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The relevance of National SEO is multi-faceted. It is the ability to reach a much broader audience.
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National SEO stands as a cornerstone for businesses aiming to compete on a country-wide scale. Unlike localized strategies, National SEO improves your website’s visibility across an entire nation, establishing brand authority in a broader marketplace.

The complexities of National SEO make choosing the right agency vital. This is not just about reaching more customers; it’s about long-term brand credibility. Given the specialized skills and sustained efforts required, a seasoned National SEO agency becomes indispensable.

That’s where Fannit steps in. With proven industry experience and a record of measurable results, choosing us isn’t just an option—it’s a crucial decision for your long-term success.

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Why National SEO Is Crucial for Your Business

In a market increasingly dominated by digital interactions, ignoring the value of National SEO can be a costly oversight for any business with aspirations beyond their local community.

The relevance of National SEO is multi-faceted, but we will focus on three primary aspects: Wider Audience Reach, Competitive Advantage, and ROI and Profit Maximization.

Wider Audience Reach

One of the most obvious yet significant benefits of National SEO is the ability to reach a much broader audience.

According to data from Date Reportal, as of January 2021, there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide. Even a fractional presence in this colossal market can mean substantial returns for your business.

By optimizing your site for a national audience, you position your business to tap into markets far beyond your immediate locality. The ability to rank high for a variety of terms across different regions can drastically increase your customer base, website traffic, and, ultimately, revenue.

Competitive Advantage

In a digital era, your competition isn’t just the business down the street; it’s every organization within your industry operating on a national level. A well-executed National SEO strategy is akin to having a 24/7 sales representative who is always available to pitch your product or service.

Data from a Google study indicates that the top-ranking page garners 33% of search traffic for a given term. That’s a third of all potential customers leaning towards your brand, simply based on search ranking.

Utilizing advanced SEO strategies like semantic search optimization, high-quality backlink acquisition, and user experience optimization, you can solidify your competitive advantage, making your business the obvious choice over others.

ROI and Profit Maximization

The efficacy of National SEO is not just anecdotal; it is quantifiable. According to a study by SEMrush, organic search accounts for 53% of all website traffic. This figure highlights the substantial ROI potential of an effective National SEO strategy.

Given the durability of organic rankings compared to fluctuating ad costs, your ROI tends to increase over time.

Every piece of content optimized, every backlink acquired, and every keyword ranked contributes to a more robust online presence, which, in turn, generates consistent revenue streams.

The National SEO Strategies You Need to Bolster Your Online Rankings

Navigating the digital landscape on a national scale requires a multi-faceted approach to SEO. At Fannit, we offer an extensive range of specialized National SEO services designed to propel your online rankings and deliver measurable results.

Our service portfolio is built on years of industry experience and is tailored to meet the unique challenges of national-level competition. Below are the key components:

National Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the foundation upon which all other SEO activities are built. It involves optimizing the backend of your website to ensure search engines can crawl and index your content effectively.

Features such as site speed, mobile-friendliness, and secure connections (HTTPS) are crucial in this aspect.

  • Site Architecture Optimization: Streamlining the structure for better crawlability.
  • XML Sitemap and Robots.txt: Directing search engines on what to index.
  • Page Speed Optimization: Utilizing best practices to improve loading times.

National On-Page SEO

On-page SEO relates to the content elements that are visible to users and can be optimized for search engines. This involves keyword research, meta descriptions, and content optimization.

  • Keyword Targeting: Researching and utilizing high-ranking keywords relevant to a national audience.
  • Meta Tag Optimization: Crafting compelling meta tags to increase click-through rates.
  • Content Structuring: Using H1, H2, and H3 headings for better readability and SEO.

National External SEO

Also known as Off-Page SEO, this focuses on external ranking factors like backlinks and social signals. A well-executed external SEO strategy improves your site’s authority and credibility.

  • Backlink Acquisition: Gaining high-quality links from reputable sources.
  • Social Signals: Engaging with audiences through social platforms to improve search visibility.
  • Local Citations: Consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone) across various platforms for better rankings.

SEO Automation

In a fast-paced digital ecosystem, automation is the key to staying ahead. Automating routine SEO tasks allows you to focus on strategic activities.

  • Reporting: Automated dashboards for real-time insights.
  • Keyword Tracking: Automated systems to monitor keyword rankings.
  • Content Distribution: Automating the publishing across multiple platforms.

At Fannit, we understand that each of these components is a cog in the machine of your online success.

Leveraging these specialized services in a synergistic manner amplifies your online visibility, ensuring that you not only rank high but also convert that visibility into tangible business growth.

Local SEO vs. National SEO: A Comprehensive Examination

While the crux of SEO—improving a website’s visibility in search engines—remains constant, the approaches for local and national SEO diverge in intricate ways.

A local SEO strategy is just as important as a national SEO campaign, and too many national brands seem to forget this. Search engine results pages are going to reflect the effort you put into each.

Each has unique goals, tools, and methodologies. Drawing upon over a decade of experience, Fannit can distinguish the minute details that set the two apart.

Target Location(s)

Local SEO:

  • Geographic Focus: Targeted primarily toward specific cities, states, or regions. The intent is to appear in local search results and on Google Maps.
  • Local Search Queries: Tailored to capitalize on “near me” searches, as well as local business listings and directories.

National SEO:

  • Broad Scope: Aims for visibility across state lines, usually focusing on the entire country or multiple countries.
  • Generalized Search Queries: Strategic alignment with broader, more generic queries that attract a nationwide audience.

SEO Site Structure

Local SEO:

  • Location-Specific Landing Pages: These contain geo-targeted keywords and offer localized content, such as addresses and localized service descriptions.
  • Localized URL Structure: URLs may include the city or region, enhancing local search rankings.

National SEO:

  • Category and Product Pages: Focus is on creating authoritative pages that offer value to a broader audience.
  • Clean and Hierarchical URLs: Uniform URL structure that’s descriptive yet broad.

Keyword Research

Local SEO:

  • Geo-specific Keywords: The emphasis is on long-tail keywords with localized phrases, like “best coffee shop in Seattle.”
  • Localized Content: Articles, blog posts, and landing pages revolve around local events, news, and activities to drive local traffic.

National SEO:

  • Broad, High-Volume Keywords: Often targets short-tail, highly competitive keywords that reflect industry jargon or popular search phrases.
  • Industry-Wide Relevance: The content strategy focuses on broad topics that resonate on a national level, tapping into industry trends, data, and insights.

Link Building

Local SEO:

  • Local Business Citations: Ensures the business is listed in trusted online directories such as Yelp, Yellowpages, and Google My Business.
  • Community Engagement: Participates in local events or sponsorships to gain localized backlinks from community websites and blogs.

National SEO:

  • High-Authority Backlinks: Leverages relationships with industry influencers, online publications, and well-known blogs for authoritative links.
  • Guest Posting at Scale: Targets high-quality, nationwide publications for guest posts to gain national exposure and backlinks.

Understanding these differences is pivotal in crafting an SEO strategy that aligns with your business objectives. At Fannit, our experience has taught us that a one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective.

Whether you aim for local dominance or nationwide recognition, our tailored strategies are designed to meet these distinct challenges head-on.

What Sets Fannit’s National SEO Agency Apart

When it comes to selecting a National SEO Agency, you’re not just choosing a service provider; you’re opting for a strategic partner who will define your digital footprint. At Fannit, our offerings rise above the industry standards in several significant ways.

Years of Industry Experience

Fannit has been a luminary in the SEO industry for over a decade. Our longevity is not a mere consequence of time but a testament to the expertise we have garnered over the years. We’re a national SEO service you can trust.

We have substantively elevated the search engine ranking for over 300 businesses, making a tangible impact on their traffic and conversion rates.

This long-standing success is no accident; it’s the result of a highly skilled and certified team that not only possesses deep domain knowledge but also engages in ongoing training to stay updated on the latest SEO trends and algorithms.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

Our service spectrum is as extensive as it is effective. We excel in identifying high-impact keywords through cutting-edge tools that resonate with your target audience, thereby ensuring that your content reaches the right people.

Our link-building strategies are a balanced act that prioritizes both the quantity and quality of the backlinks, thereby solidifying your website’s authority. Further enriching our suite of offerings is our expertise in content optimization.

We craft content that is engaging for the reader while being highly favorable for search engine algorithms. Moreover, we employ state-of-the-art SEO automation tools that streamline repetitive tasks, which allows us to concentrate more on strategy and optimization.

Proven Track Record

Measurable success underpins our claims of expertise. Our portfolio is replete with projects that have witnessed up to a 200% increase in organic traffic within just a few months. Your Google search results have never looked better.

Moreover, client satisfaction is not just a buzzword for us; it’s quantified by over 90% of our clients choosing to extend their contracts with us. This level of trust and proven efficacy has earned us recognition as one of the top national SEO agencies by various industry publications.

Adaptability to Market Changes

In a digital landscape that is constantly evolving, adaptability is not just a virtue but a necessity. At Fannit, we keep a vigilant eye on changes in search engine algorithms and swiftly recalibrate our strategies to ensure uninterrupted rankings for our clients.

By routinely analyzing industry trends and consumer behavior, we can realign your SEO strategies to stay ahead of the curve. Search engine optimization is at the core of what we do for local businesses.

Furthermore, our team’s commitment to ongoing education—through continuous training, webinars, and certifications—ensures that we remain ahead of industry evolutions.

Core Components of Our National SEO Services

A well-executed National SEO strategy involves more than a single focal point; it’s a holistic endeavor that blends multiple components to achieve an optimal outcome. At Fannit, we focus on delivering not just one but all aspects that contribute to a successful national SEO campaign.

Keyword Research: The Cornerstone of Visibility

Keyword research serves as the linchpin of any SEO strategy. At Fannit, we recognize the importance of identifying the right keywords that are not only relevant to your business but also have a high search volume.

Our methodology involves utilizing a suite of advanced tools along with competitor analysis to unearth keywords that will position your brand at the forefront of search engine rankings.

This meticulous process allows us to craft a tailored keyword strategy that optimizes both visibility and relevance.

On-Page Optimization: The Anatomy of Your Webpages

Beyond the keywords, it’s crucial to optimize the very fabric of your web pages for search engines. This includes the meticulous crafting of metadata, the strategic use of heading tags, and an intelligent internal linking structure.

Metadata helps search engines understand what your page is about, which is why we ensure it is finely tuned to align with your targeted keywords. Heading tags not only make your content more readable but also provide SEO value, further enhancing your page’s relevance.

Internal linking is strategically utilized to distribute page authority and help search engines navigate through your site, ensuring each page holds its merit in your overall SEO strategy.

Off-Page Optimization: Beyond Your Website’s Boundaries

Your website doesn’t operate in a vacuum, and its SEO shouldn’t either. Off-page optimization is a critical component that focuses on external elements affecting your site’s performance in search rankings.

We employ robust backlink strategies, ensuring that the links pointing to your website are not only numerous but also of high quality and relevance.

This builds your site’s authority and credibility. Additionally, we leverage social signals like shares, likes, and follows as a testament to your content’s quality, which search engines take into consideration when ranking your site.

Content Marketing: The Fuel for Engagement and Conversion

Quality content is not negotiable; it’s a necessity. It serves the dual purpose of engaging your audience and enhancing your site’s SEO performance.

At Fannit, we specialize in creating content that resonates with your target audience while incorporating the researched keywords naturally. This balancing act ensures that your content is not just SEO-friendly but also compelling enough to turn visitors into customers.

Monitoring and Reporting: Your Performance Snapshot

Understanding the efficacy of an SEO strategy requires more than a gut feeling; it demands data. At Fannit, we utilize industry-leading tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush, and proprietary software to track key performance indicators.

Our clients receive frequent reports, typically on a monthly basis, detailing the performance metrics, campaign insights, and recommended adjustments to keep the strategy aligned with the evolving landscape.

How We Execute National SEO Campaigns

The success of any National SEO campaign rests on a structured process that evolves from the conceptual stage to execution and then to assessment. At Fannit, we’ve refined our approach over years of experience, distilling it into distinct phases that are both transparent and efficient.

Initial Assessment and Strategy Formation

Before embarking on any SEO campaign, it is imperative to understand the unique landscape your business operates. The initial phase comprises a rigorous assessment of your current online presence, target audience, and competitors.

We employ tools like Google Analytics and SEMrush to garner key insights. Armed with this data, we formulate a customized SEO strategy that aligns with your business objectives and market demands.

Implementation Phase

Week 1-4: Setup and On-Page Optimization

The first four weeks are foundational, designed to set the stage for the strategic execution that follows. We initiate the setup of essential tracking tools, ensuring that each KPI will be meticulously monitored as the campaign progresses.

Concurrently, we begin on-page optimization efforts that include metadata adjustments, heading tag allocation, and internal linking restructuring. Each action is taken with the objective of making your website more navigable for both users and search engines.

Week 5-8: Content Development and Backlinking

Weeks five to eight are devoted to the proactive elements of SEO: content creation and backlinking. Quality content is generated, underpinned by the keywords identified during our initial research.

This not only serves to engage your audience but also to signal to search engines the relevance and authority of your site. Alongside this, a backlinking strategy is initiated, focused on acquiring high-quality links that further elevate your website’s credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Monitoring and Adjustment: Real-Time Strategies

A successful SEO campaign is not a set-and-forget operation; it requires constant vigilance. At Fannit, we continuously monitor the campaign’s performance through advanced analytics.

Real-time adjustments are made based on data trends and algorithmic changes. Whether it’s refining keywords or modifying content strategies, agility in adaptation is one of our key strengths.

Final Reporting and Future Planning

Once the campaign has come to its planned conclusion, a comprehensive report is generated. This includes performance metrics, achieved goals, and areas that may require further attention.

But the end of a campaign is not the end of our partnership. We use this analysis to set the stage for future planning, ensuring that each subsequent campaign builds upon the success of the last.

Why Choose Fannit as Your National SEO Agency

In an industry that’s constantly evolving, you need a National SEO Agency that not only understands the intricacies of search engine algorithms but also aligns its strategies with your business objectives.

With Fannit, you’re getting more than just an agency; you’re partnering with a seasoned team of experts committed to your long-term success.

Reliability and Expertise

With years of industry experience, Fannit has developed a reputation for reliability and proven expertise. We’ve had the privilege of partnering with a diverse clientele, driving measurable results across various sectors.

Our team stays abreast of the latest algorithm changes, continually fine-tuning strategies to ensure optimal performance.

This expertise isn’t just theoretical; it’s backed by a track record of tangible successes. Whether through case studies or testimonials, we have substantial evidence to show that our approaches yield results.

Client-Focused Approach

At Fannit, we recognize that each business is unique, which is why we pride ourselves on a client-focused approach. From the initial consultation through to campaign execution and reporting, every step is tailored to align with your specific objectives and needs.

Our lines of communication are always open, and our commitment to your success is unwavering. The result is a partnership that’s both productive and personal, aimed at achieving the highest ROI for your business.

Comprehensive, Transparent Services

One of the aspects that truly set Fannit apart is our dedication to transparency and comprehensiveness. Our range of services spans from meticulous keyword research and on-page optimization to robust content marketing strategies and advanced analytical reporting.

Unlike agencies that shroud their methods in complexity, we provide a clear roadmap from the outset. This includes a detailed explanation of each component, the rationale behind every strategy, and regular reports that make performance tracking straightforward.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Expand From Local SEO to National SEO?

Transitioning from local to national SEO involves broadening your keyword strategy to target a larger geographic audience and optimizing your website for those terms. This would mean going beyond localized keywords and including more general terms that are relevant nationwide.

Also, consider establishing a content marketing strategy that appeals to a wider audience and building quality backlinks from reputable, national sources to increase domain authority.

How Does Google My Business Affect SEO for National Geographies?

Google My Business (GMB) is a critical tool for local SEO but has limited direct impact on national SEO efforts.

However, for businesses operating in multiple locations, setting up individual GMB listings for each location can contribute to local search visibility in those specific areas, which cumulatively could have a broader, albeit segmented, national reach.

Just ensure that your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information is consistent across all listings for local credibility.

How Much Does a National Brand Spend on SEO?

The budget for a national SEO campaign can vary widely based on the industry, the level of competition, and the specific objectives of the brand.

On average, a medium to large enterprise can spend anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 per month. These numbers can include costs for keyword research, content creation, backlinking, and monitoring and reporting, among other specialized activities.

How Can I Use SEO to Rank in Certain Cities as a National Company?

To rank in specific cities while operating nationally, you could employ a hybrid SEO strategy. Create location-specific pages on your website optimized for local keywords, and use schema markup to provide clear geographic information to search engines.

Simultaneously, continue with your broader keyword targeting on the national level to ensure a balanced approach that covers all bases.

Get Started with Our National SEO Services Today

Time is of the essence in the digital landscape, and every moment you delay could mean lost opportunities. By choosing Fannit’s National SEO Services, you’ll benefit from our years of expertise, proven track record, and client-focused approach.

Our comprehensive suite of services ensures that all aspects of your SEO needs are meticulously addressed, from keyword research and content optimization to backlinking and analytical reporting.

This isn’t merely about rankings; it’s about building a sustainable online presence that elevates your brand and maximizes ROI.

The road to national digital prominence is intricate but highly rewarding. With Fannit by your side, you have a strategic partner committed to navigating this complex landscape, achieving measurable results tailored to your specific objectives.

Be sure to contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started on your journey toward national SEO success.

Need to Talk to a Local SEO Expert?

What is Local SEO?

Stop for a moment and think of Google as this vast library of information about all the things known to mankind. All of which can be found through organic search.

This library is so vast, it would probably be as vast as the entire world. Naturally, it would have smaller branches scattered in different countries, cities, and towns.

However, don’t forget that all these local branches are still connected to the main headquarters.

In every local branch, there’s a librarian who’s in charge of satisfying your queries. If you wanted to know about something, you would just have to get up and ask.

Now, let’s say you’re craving a good burger. You slip a piece of paper that says “best burger” to the librarian. (Let’s just pretend that’s how you would communicate with them).

Unless you’ve specified “best burger in the world”, the search results would give you burger joints, restaurants, and diners you could find nearby.

Local searches of the SERP (or search engine results page) look like this:

address and phone number results

You’re provided with the name of the place, ratings and reviews, address, and operating hours. The search results page even tells you what kind of restaurant it is so you’ll know what to expect.

Thankfully, this is all done digitally and we don’t have to literally slip a librarian a piece of paper every time we have a request. So, what if your local business showed up every time someone had a request for your service or product? Wouldn’t that be great!?

Glad you asked. Let’s check out some simple strategies for ranking now.

Why Are Local SEO Services Important?

Local SEO relies on the same basic concepts as general SEO, but applied to the local and hyper-local levels. Of course, there are many differences. But, local SEO is becoming very important for small business owners in all industries.

Following the same librarian example, if the library contains all the information in the world, you would be going up against competitors in the same industry, but on a global scale.

This would be extremely challenging, not to mention the fact that you’d also receive calls from customers you can’t actually reach.

There’s a pretty decent chance you don’t service the entire planet, which means that even if you appear at the top of the list, most people that contact you will be outside of your local service area.

Enter local SEO.

Local SEO tactics are what allows you to target users in your service area through local search results, rather than everyone who tries to find your products or services.

In addition to targeting keywords that have location terms attached, local businesses also need to find relevant directories and implement other techniques to improve their chances of appearing on the first page of search engines.

Some Local SEO tactics include:

  • A Google My Business listing
  • Online ratings and reviews on Yelp and other platforms
  • Improving the structure of your website
  • Creating a responsive, mobile-friendly design
  • Including relevant links that lead to reputable sites, which is known as link building

A lot of our clients start by asking if social media is important for local SEO. In short, you don’t need a good social presence to reach your local audience through search engines. Putting together a social media platform can have a positive effect for different reasons, for instance opening up new communication lines, collecting key data, and building a particular image for your brand.

Social media marketing is a unique project that has to be tackled separately from SEO. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just some of the social platforms you can use to share photos and communicate with your audience. Facebook, in particular, has rolled out a variety of business-oriented features that may help you connect with local customers, so staying active on this social media giant is always a good idea.

Local SEO: Multiple Strategies in One

Google My Business

google my business local seoThis is a tool created by Google for local businesses to create listings so that they have a better chance of being discovered through local search.

Remember when we entered a query for “best burger” earlier? The information you saw in the map listings are what business owners entered in their Google My Business listing. This is called a local map pack or simply just, local pack.

How can you make the best out of Google My Business and ensure proper management and get the local ranking you want?

There are different parts you need to fill out before you’ll be featured in local searches by the biggest search engine in the world as a business on the SERPs.

First, you need to enter your business name, the city as well as the rest of your address, and telephone number. Here are a few tips:

  1. Don’t play too much with your business name. – Just because you’re targeting SEO doesn’t mean you should be stuffing your name with keywords. If you change your name too often you’ll struggle with consistency in your name, address, and phone number across your citations. However, the name of your location does play a significant role in your rankings. Check out the top local rankings signals you should watch out for here.
  2. Be consistent. – Make sure that the address and telephone number you add to your website is the same as the one you’re listing with Google. One thing that discourages your rankings the most is inconsistency with the information you put out there as it confused Google as to the geolocation of your local business.
  3. Check out Google’s map – Google also provides a map to guide the user on where to find you. More often than not, mistakes occur and your potential customer is led to a different location. You don’t want to waste their time and effort locating you. So it’s best to check out if Google really points them to the right place.

*Please note: To make sure that your company is legitimate and you have a brick-and-mortar location, Google will need to verify your location with a postcard. The postcard takes about 5-10 business days to show up and will have a unique pin for verification.

GMB postcard SEO listing

After taking care of the basics, other things you should include to optimize your local Google My Business listing are as follows:

  • Category (make sure you choose the right one).
  • Photos (follow the format provided by Google and share as many as you can).
  • Make sure your NAP (name, address, and phone number) match across all your citations.
  • Choose the correct operating hours.
  • Use a local phone number.
  • Follow the “Google My Business” guidelines.
  • Get reviews! Lots of them.
  • Make sure your website and content have proper on-page SEO for your local business.

Remember that the more information you provide and the more accurate it is across the internet, the more Google will trust and rank you.

72% of searchers that have local intent proceed to visit a business within 5 miles after they search. You simply don’t want to waste that kind of opportunity.

See how the Nov 7th, 2019 proximity updates affected local search. 

Good ratings and reviews

Regardless of what generation you’re in, we know one thing: you’re a sucker for reviews and ratings.

The truth is the same for us and most importantly, for your local target audience.

They want to read raving reviews about your products and services. However, you need to be careful of how you exploit this.

Search users are quite good at knowing if you’ve paid people to write reviews for you or if you’ve made them yourself. In fact, many of them head right to the lowest meanest review made to describe your product.

Tough world, isn’t it?

Allow customers to rate you honestly.

Ask them to give you a review as well. If it puts your business in a positive light, great. If it doesn’t, you know where you should improve.

Offering high-quality products and services is still the best practice to gain more and more customers out there.

Helpful Reading: How to Delete Google Reviews

Site Architecture

This is how all the parts of your site fit together is also an important factor for Google to understand where to index the pages on your website.

Crawling is a term you need to get familiar with if you want to understand how the search engine works. To know how each page is related to another, Google sends out bots to check it out.

One-page should lead to another through inner-site links. This will give the bots an idea of how your site is structured.

If it’s as organized as how it should be, it will make sense to Google search. If it doesn’t, then many of your pages will suffer low rankings.

Having good local site architecture also improves user experience.

Imagine getting to a site where pages are all over the place. This goes without saying but a good site needs to be well-designed, easy to navigate, and equipped with tracking features that give you a breakdown of the traffic that cane through your site.

*A good rule of thumb is to try and make your best content as easy to access as possible. This is good for search engines and users.

Mobile-friendliness and Speed

61% of shoppers who use their mobile device to search for a business locally are most likely going to visit the top location in the map results based upon a comparison of reviews and the comfortableness of the website.

Yes, that’s just one factor affecting a great number of potential customers. Who wouldn’t be happy with a site that’s mobile-friendly, right?

How do you improve your site’s mobile-friendliness?

First, make sure your website can adjust to a mobile device screen.

We’ve seen too many local sites that don’t do this. As a result, you either have to rotate your phone to accommodate its wider interface or to zoom in or out to be able to read what it says.

You may think those are really small things but to a mobile user who doesn’t want to waste their time, it’s a lot.

Next, you have to make sure that all your buttons are responsive.

Ever had the experience of tapping your screen endlessly to no avail? You don’t want your potential loyal local customers to experience that.

And finally, you want to check on your site’s speed.

Nobody likes to wait. Not you, not the users, not Google. Your website’s loading time is a ranking factor for Google.

How can you test your site’s mobile-friendliness and speed?

Luckily for you, Google provides a tool that allows you to see if your site is mobile-friendly.

help your business in mobile

Additionally, it provides resources on your site’s mobile usability report and tells you more about mobile-friendly sites you can learn a lot from.

It also creates an avenue for business owners to interact with one another by discussing and answering ranking-related questions.

local seo strategy mobileSimilarly, Google also has a tool for testing a website’s speed.

PageSpeed Insights analyzes your website’s speed on all devices. Let’s take a look at Neil Patel’s website here.

Wow, this speed is great. Its speed for mobile is even better.

high speed test rating googleThis tool is free and very easy to use. If you’re looking for tools that can give you great insight about your site, these are what you need.

mobile pagespeed test

Relevant Links

This is an area of Local SEO that many of us are familiar with.

Often, the first thing that comes to mind is, “the more links, the better the ranking”. This could not be farther from the truth.

For example, it’s a bad idea to just purchase hundreds of links that point to your site.

First and foremost, that doesn’t do your business any good. Second, your site might suffer a penalty from Google.

What should you do?

Acquire links from relevant sources (preferably local).

These can be businesses or establishments you’ve had dealings with in the past or you interact with regularly. It can be suppliers, schools, organizations,  etc…

Get out of the box and try to acquire links from these sources in a genuine way.

Final tip: the most important things you need to keep in mind when trying to rank are the genuineness of your content and the quality of your product or services.

Need Help With Your Local SEO? We’re Here to Help

At Fannit, we’ve spent more than a decade learning about local SEO and helping small businesses connect with their audiences through local searches. If you want to get started with local SEO or want to learn more about what digital marketing can do for you, reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to help provide our local SEO services.

Case Study: Naimor Metal Fabrication

In 2017, Naimor Metal Fabrication hired Fannit to grow their lead volume and rework their website.

Level Up Your Internet Marketing

We love helping businesses grow here at Fannit. We work with fabrication companies, SaaS businesses, service companies, and many other businesses of all shapes and sizes. We’re entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs, and we’d love to be a part of your company’s growth journey.