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One of the difficulties of doing Plastic Surgery healthcare marketing is not the lack of opportunity, but the intensity of the competition that’s ever-growing. From this point of view, Plastic Surgery SEO can be much more challenging than with other medical specialties.

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What is Plastic Surgery Organic Search Marketing?

Plastic surgery, also known as cosmetic procedures or aesthetic medicine, is the medical branch that focuses on improving patients’ appearance. Likewise, cosmetic surgery SEO focuses on improving a surgery practice’s website rankings in search engines such as Google in order to attract more patients. Plastic Surgery Local SEO focuses on ensuring that search engines have everything they need to read and categorize your website according to your content.

Every time a patient looks for information about a procedure or plastic surgery practice online, Google and other search engines evaluate millions of sites in order to show that person the best result. Ensuring that your site has good Cosmetic Surgery SEO will increase your online presence and your site’s chances of obtaining first-page rankings, which receive the vast majority of search engine traffic.

Advantages of Working with an Experienced Firm

While the concept may be simple to understand, thousands of companies across the country and the world are constantly competing with internet marketing for those 10 first-page spots. Plastic Surgery search engine optimization, also known as Cosmetic Surgery SEO, requires time and patients, plus having an experienced Plastic Surgery local SEO company can help save you a lot of time and resources.

Experienced plastic surgery SEO companies like Fannit can help you develop a digital marketing strategy to attract more potential patients. Some of the benefits of working with a firm that focuses on plastic surgeons’ SEO include:

Higher Rankings

About 92% of all users end their search on the first page of Google’s search results. The higher you rank, the more likely you are to attract the attention of users in your area. By choosing the right keywords in your cosmetic surgery SEO campaign, you can also target to-be patients at critical parts of their decision-making processes and show them why your clinic is one of the top alternatives.

More Traffic

The more people you bring to your site via organic search results, the more likely you are to collect information from potential leads. Getting plastic surgery is not a simple decision, especially for patients who want to get complex procedures. Having a solid Plastic Surgery SEO plan can transform your site’s online visibility into a reliable source of visitors that helps you build your funnel.

Track Every Penny

One of the biggest setbacks of traditional marketing for plastic surgeons is the inability to track costs or measure how many potential patients it generated. SEO, PPC, and other forms of digital marketing allow you to track every penny of your investment, see how many leads it generated, and figure out how much it costs you to attract customers through this channel.

How Can Plastic Surgery Marketing Boost Your Business?

Searching for something on the internet is a relatively new practice on the large scale of things, but it’s extremely convenient for both consumers and companies. Even though traditional advertising channels are still a common part of plastic surgeon marketing plans, SEO offers a measurable way to scale your practice.

Getting the best ranking on Google search results can yield great benefits, including:

Boost Your Reputation

It’s extremely challenging to build a great reputation as a plastic surgeon, especially in cities like New York and Los Angeles. With so many qualified competitors, it’s crucial to take advantage of all the tools you have to showcase your work. SEO allows search engines to find your site, but it also focuses on creating a positive experience for all your visitors, which in turn can give you a deserved boost in reputation.

Improve Your Site’s Design

The reason why Plastic Surgery SEO results in a better experience for visitors is that it also includes enhancing design elements. This includes both functional elements as well as page general aesthetics. Always keep your visitors at the center of each decision and if you’re not sure whether a design works or not, the best way to figure out the right choice is through testing.

Get More Patients to Your Clinic

As with any other business, the main goal of your clinic is to get more leads and potential patients walking through the door. SEO can be an effective tool to build your reputation, let patients see your work, and book consultations without having to spend a fortune on around-the-clock service.

Plastic Surgery Website Optimization

Online marketing for plastic surgeons encompasses a wide variety of activities. National and local SEO, email campaigns, and medical directory management are all necessary elements, but you also have to ensure that you consistently implement the same branding, tone, and other marketing elements across all channels.

Fannit puts major emphasis on plastic surgeon SEO search engine ranking factors in order to give your website the best chance of achieving top spots. Our goal is to improve both technical SEO while implementing changes that create a positive user experience.

Some of the areas we aim to optimize include:

Homepage, Procedure, and Device Page Content

Your website homepage, procedure pages, and device pages will likely attract the majority of your traffic, so you need to have well-written, quality content on these pages. The homepage content needs to give a quick overview of your cosmetic procedures and specialties while redirecting users to different parts of your site.

Procedure and device pages are similar because they aim to inform and encourage potential patients to reach out to your clinic. However, procedure pages must include an FAQ, risk section, and other elements to avoid being penalized by Google.

High-Resolution Images and Other Creative Media

Plastic surgery is the medical specialty where the appearance of the results holds the most value. Your practice needs to reassure potential clients by including high-resolution images, before-and-after galleries, and other right media features.

Keyword Targeting and Optimization

The only way to attract a customer to your website is to include the right keywords in your content and SEO strategy as a whole. After finding your starting search terms, you need to monitor the performance of your pages and optimize them when you have enough data.

Loading Speed

The speed at which your site loads will directly affect user experience. As a matter of fact, loading speed is a known search engine optimization ranking factor, so your plastic surgery site needs to load as quickly as possible while still ensuring functional features.

Responsive Design

Responsive website design is a crucial part of Plastic Surgery SEO because it ensures that patients can find their sites regardless of the device being used. More than half of all website searches occur on a mobile device, but patients still prefer to book and finalize appointments on desktops. The solution? Responsive website designs that allow access to all your services from any device.

Contact Us Page and Forms

No plastic surgeon website is complete without contact forms and a contact us page. The number of forms, appearance, and services patients can access through the forms will determine how well they perform.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Page and Other Local Listings

Plastic surgeons need to update their Google business page and ensure that all information on there is accurate. Our plastic surgery SEO experts can help verify that your profiles have consistent data, prevent penalization, and choose the right categories for your business.

  • Name, address, and phone number information
  • Duplicate listings
  • Prevent penalization
  • Email information
  • Business category
  • Locations
  • Services offered at each location

Grow Your Practice with Customized Marketing Plans For Cosmetic Surgeons

Cosmetic surgery practices often have expensive equipment that isn’t being utilized at its maximum potential and plenty of room for taking on additional patients. This, combined with a competitive market, makes Plastic Surgery seo services the perfect match for getting new patients to your plastic surgery practice.

The Inbound Marketing principles of success are simple and proven: attract, convert, close, and delight.

Optimizing the Buyer’s Journey With Plastic Surgery Inbound Marketing

We’ve applied this tactic in our services to other plastic surgery practices similar to yours and found that the Inbound Methodology ROI far surpasses any traditional avenue of marketing by optimizing:

    • Better Inbound Strategies & Brand
    • Focused Content Marketing
    • Higher Quality Lead Generation
    • Improved Sales Pipeline Leads
    • Fine-tuned Marketing/Sales Automation
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