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Is it time to come up with a better search engine optimization strategy?

There are dozens of marketing channels you can choose from and hundreds of different strategies, but professional search engine optimization (SEO) may be the easiest to track and learn from. Search engine optimization builds the digital highway to your business that drives traffic to your site and allows you to turn visitors into leads to grow your business.

But, just like a real highway, building your SEO rankings takes time and effort. You have to make sure you identify the improvements that will effectively guide visitors to your site and implement a solid structure for this type of marketing to succeed.

Business building is our passion, and professional SEO has been the #1 way we drive growth since Fannit was founded in 2008. We’ve spent the last decade learning how to attract relevant traffic and producing measurable results for our customers.

As a professional SEO company, we empower you with an experienced agency team member who understands the latest tips, tricks, and tactics for achieving the results your company needs. We take a holistic approach to optimizing your website – regardless of whether you’re looking for national or local SEO, our online marketing experts will build your site the presence needed to drive sales.

The best organic SEO services don’t get tunnel vision on one or two keywords. Instead, Fannit’s internet marketing services rank you for a keyword theme relevant to the traffic your business wants to attract. It’s kind of like attending a party – while your competitors get stuck talking to one person or browsing through social media the whole evening, you’ll be shaking hands and taking names with everyone in the room.


Our Services

As a professional SEO company, Fannit has a tried and true method of search engine optimization that consistently allows us to rank local and national keywords for our clients. No company or industry is the same, so we design and implement a custom plan including a content marketing campaign for each one of our clients in order to learn about your business and identify the best way to achieve your objectives.

We’ll get to know your business and audience through-and-through so that we can make informed decisions on the right online marketing strategy for your website. We also make sure to schedule regular check-ins together so you can see our progress and stay involved in the process. Our team will also keep all of your goals in mind. Increasing sales is the ultimate objective, but we take a step-by-step approach that starts with optimizing your site, attracting quality traffic, and generating more conversions.

Some of the tactics we use include:

  • Keyword research
  • Backlinks (off-site search engine optimization)
  • Citations
  • On-site optimization
  • Google Local Listings / GMB
  • Content relevant to your target audience’s needs
  • Web Design
  • And more!

Your website shouldn’t rely on just one method of SEO for its rankings. Fannit’s digital marketing approach as an SEO agency is comprehensive, considering the Technical, Relevancy, Authority, and Popularity (TRAP) aspects of ranking a page on Google.

To see all the megabytes on TRAP, check out our blog post “SEO Basics”

SEO Audit

What Do We Do?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of growing your business’ online presence using digital tools executed according to a thorough plan so your business can be easily discovered through organic search.

In order to determine the rankings of the billions of websites within the search results, Google looks at a variety of different factors, including your content and web design, to decide where it should rank in organic search.

At Fannit, our years of experience as a professional search engine optimization company have given us a deep knowledge of SEO that allows us to rank all kinds of different businesses online, including both B2B and B2C companies.

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SEO Chart

Search engine optimization is the practice of growing your business’ online presence using digital tools executed according to a thorough plan. This practice can also be combined with social media marketing as well as pay-per-click marketing.

In order to determine the rankings of the billions of websites within the search engine results pages (SERPS), Google looks at a variety of different factors to decide where it should rank. These factors include backlinks, web design, and structure, as well as the quality of the content, just to name a few.

At Fannit, our years of experience in the world of SEO have given us a deep knowledge that allows us to rank all kinds of different businesses online, including both B2B and B2C companies.

On-Site Optimization & Web Design

On-site optimization development of your site is the home maintenance that keeps your site clean and ready for Google’s “home inspectors” who crawl your site to see if it passes inspection and should be sold to the first page of Google search results. Fannit takes care of the numerous and continual technical adjustments that will enable your site to pass inspection and move up in the Google rankings.


Quality backlinks boost your site like a shot of digital caffeine. A link from a powerful, authoritative website to yours tells Google that your site is an authority on the keywords you’re looking to rank for, pushing up in the search engine rankings like a free-diver coming up for air.

It’s sort of like being judged by the company that you keep. If Google sees you hanging around with low-quality websites (websites that link to you), they’ll make the assumption that you TOO must be low-quality. Our goal is to get your website siphoning domain authority strength from high-quality, industry-relevant websites, so that Google knows you’re the right people for searchers to get in touch with.


Fresh, creative content in the form of blog articles, service pages, and other types of written communication puts a twinkle in Google’s eye. Fresh content lets Google know things are regularly happening on your website, and it’s worth paying attention to. Social media platforms can help amplify this effect by driving more traffic to the updated content on your site, attracting the attention of search engines in general.

Fannit’s content team researches, writes, and posts regular content to your site that is relevant to your readers and shows Google the keywords with which to rank your site. These should also be shared across relevant social media platforms on the company’s profile in order to give your page a little boost.

Does SEO Really Make a Difference?

In simple terms, hiring a professional SEO agency that specializes in search engine optimization is a great idea. SEO Firms that specialize in search engine marketing can identify the right structure and help you implement changes that will have a positive effect on your site. However, not all SEO companies are the same, so take the time to learn about the best SEO company for you and how they can be assist you.

Imagine for a second that you own a flooring business in Washington DC and you want to focus on driving more sales through your website. This means that you’ll need to find a reliable Washington DC SEO agency that understands local DC SEO ranking factors and how to implement the right adjustment on your site. You’ll have to optimize your site and work with your online marketing company to design an approach that gets you to the top of the rankings in the Washington DC area.

Sure, you can opt for a local Washington DC SEO Company, but you shouldn’t limit your choices based on your location either.

Fannit specializes in helping companies rank for market relevant keywords at a city, state, or national level. In the example above, our team would take the time to learn the ins-and-outs of your business and determine what your site needs to get to the top of Washington DC SEO rankings for the flooring industry. Then, we’d implement the improvements, track the results, and keep optimizing until we achieve the top of the rankings.


How to Hire an SEO Firm

An SEO agency can help design and implement the best online marketing strategy for your company. However, you have to take the time and find a firm that can gauge the competitive landscape and craft an approach that allows you to compete with the leaders in your industry.

In order to identify the best SEO agency, you should look for one that:

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Assigns You a Dedicated SEO Expert

Some companies share the workload between all of their specialists, which results in a chaotic structure. At Fannit, we assign an SEO experts for each client, so you always have the same point of contact within our agency. The SEO agency expert is in charge of learning about your company, the industry you operate in, and the different trends driving your customers in order to develop a sound SEO strategy.

Is Focused on the Customer

Many marketing firms start with a customer-centric mentality, but this may shift depending on a variety of factors. Instead, you should try to find an agency that is focused on customers and makes decisions based on achieving the objective set out from the beginning.

Provides Transparent Reporting and Regular Updates

There is nothing more frustrating than not getting updates about the performance of your SEO marketing strategy. For this reason, you need to partner with an agency that offers regular updates and transparent reporting.

Vanity metrics are easy to achieve, but they don’t translate to leads or sales. Instead, Fannit focuses on boosting the metrics that really matter, which allows you to attract your target audience and generate transparent reports that give you an accurate idea of where you stand in terms of online success.

Has a Proven Track Record

Opting for an experienced firm that has a proven track record will only increase your chances of success. Becoming a search engine optimization expert takes a lot of practice, so hiring a new firm may not generate the best results right away.


Opting for an SEO agency that has years of experience and a proven track record is the best way to ensure you get the best results from your search engine optimization efforts.

A Local Service Company Grows from $40K to $1.2 Million

In 2011, Fannit began providing online marketing and local seo services for local landscaping business B&D Rockeries. Before working with us, B&D Rockeries had low organic traffic and minimal website conversions, resulting in very few leads coming to the company from their website. Since then, we’ve taken the company up to more than triple B&D Rockeries’ 2011 revenue.

We helped drive ROI-positive results for B&D Rockeries by:

  • Putting together a holistic SEO strategy
  • Creating and delivering a search engine optimization ranking strategy for local county service areas
  • Optimizing the website to convert traffic from paid and organic traffic
  • Targeting highest converting keywords for their PPC budget
  • Focusing the web design and message of the site to target the ideal customers

This is just one example of the success we’ve had as an SEO company taking a business from 0 to 60 using Search Engine Optimization. We work with local service companies, SAS businesses, law, and medical professionals, as well as with business of all shapes and sizes – growth is what we do, business is our passion.

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