Online Lead Generation Services

Lead generation is a common umbrella term that can be used to describe many different tactics.

Before we unpack fully what can be done to generate leads, let us first take a look at what kind of symptoms a business may be having that would require them to seek out lead generation services in the first place.

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When businesses aren’t generating enough leads, new revenue isn’t being closed, and growth isn’t being hit, solutions need to be engineered using the best internet marketing services to keep your company’s growth steady, on track, and out of the red.

Lead Generation Services

Lead generation is a common umbrella term that can be used to describe many different tactics. Before we unpack fully what can be done to generate leads through lead generation and the best ways for generating leads, let us first take a look at what kind of symptoms a business may be having that would lead and require them to seek out lead generation services in the first place.

online lead generation services

How Long Do I Have to Wait for Leads?

Lead generation primarily comes about in business when there is a revenue gap that has been going on for more than a month or two. That said, every business is different, so the time it takes to generate new leads will depend heavily on your length of your average sales cycle.

Depending on the length of your average sales cycle in a business or company, you may have an intense need to keep coal going into the furnace — or face the cold. Leads can help you keep these flames alive. Through lead generation, you can meet leads and attract potential buyers in an organized and predictable way.

When businesses aren’t generating enough leads, new revenue isn’t being closed, and growth isn’t being hit. Products and services are being delayed and business hasn’t been functioning the way it should be. Through lead generation, you can take control of the number of prospects in your pipeline and engage them at crucial stages, ultimately transforming them into paying customers.

At Fannit, we engineer solutions, generate leads, and make sure to lead you in keeping your company’s growth steady, on track, and out of the red.

Lead Generation Slow Seasons

Another reason that business owners usually seek out wide-scale lead generation services is when they work in an industry that experiences extreme seasonality – sales go up and down from time to time and products and services are seldom purchased. This leads to a major problem oftentimes – bankruptcy.

Sometimes these are known as “shoulder seasons” like in the HVAC industry — people commonly buy and use cooling systems in the summer and heating systems in the winter. But during the fall and spring, these “shoulder” seasons don’t produce an inordinately high level of “need” in the targeted audience.

Therefore, more targeted measures for lead generation have to be taken into account. It leads the company to try and go with lead generation as one of their marketing strategies. Leads are easily found and it also can lead the company into a stable sales and income. Afterall, there are customers that want to purchase products and services during the slow seasons.

You simply have to understand how these customers search for services and ensure that your business is readily available whenever they need it.

What Digital Marketing Tactics Be Used for Lead Generation?

One of the reasons many companies struggle with lead generation is a lack of creativity. There are dozens of different channels you can use to promote your services. But, this doesn’t mean that all of them produce the same results.

Take digital marketing and conventional advertising. On one hand, conventional advertising is still a common practice, but it doesn’t offer much in terms of flexibility, measuring performance, or reach. Digital marketing, on the contrary, is relatively new, but it allows you to monitor and adjust your campaign after it’s been launched, with the aim of improving the performance of your marketing materials.

You can choose from a series of different digital marketing approaches. That said, finding a balanced combination of techniques that work well together is the best way to bolster your lead generating machine.

Some of the digital marketing techniques that can help you build a predictable leads producing machine include:

Inbound and Content Marketing

A lot of companies use the terms inbound marketing and content marketing interchangeably, but they are actually different promotion techniques. Inbound marketing is a philosophy that aims to attract potential customers who are already searching for your products, rather than promoting your solutions to random consumers. Not only this, but inbound strategies also work extremely well with all other digital tactics on this list, so this technique is often used to layout the entire promotion plan.

Content marketing, which is often grouped as part of inbound techniques, is an approach that focuses on producing quality resources in the form of ebooks, blogs, and reports. These content-rich resources should deliver functional information to users, helping them solve a problem while showcasing your knowledge at the same time.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

As the name suggests, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a form of promotion where companies purchase ad spots from Google and other reliable networks. Unlike conventional advertising, companies are charged when users click on their ads, so you will only have to pay when a user is redirected to your landing page.

PPC is also an attractive model because it features a real-time bidding model. In simple terms, every time a user runs a search, Google and other ads networks automatically auction the ad spots and decide rankings based on the quality of the ad copy, the landing page being used, and submitted bids. This is beneficial for companies that focus on quality because they can end up paying less than their submitted bid and get more from their marketing budget.


A lot of companies and businesses immediately think about Search engine optimization (SEO) when discussing digital promotion. In simple terms, SEO is the process of improving your site and other online elements in order to boost your rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Modern consumers and businesses use the internet to research their options whenever they need to buy a product or service. However, most of these users never get past the first page. For this reason, your website needs to be among the top 10 results pages if you want to attract a lot of traffic from Google and other search engines without paying for ads.

Google and other search platforms have developed complex algorithms that determine the order of the results they show users. Known as ranking algorithms, these take hundreds of different variables into consideration, but all of these can be divided into off-page and on-page elements.

Off-Page SEO

As the name suggests, off-page SEO elements are external variables that affect your website’s rankings. Off-page SEO takes into consideration rating sites, review platforms, local directories, and other commonly used platforms, so the information found on these needs to be accurate and up-to-date.

Needless to say, negative reviews and ratings will hurt your chances of getting high rankings, so you need to monitor these elements and encourage delighted customers to leave feedback to ensure that your off-page ranking factors work in your favor.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO encompasses all the variables found on your page. From your site’s internal architecture to the copy, images, and loading speed, search engines evaluate a large number of on-page factors, so you need to make sure your website is optimized for optimal performance.

It’s important to note that on-page also includes meta information as well as any piece of code that can help improve the way search engines crawl and rank your pages.

Online Public Relations and Reputation Management

Before the digital era, companies had to maintain a good reputation at a local and regional level to get regular business. The same can be said today, but companies now need to monitor all relevant rating websites as well as any other platform that impacts their reputation.

Instead of focusing solely on reputation management, you can create an online public relations plan that gives you business a good name while also garnering the attention you deserve. A solid public relations strategy will ensure a good reputation and shine a light on the content you create, so you’ll have an additional source of traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Since the first social network was born, companies have been flocking to these platforms to establish a connection with their audiences. Social media marketing can help you connect with users at the right time, show your value in a creative way, and transform your social profiles into reliable lead generation machines.

Users can choose from a wide variety of social media platforms, but this doesn’t mean your business will benefit from promoting through all of them. Instead, you should study your audience and each social platform’s main demographic to determine the best alternatives to help boost your overall strategy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around since the early days of online promotion, so many companies have decided to focus on newer techniques. The truth is that email campaigns, if designed and structured properly, can generate great results and become a valuable source of leads.

The key to creating a well-oiled email promotion machine is to learn as much as you can about your audience and carefully craft automated emails to usher them down the sales funnel. For instance, after a user signs up to your newsletter and receives a welcome email, there should be a sequence of emails to educate and engage your audience until they are ready to speak to your sales team.

lead generation


Benefits of Focusing on Lead Generation

Focusing on lead generation is different from simply creating a promotion plan because your strategy has to revolve around acquiring quality prospects and potential clients that enter your sales funnel through a controlled process. Instead of being product-centric, lead generating strategies have to revolve around your customers, what keeps them engaged, and how they behave.

Some of the benefits of creating a plan that focuses on generating leads include:

Set Realistic Objectives

Without a list of realistic goals, your internal teams may stay cutting corners and lose sight of the objectives you want to achieve. This may result in the acquisition of low-quality leads that are likely to drop out of the funnel or result in churn later on.

As part of the planning process, lead generation requires you to create a list of objectives that can be achieved within the designated time frame. Plus, it should also include a detailed outline of how your team will achieve these, so they will always know what the most important elements are.

Improve Your Content

Before contacting a company, most users actually research the solutions to their problems to see what options they have available. Therefore, it’s crucial for your business to produce quality content that answers your prospects’ questions, showcases your skills, and encourages users to contact your company in a friendly way.

With the above in mind, knowing what content to create is not an easy task. Every industry has dozens if not hundreds of topics that can be extensively covered in blog posts and other resources. Luckily, lead production strategies help you identify trending topics, the best keywords, and other elements that result in relevant, top-notch content.

Create a Website Designed to Attract Leads

The content on your pages is essential, but your website itself will also play a significant role in how prospects perceive your brand. Websites that have an outdated design and a slow interface don’t inspire trust, especially if the layout doesn’t allow easy navigation or if the features aren’t working properly.

Creating a plan to generate leads will give you the insights you need to create a modern page that presents content in an easy-to-digest format and has functional features that improve user experience.

Make Decisions Based on Predictable Models

Knowing what areas of your company to invest in can be challenging if you don’t have an accurate projection of your future earnings. Businesses that focus on producing leads have to track prospects as they move through the buyer’s journey. These organizations can create projections based on their funnel to determine how many sales are coming up and approximately when they will occur, giving them the ability to make smarter business decisions.

Not only this, but digital promotion techniques allow you to see what areas of your strategy are producing the best results. Therefore, combining a predictable model with different forms of digital marketing can help you create a sustainable method to consistently produce quality leads.

Increase Your Revenue

A few decades ago, companies that wanted to increase their revenue simply funneled more money into promotion and production, but this didn’t guarantee higher profits. Strategies for lead generation actually focus on getting more clients with your current budget, so they can help increase profits without increasing your current expenses.

Lead generation is also scalable, meaning that the number of leads and sales you produce can grow at the same rate as your business, as long as you have the right plan in place.

How to Create a Predictable Lead Generation Machine

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of prioritizing the generation of leads, let’s go over the steps you need to consistently attract potential clients. Remember, all companies are different, so you also need to identify additional steps that you may need to take to get the best results.

Study Your Audience and Analyze Your Organization

Before making any decisions, the most important steps are studying your audience and analyzing your company. Although many marketers feel like they already know their audience, you should learn from your past campaigns and study the prospects that became paying customers. Try to figure out what these clients have in common, what parts of your product seemed the most appealing to them, and which promotion techniques had the most profound effect, then use this information during your plan development process.

Analyzing your internal structure is necessary because your sales and marketing teams need to be in sync. If you don’t already have them, establish effective communication methods and ensure that the transfer of leads from marketing to sales is seamless.

Craft a Detailed Marketing Plan

Now that you truly know your audience and understand how your teams interact, you can start building your marketing plan. First off, identify the digital channels that your target audience uses most frequently. Then, create a detailed schedule for content creation, publishing, and campaign optimization.

Deploy Your Tactics

Once your initial material and schedule are ready, it’s time to start implementing changes. In the majority of cases, this is a gradual step, but you need to implement the changes that will have the most impact first. You may feel the urge to create ebooks and similar content right off the bat, but you have to look at website architecture and usability elements that have a more significant impact before implementing more complex techniques.

Track, Monitor and Optimize

Before launching, you should set up tracking tools to monitor your campaign. Once you’ve collected enough information, you can begin the optimization process and make improvements that improve the performance of your campaign.

Our Core Lead Generation Stack

With the Fannit team, we’ve engineered three solutions that we have leveraged for lead generation needs on varying degrees of a timeline. These lead generators are composed of 4 areas.

  • PPC / Paid Search Advertising
  • SEO / Internet Marketing
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation
  • PPC / Paid Search Advertising

Within the lead generation domain, PPC is the most immediate lead gen fix there is. Leads may vary so solutions adjust and vary, too.

Need Leads Right Now?

Whether you need attorney lead generation or some other lead gen service-providing company, simply choose a provider platform such as Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising and BOOM! Your cup doth runneth over.

However, quick results come at a price. A literal one — the only downside of Paid Search advertising is that you will pay the platform whatever their calculated “Cost Per Lead” or “Cost Per Click” is, depending on what model or lead gen you are working from.

Using PPC Managers for Gathering Leads

When you bring the Fannit team in as PPC managers, we take the lead and apply our extensive background and research process into your campaign and content strategy to make sure that you’re paying the minimum cost per lead possible. We also routinely make refinements along the way to capitalize on an additional opportunity, leads, and sales that come about.

If you are in need of quick leads to cover a slow season or support your business while you build more long-term sales and efforts like SEO, PPC may be a great means of information and lead generation for you. We gather leads that can help you in stabilizing your business even if you’re undergoing a “shoulder season”.

Social Media Marketing

Since the rise of the Digital Age, technological advancements were made and were ready to use. Innovation and advancements lead and are used by company to company. With social media, leads email marketing became easier. With just a phone number and/or an email address for contact information, data and other needed leads information may be passed, and generating leads is made possible.

Leads generation is now done through the use of social media and sales teams make sure of it. They gather leads to promote the company and attract audiences to become potential leads. Social media has become a landing page of many marketing leads that charges cost per lead at times. Qualified leads are then reached by the target audience who consume and purchase the product or service offered by the company. Lead generation through social media marketing makes use of information to help them find the qualified lead needed for sales and marketing strategies. Leads found will then be gathered for more in-depth marketing and contact information will be saved for future lead gathering.

Lead Generation through social media

Lead generation has been organized by a group of a sales team of a company and assesses many marketing leads through the gathering of lead information and making use of strategic marketing and generating leads to increase the sales of the company. Lead generation has also become one of the ways to boost sales and revenues.

SEO Leads Marketing

Although it can be so much more for a business, SEO leads marketing and its many different subcategories are an effective and a great way of a form of lead generation.

Whereas PPC is the more “immediate” solution to a business’ lead generation, generation marketing, and many leads marketers’ needs, SEO is more of the long-term use. But because of this long-term lead use, the reward can be much greater. Your lead gen can be marketing qualified and it may become a huge help for your lead sales and sales team, as well.

Once your leads begin ranking on the first page in your target niche, there is a direct translation to higher traffic and new leads volume. This happens exponentially with each position on the search engine that you climb, after about position number 5. Many marketers know about this since they have experienced the use of this kind of search engine for marketing and lead generations.

The difference between position number 5 and 4 is huge, and the difference between 4 and 3 is seismic. Many marketers also gather lead information to produce and come up with leads for marketing techniques and lead gen strategies.

What we can offer

Fannit’s major area of expertise is in getting your website new leads and to rank in these lead positions. It’s common to have businesses run a paid search (PPC) campaign in the interim period while we build their SEO lead marketing system and get into a rhythm, as it can take a couple of months to really begin seeing the effects of SEO as a source of lead generation, getting a qualified lead, and attract potential customers to increase sales and leads.

But, oh, when we do…it’s a sweet moment.

Lead generation may sound simple. It may be all about data gathering and information, but lead generations are all about getting leads and planning the best marketing style to gather the precise information needed for successful lead gen. Leads are part of the marketing team’s success and lead generation is one way to boost your company’s desire – to be big!

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a little social network that could act as a lead generator and can progress in lead generation. Back in 2009, when it first started rising to popularity, most people didn’t know how to use it or what to do with it.

Fast forward nearly 10 years, and you have a behemoth social network with a load of contact information run by Microsoft with a user base of professionals in nearly every industry, company, and sales teams or role you can imagine.

Of course, this makes it a great place to do prospecting work, AKA lead gen. But here’s the catch — LinkedIn doesn’t like you pestering too many of its users, lest it turns into a full-blown shark tank. Leads are filtered and marketing forms aren’t always readily available.

Fannit’s team of strategists use and has created a robust process for prospecting new business on LinkedIn that not only doesn’t violate LinkedIn’s terms of service and information but also converts at higher benchmark levels than industry standard and marketing sales information. With this, lead generation is made possible and qualified leads meet the target audience.

This is more of a medium-term solution for lead generation, with the focus being placed more on B2B relationships that can be nurtured over time. As a platform for lead generation, email marketing, and landing page, LinkedIn has lead and has been one of our biggest lead gen success areas for some of our clients and leads.

Our process for LinkedIn Lead Generation comes in the form of a ready-made strategy, leads, and information for you and your team to use and execute. We are able to discuss this consulting and strategic lead marketing work on a case by case basis, depending on your business’ lead gen needs.

Is Lead Generation Sales or Marketing?

Lead generation is both sales and marketing. It generates leads with cost per information and makes your product or service a landing page to those potential consumers. Not only is it sales qualified, but also marketing qualified. It generates qualified lead and makes use of such information to boost sales. It also leads the company’s sales and marketing into getting more leads in order to attract potential clients.

Is Lead Generation a Good Job?

It definitely is. Lead generation is a useful marketing strategy for a company to boost its product or service and its sales. As easy as 1 2 3, with the use of email address, a tiny bit of information, and a sales team, you can now generate leads and get qualified leads for sale with lead generation marketing.

Lead Generation for All

Every niche has its nuances, and our experience across a wide array of industries and marketing fields has to lead us to engineering solutions that can work for any of them. Lead generation was made easy for your target audience and leads potential customers to meet your product or service using a great and advanced marketing system to provide every information needed for your company’s use.

We’re Here to Help

Whether you’re a rocket burning fuel and you need lead NOW, or you’re looking for a lead to develop a repeatable sales system that’s sales qualified for lead gen over the long-term, we can help.