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Everett Digital Marketing Services

Business building in Everett, WA is our passion, and SEO has been the #1 way we drive growth since Fannit was founded in 2008. Our Everett online marketing services empower you with a knowledgeable consultant who’s up-to-date on the latest tips, tricks, and tactics for achieving the results your company needs.

If you own a business in or near Everett, WA, you understand the importance of regularly bringing in leads through marketing. In modern society, business owners can no longer rely on traditional billboards and print ads. Today’s audience is online, and business owners engage with them most efficiently through digital marketing.

Whether you’re a trusted local roofer or a new law professional looking for your first clients in Everett, digital marketing services by our experienced team can help you engage with consumers online.

FANNIT is our local digital marketing agency passionate about helping businesses grow through internet marketing channels. Let us help you build a successful strategy to drive more leads and grow your business.

Our Digital Marketing Services in Everett

At FANNIT, we offer a wide variety of digital marketing services to build comprehensive strategies for our clients. Our digital marketing services include the following:

Marketing Strategy Management

Through the past decade, FANNIT has grown from a two-person marketing team into a sizable marketing company providing all the knowledge and expertise you need. Our team includes expert marketing strategists who will help you build the best digital marketing strategy to drive the growth of your business.

Our marketing professionals will take the pulse of your Everett business and develop a thorough, budget-friendly plan to help you address concerns, overcome obstacles, and reach your company goals.

At FANNIT, we don’t use one-size-fits-all strategies. We base our marketing plans on the needs of each individual client.

Inbound Marketing

Connect with your target audience at every point in the buyer journey through inbound marketing services. Inbound marketing refers to the tools and processes we use to help Everett customers find you when they’re searching for businesses like yours, including social media marketing, website design, search engine optimization (SEO), content generation, and more.

Businesses build long-term relationships with customers through inbound marketing by providing valuable resources in addition to their products and services. Let our team at FANNIT help you develop your brand awareness and credibility to encourage consumers to work with you over your competition.

Everett SEO

Our Everett digital marketing services such as search engine optimization (SEO), will target qualified traffic and drive it to your business. Rather than cold-calling consumers who may not need your products or services, SEO targets internet users already searching for specific services online.

What do you do when you need a particular product or service but don’t know where to shop or who to trust? You likely hop on your preferred search engine and type in what you need. Your potential customers do the same thing.

SEO helps consumers find you (instead of competing businesses) by improving how your website ranks in organic search engine results. Most internet users won’t click past page one of search results, so our efforts to make your website valuable to search engines prove essential for increasing the organic traffic to your site.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

While digital marketing professionals drive organic traffic through SEO, they also drive paid traffic through paid advertising models like Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Under this model, advertisers pay a certain amount (often cents) every time an internet user clicks on the ad.

The most effective digital marketing strategies often use both organic and paid advertising models. PPC helps Everett businesses get their names in front of their target audiences as soon as the ad goes up. Through PPC campaigns, you can position your business on the top of Google and Bing search results and target leads who are ready to convert.

Our Everett digital marketing team at FANNIT will develop a PPC strategy that leverages popular paid advertising platforms like Google, Bing, and Facebook to generate more leads and conversions for your business.

Website Design and User Experience Improvements

Your website serves as your company’s identity on the internet. It is the face of your brand and often provides your business’s first impression on potential customers. Today’s consumers generally won’t engage with websites that prove difficult to navigate or feature outdated designs from the early 2000s.

Our Everett digital marketing services include website design and user experience (UX) improvements to ensure that your website reflects your brand and provides a user-friendly experience. Let us help you turn site visitors into leads and leads into loyal customers through our website services.

Website Development and Graphic Design

Our digital marketing team includes experienced website developers and graphic designers to ensure that your website functions well and looks fantastic. We use high-quality graphics and images to create a website that reflects your brand and provides a fresh, modern appearance.

Search engines like Google give higher rankings to websites that function well, so we’ll transform your current website or build you a new one to ensure that it meets current industry standards.

Social Media

As social media continues to grow in popularity, businesses must expand their internet presence to these websites to reach consumers where they spend their time online. They must build robust profiles and engage with consumers on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok to develop reputable brands.

Many online consumers visit social media pages before deciding to go with one business over another. They look for an active online presence and may read past customer reviews to ensure that your brand meets their needs.

Let our team at FANNIT handle your social media marketing to help develop your brand and attract more leads online. We’ll leverage organic traffic and paid ads to help you engage with Everett consumers through social media.

Email Marketing

You can engage with current and prospective customers through email marketing. Although not new, email marketing campaigns present a powerful marketing channel for local businesses. Effective email campaigns encourage prospects down the sales funnel and engage with consumers to keep them interested in your business.

Our digital marketing professionals can develop and manage your email marketing plan. We’ll use budget-friendly strategies and split-testing to ensure that your email marketing is working to drive more leads to your business.

Content Marketing

In order to develop a credible and authoritative brand that consumers trust, businesses must provide valuable, high-quality, and optimized content. Our team will create various types of content that target your ideal audience at every stage in the customer journey, whether they’re looking for industry-relevant advice or want to educate themselves on a related topic.

A business gains a reputation as an expert in its field through content marketing using how-to guides, relevant news updates, interviews, blog posts, and other content forms. We will create the content your audience is looking for and help them find it through SEO.

Reputation Management

Internet users often base their decisions about whose products or services to go with on each business’s online reputation. Companies that don’t manage their online reputations may lose leads due to poor reviews, incorrect information, or unprofessional social media pages.

At FANNIT, our Everett digital marketing services include reputation management to prevent and resolve these issues.

Reputation management services can help you grow your brand’s credibility by managing reviews across multiple channels, optimizing business profiles like Google My Business with relevant and correct information, and maintaining a professional but personable social media presence. More customers will trust you to provide quality products and services when your brand has a good reputation online.

Lead Generation

Whether you want to run a campaign to generate leads for a specific sales event or need a long-term lead generation plan, our experts can help. Our experienced marketing professionals at FANNIT will help you generate more leads through our comprehensive digital marketing services. An inclusive strategy provides the best results when it comes to digital marketing, so we’ll use several marketing channels to drive leads and conversions for your business.

Analytics and Tracking

We use real-time data to track the progress and effectiveness of our digital marketing efforts and help our clients understand how our strategies are helping to grow their businesses. If you trust us with your digital marketing needs, we’ll ensure our efforts work using measurable data and always keep you aware of our progress through regular reports.

Defining Everett Digital Marketing for Your Company

Let’s say you own a local HVAC company in Everett. Standing out among the dozens of competing companies requires digital marketing efforts optimized for local searches.

You can help local consumers find your business first through location-based digital marketing strategies like SEO. Local SEO allows consumers in your area to find your business by positioning your website above other local companies in organic search results.

Other digital marketing strategies like social media management and paid advertising are also essential for driving local leads. Talk to a FANNIT team member to learn more about the importance of digital marketing for your local business.

What Are the Benefits of Everett, WA, Digital Marketing?

With the help of our digital marketing company, Everett business owners can experience many benefits, including the following:

You Can Gain Credibility and Reputation

Gain the trust of your target audience by growing your brand through our Everett digital marketing services at FANNIT. When you position your website on the first page of Google, provide high-quality and relevant content, build a solid online reputation, and take advantage of our other services, your business gains credibility. Consumers trust brands that rank high on search engines, have a strong social media presence and reputation, and provide valuable resources.

You Can Increase Traffic Volume

Driving qualified website traffic represents the primary goal of digital marketing strategies. Whether the traffic stems from organic optimization, email marketing, or paid ads, more website visitors means more potential conversions.

Unlike traditional advertising methods like billboards that rely on happenstance, our digital marketing at FANNIT can target customers who are actively seeking products or services like yours and direct them to your business.

You Can Improve Your Brand Visibility

A comprehensive digital marketing plan from our team at FANNIT can encourage your current customers to remain loyal to your brand and also attract new leads. If you want new customers, internet users must be able to find your brand online. We can make this happen through strategies like SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, and more.

You Can Keep It Budget-Friendly

Digital marketing strategies provide cost-effective tools to grow your brand without breaking the bank. Even paid ad campaigns can run on $1,000 or $10, depending on the available budget. When you work with our Everett digital marketing agency, we’ll create a strategy that fits perfectly within your budget and provides the desired results.

You Can Enjoy Higher Profit Margins for Your Company

Well-developed digital marketing strategies can significantly boost your company’s profit margins. Our FANNIT team has worked with countless clients and helped them increase leads and revenue.

For example, we helped a Pacific Northwest RV dealer boost organic revenue by 5,000%. No, that’s not a typo. Visit our case studies page to learn more about how we’ve helped businesses just like yours increase their profit margins.

You Can Achieve Short and Long-Term Goals

With the wide variety of available marketing channels, FANNIT’s digital marketing services can help you reach both your short and long-term business goals. Our team will develop a strategy that helps you immediately drive more leads and conversions and improve your business’s standing for long-term success.

At FANNIT, we specialize in SEO, which is the best way to meet long-term goals and keep performance consistent.

Three Considerations for Choosing the Best Everett Digital Marketing Services Provider for Your Business

When choosing the best digital marketing agency, Everett business owners must consider what makes a good marketing company. Consider these characteristics of a great digital marketing company when choosing which agency to work with in Everett:

1. Experience

Experienced marketing professionals create the most effective digital marketing strategies because we understand what works and what doesn’t based on years of trial and error. Consider the experience levels of the agencies in your area so you can grow your business with a truly knowledgeable team.

At FANNIT, we have more than a decade of experience helping Everett businesses succeed online. We have handled B2B and B2C clients in a wide range of industries, and our experts always stay up-to-date on current marketing best practices.

2. Approaches and Transparency

Some digital marketing agencies don’t follow best practices and use what we in the industry call “black hat” or unethical tactics. As a business owner, you deserve the help of ethical marketing professionals that use industry-approved approaches to marketing. You also deserve to know where your money is going and how our efforts are helping grow your business.

At FANNIT, we take pride in only using ethical practices and proven approaches to drive more leads. We also keep our clients in the know with 100% transparency. Our clients receive regular reports and can contact us easily.

3. Success Record

Consider success records when choosing between digital marketing companies in the Everett or Seattle area. The best marketing agencies will present proven track records of success through various channels.

Not every company provides case studies of past or current clients, but you can get an idea of an agency’s success record by reading customer testimonials. You can find out what our FANNIT customers think of us by reading the reviews and case studies on our website.

How Working With Us at FANNIT Can Boost Your Everett Digital Marketing Company Strategy

By investing in help from digital marketing agencies, you as an Everett business owner can transform how consumers engage with you online. Our team at FANNIT provides comprehensive digital marketing services that include many valuable elements:

Content Evaluation

We’ll evaluate the current content on your website to craft the best content strategy for you. Search engines like Google want to see fresh, valuable, high-quality content on a regular basis, so we’ll analyze your website’s baseline to determine the best plan moving forward. We’ll explore content opportunities to find the best types for your purposes, such as blog posts, infographics, and even videos.

We’ll search your website for duplicate content, rewrite and optimize what’s there for better organic rankings, and create an effective content plan across channels.

Everett Keyword Research

Both SEO and PPC rely on keyword research. A keyword is what an internet user types into a search engine to find a particular product or service. Marketers use relevant keywords in content and ad creation to help more consumers find the client’s business when they search.

For example, an Everett moving company’s marketing strategy will center on keywords like “movers in Everett” and “Everett moving company.” Our team will conduct thoughtful keyword research to inform our digital marketing strategies for your business.

Competitor Analysis

Our Everett digital marketing services at FANNIT include competitor analysis to help you beat out your competition. We’ll find out what keywords your competitors are ranking for, what tactics they’re employing, and what we can do to perform better and bring in more leads.

Acquisition of Quality Backlinks

When another website links to your website, we call that a backlink. Backlinks improve your website’s ranking on search engines and help develop brand authority when they originate from quality sites. Our marketing experts will source backlinks from high-quality, industry-relevant websites to help you rank higher and reach more consumers online.

Regular Updates and Trend Monitoring

At FANNIT, we stay ahead of the curve on marketing trends and best practices to bring you the most effective digital marketing services. We’ll provide regular updates on our marketing plans and progress and notify you every time we adjust a web page or perform another digital marketing task.

Preparing Your Business Website for Everett Digital Marketing Success

At FANNIT, we aim to be the top Everett digital marketing agency by helping our clients find immense success. If you trust us with your Everett digital marketing services, we’ll prepare your website by following these steps:

Learn as Much as We Can About Your Target Audience

Before we design your website, we’ll learn everything we can about your target audience demographic. The average age and income of your target audience, for example, can affect how we design the website.

Create a Marketing Mix

The best digital marketing strategies use several marketing channels to drive results. We’ll create your marketing mix using what we learned about your target audience and competitors for the most successful strategy.

Depending on your audience, competitors, and budget, we’ll choose the best channels for your campaigns, such as a mix of SEO, website design, and email marketing.

Synthesize a Strategy

We’ll use everything we’ve learned so far to create a unified, customized digital marketing strategy. At FANNIT, we don’t use templates or copy marketing plans from others. We evaluate each client individually to determine what will work best for them. When it comes to digital marketing, Everett businesses can rest assured they’ll reach their business goals with us.

Craft Content

After the marketing plan, we’ll craft high-quality, relevant, and optimized content that engages well with users, organic searches, and paid ads. We’ll create valuable content that engages leads at every stage of the sales funnel from discovery to purchase.

Optimize All Internet Marketing Channels

We’ll use current digital marketing trends to optimize all of the marketing channels we engage for you business. Tracking the results of our campaigns, we’ll use this data to make changes as needed to help you reach your short- and long-term goals.

Are You Ready to Revamp Your Everett Digital Marketing Strategy? Our Team at FANNIT Is Here to Help

If your business in Everett, WA, struggles to keep its sales pipelines full, consider the benefits of digital marketing by experienced industry professionals. FANNIT is a local digital marketing agency providing trusted and proven services.

Get in touch with us at our Everett digital marketing agency to learn how we at  FANNIT can help you grow your business by generating more leads and increasing your profits. Call us today at 425-327-1296 to learn more about our Everett digital marketing services and get a free quote. You can also contact us through our convenient online form.

How We Execute Our Services Properly
Everett Digital Marketing will never die, it only evolves. In a nutshell, internet marketing has always been the same. The organic results in search engines were always intended to provide searchers with the products or services that were the most relevant result.
Initial Consultation
We meet with you and develop a clear outline for both your qualitative and quantitative goals of getting new leads through the organic search channel.
The Fannit team will again connect with you to obtain an in-depth understanding of your company to align a developed marketing strategy with your qualitative and quantitative goals.
We take the time to continually and carefully research your industry and your competitors to be sure we are equipped with the best SEO data to apply to your marketing strategy.
Strategy Plan Development
The Fannit team will create a strategy around your SEO marketing campaign using the researched information and analysis as well as our result-driven strategies to tailor with your company’s goals.
We organize actionable tasks to perform and execute within our project management software to make sure we are in the right cadence with SEO deliverables and the strategy.
Tracking & Measuring
Fannit has carefully developed a system to track SEO results and measure marketing campaign KPI’s to make sure everything is working together as planned.
Continuous Optimization and Improvement
The truth is that Google is an ever evolving search engine that makes constant updates to its algorithm. The Fannit team has equipped themselves with the crucial knowledge and experience to be flexible with Google’s ongoing updates, and adapt with optimization and improvement.
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Search Engine Optimization will never die, it only evolves. In a nutshell, internet marketing has always been the same. The organic results in search engines were always intended to provide searchers with the products or services that were the most relevant result.
“FANNIT is able to provide visibility to our marketing performance and that has helped us realize higher ROI on our overall spend.”
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