Plastic Surgery Case Study (SEO & Paid Social): Drove over $560K in revenue in 4 months

Our Plastic Surgery client offers treatments in the competitive landscape of Beverly Hills, CA. In only 4 months of working with Fannit, they've grown their website from a completely inactive page to a reliable monthly generator of new patients in their hyper-competitive niche. For privacy, we have refrained from including our client's name.
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Paid Social Cost Per Lead
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The Challenge

Prior to working together, our plastic surgery client was exploring ways they’d be able to outpace their competitors. As a plastic surgery provider in Beverly Hills, CA, they were up against a hefty competitive landscape. On top of this, their website (despite having great content on it) was ranking for 0 keywords, driving 0 organic traffic, and had a Domain Rating of 0.1 in AHREFS.

In cultivating a strategy with our internet marketing team at Fannit, we were able to grow their organic traffic over 500% within just 4 months of working together.

At the time of writing this, the results are continuing to double month over month. By putting together a plastic surgery SEO strategy together, we’ve been able to transform their website from a virtually inactive domain into a robust generator of organic & paid leads, and repeatable business.

At the same time, in just 2 short months we were also able to generate 70 highly qualified patient prospects through Facebook ads.

These 70 people engaged with our ad, clicked onto the ad, opted into our offer, and then completed a 15 to 20 question questionnaire which provided our clients and sales team ample information to help make booking prospective patients at a high rate.

We were able to generate these high quality leads at a cost of $67 per application.

Here’s a snapshot of our campaign.

The reach shows that our ads have reached 7,147 people. This means 7,147 people saw our ads at least once.

The data that shows Impressions are the total number of times the ads have been seen by our target audience.

The data that reflects the amount spent is about $4,917 and this is the running total currently spent on ads.


Our client who earns revenue through procedures now has an additional 70 highly qualified patient prospects to generate revenue from with each surgery paying approximately $8k to $14k.

This is from an ad spend of $4,917 which is a small drop in the bucket compared to the revenue generated from the numerous surgeries that result from the facebook ads.

As a result of the effectiveness of our Facebook ads, our client now has the luxury of cherry-picking the best prospective patients ready to act on the offer.

Our strategy for leveraging Facebook ads for medical professionals spans across virtually every medical service including, but not nearly limited to, plastic surgery, dentistry, and more!

The Solution

Our client had built their website on a closed system that didn’t allow for any customization or SEO plugins. Our first step together was creating a brand new WordPress site in the exact design of his existing site, so as to preserve his creative vision. We applied one of our own versatile WordPress template sites that allows our team an astonishing amount of customization and has many amazing SEO tools already onboard.

Within our first month of working together, we had launched the brand new site. From there, we set out to address the three core areas of his website’s SEO. Content, backlinks, and on-page optimization. Our strategy began where it always SHOULD begin – with keyword research. We identified several massive content gaps within the website and set about to fill them immediately.

This included publishing about 6,000 words worth of new content each month to the website, just to get things off the ground. We also ran a similarly aggressive play in strategically placing backlinks within the niche as well as optimizing his existing content using our talented team’s expertise along with state of the art SEO software.

Immediate Results

Within only 4 months of working together, we accelerate the growth of our client’s website substantially. They have grown from 0 monthly organic sessions to over 500% compared to their previous year. They’ve also become ranked for 1,300 keywords (and climbing) and have grown their DR (domain rating) rapidly from 0 to 7. While their results are still pouring in, we’ve seen incredible jumps in growth.

  • Created a hyper-local plastic surgery SEO strategy focused on Beverly Hills, California
  • Researched and analyzed all competitors to find out which keywords drive the most traffic, and which ones were missing from the site
  • Focused initially on keywords with a lower difficulty rating, to infuse the site with immediate traffic while we grew the domain authority
  • Optimized all existing category pages to have authoritative, well-written SEO content for each treatment category in the plastic surgery office
  • Search Engine Optimization (on-site) – We built out better URL and Title structures for the website, augmenting the existing site structure and using the tools within our new WordPress site we built. This also included backlinks, citations, and technical SEO auditing to improve any errors or warning signals.
  • Speed Optimization to improve load time and Google ranking prioritization
  • Google Analytics Data/Tracking – Prior to working together, our client didn’t have any visuals on their data and performance. Now, we can reliably look at the data and know exactly where they are every week. And they’re only going UP!
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