Who Do We Serve?

Our team serves a diverse set of clients across a broad range of industries, both B2B and B2C.

Working with businesses both B2B and B2C has shown us which set of marketing tactics tends to work best for which type of business model, industry, and goals that they’re hoping to achieve.

Markets We Work In

Being a marketing team for nearly ten years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with many different types of clients and it has helped hone our marketing skills.

Here are some of the different markets that Fannit has experience in:

B2C (Business-to-Consumer)

B2B (Business-to-Business)

Is Fannit The Right Fit For My Business?

Above all—no matter the industry or business model—we work best with businesses that are driven to grow to the next level. If that sounds like you and your team, it’s absolutely worth a conversation together.