more of them through your site.

Create a Detailed Plan

The web development company you choose can help figure out if you should build on the web design you already have or to start a new project from scratch. In the vast majority of cases, starting a brand new web page is the best approach.

Your websites’ designers should also come up with a strategic plan to help you draw more visitors. This is the reason that digital marketing firms like Fannit make great web development companies – we are fully equipped to build your marketing campaign from the ground up, so we can create a plan early and improve it as we make progress in order to get the best results for your site.

Implement the Changes in Stages, Starting with the Most Important Areas

Changing everything on your site at once can undo any SEO progress you’ve made so far, so our web design specialists ensure that the transition is gradual. We’re familiar with the areas that have the most impact on the performance of your site, so we start off by making improvements in these areas. Whether you work with a Seattle or Washington DC web design agency, ask the team members about the approach they are taking and the different stages of their plan.

Monitor and Optimize

Your digital marketing plan should include the development of monitoring and tracking mechanism. Instead of relying on free trackers, your web design agency should deploy powerful tracking software that collects different types of information about your visitors.

Quality digital marketing and web design companies should also develop optimization protocols. The content and web design optimization process needs to be supported by the data you collect, which is why you need to have a good tracker in place.

Custom Website Design and Development

Our web design and development services come in two packages:

  • Traditional Web Page Design
  • Growth-Driven Design

Put your company in the modern-day by using our tried-and-true process to start driving leads and take your web design from frazzled to fresh.

A Team You Can Trust

The team at Fannit isn’t looking to rinse and repeat our client’s websites – every site we design, develop, and launch is custom made for each client. Our process relies on your input along the way, allowing us to deliver a web design you will be happy with.

Once your new website is launched, we stick around to make sure any small adjustments you require are made.

Traditional Website Design/Development

Does your web page look like it’s stuck in the early 2000s, rocking those frosted tips and gossiping about Brittney Spears? If so, it’s time to get a new site that will attract leads and turn them into customers.

Understanding Your Business

We don’t just slap a web design template on your website and call it good – we start by getting to know your business, which in turn affects how we design your site.


A new website starts with a new design, and here at Fannit, we make web design decisions based not just on our creative expertise, but on user feedback from professionals in your industry.

While creating your website design, we consider the following:

  • Conversion best practices
  • User appeal / aesthetics
  • UX (user experience) Best Practices
  • Sales Funnels / Buyer’s Journey
  • Desktop and mobile usability
  • SEO best practices
  • Content marketing best practices

Taking all of these factors into consideration allows us to build you a website that will last as your business grows.


The copy on your website speaks to your customers, and part of our services include copy optimization. The copy on your site can be done in one of two ways: we write the copy for you, or we use and optimize existing website copy you have to fill out your website.

Either way, communicating with your visitors through simple and effective copy is a huge piece of your sales process. Let the language on your web page do the heavy lifting for your market and start visitors off with the right experience of your business.

Other Website Considerations

During the development process, your our digital marketing team also focuses on developing quality:

  • Branding elements
  • Calls-to-Action (CTAs)
  • Forms
  • Images

Facing Forward

If your website isn’t up to date, neither is your business – at least that is how potential customers will see your company. With a website that is modern, organized, and informative, you can take your business to the next level of growth.