Marketing Services

PPC Management Services Company

Paid advertising (or PPC marketing) is best defined as any paid promotion with the primary goal of generating leads who are ready to buy right now.

As a top internet marketing agency, the primary channels Fannit works with on PPC advertising are:

  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Advertising
  • Facebook and Instagram

These channels of marketing are an ideal fit if you are looking to build up your organic search rankings (which can take up to ~6 months), but still need to get revenue in the door now.

5 Steps of PPC

Like all tactics around Fannit, we have a unique process built for PPC management. In a nutshell, our PPC capabilities are engineered around the following 5 principles.

1. Keyword Negatives

What keywords are underperforming and wasting ad spend? Let’s focus and drill in only on the aspects that are doing well for your business.

2. Ad Rewrites

Similar to keyword negatives, we’ll re-assess your ad performance on a weekly basis and verify that the copy is performing the way that it should in accordance with our benchmarks.

3. Keyword Culling

Each month, we’ll look at broad keyword performance and pursue keywords with the best chance of generating qualified leads for your business.

4. Keyword Expansion

As we refine our keyword selection, we’ll constantly be looking out for industry trends and new searches likely to generate the qualified leads that you’re looking for.

5. Landing Page Optimization

While copy and keywords are essential to getting a click out of the lead (the trickiest part), the landing page that they arrive at will be the final judge as to whether or not they’re a lead ready to do business with you.

Using Conversion Rate Optimization software (CRO), we’ll constantly monitor engagement on your landing pages and ensure that we are at a satisfying conversion rate across industry benchmarks.