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Online Lead Generation Services

Lead generation is a common umbrella term that can be used to describe many different tactics.

Before we unpack fully what can be done to generate leads, let us first take a look at what kind of symptoms a business may be having that would require them to seek out lead generation services in the first place.

Lead generation primarily comes about in business when there is a revenue gap that has been going on for more than a month or two.

Depending on the length of your average sales cycle in a business, you may have an intense need to keep coal going into the furnace — or face the cold.

When businesses aren’t generating enough leads, new revenue isn’t being closed, and growth isn’t being hit, solutions need to be engineered using the best internet marketing services to keep your company’s growth steady, on track, and out of the red.

Lead Generation Slow Seasons

Another reason that business owners usually seek out wide-scale lead generation services is when they work in an industry that experiences extreme seasonality.

Sometimes these are known as “shoulder seasons” like in the HVAC industry — people commonly buy cooling systems in the summer and heating systems in the winter. But during the fall and spring, these “shoulder” seasons don’t produce an inordinately high level of “need” in the target audience.

Therefore, more targeted measures for lead generation have to be taken into account.

Our Core Lead Generation Stack

With the Fannit team, we’ve engineered three solutions that we have leveraged for lead generation needs on varying degrees of timeline.

  • PPC / Paid Search Advertising
  • SEO / Internet Marketing
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation
  • PPC / Paid Search Advertising

Within the lead generation domain, PPC is the most immediate fix there is.

Need leads right now? Whether you need attorney lead generation or some other service, simply choose a provider platform such as Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising and BOOM! Your cup doth runneth over.

However, quick results come at a price. A literal one — the only downside of Paid Search advertising is that you will pay the platform whatever their calculated “Cost Per Lead” or “Cost Per Click” is, depending on what model you are working from.

When you bring the Fannit team in as PPC managers, we apply our extensive background and research process into your campaign to make sure that you’re paying the minimum amount per lead possible. We also routinely make refinements along the way to capitalize on additional opportunity that comes about.

If you’re in need of quick leads to cover a slow season or support your business while you build more long-term efforts like SEO, PPC may be a great means of lead generation for you.

SEO / Internet Marketing

Although it can be so much more for a business, SEO and its many different subcategories are effectively a form of lead generation.

Whereas PPC is the more “immediate” solution to a business’ lead generation needs, SEO is more of the long-term play. But because of this long-term nature, the reward can be much greater.

Once you begin ranking on the first page in your target niche, there is a direct translation to higher traffic and lead volume. This happens exponentially with each position on the search engine that you climb, after about position number 5.

The difference between position number 5 and 4 is huge, and the difference between 4 and 3 is seismic.

Fannit’s major area of expertise is in getting your website to rank in these positions. It’s common to have businesses run a paid search (PPC) campaign in the interim period while we build their SEO system and get into a rhythm, as it can take a couple of months to really begin seeing the effects of SEO as a source of lead generation.

But, oh, when we do…it’s a sweet moment.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a little social network that could. Back in 2009 when it first started rising to popularity, most people didn’t know what to do with it.

Fast forward nearly 10 years, and you have a behemoth social network run by Microsoft with a user base of professionals in nearly every industry or role you can imagine.

Of course, this makes it a great place to do prospecting work. But here’s the catch — LinkedIn doesn’t like you pestering too many of its users, lest it turn into a full blown shark tank.

Fannit’s team of strategists has created a robust process for prospecting new business on LinkedIn that not only doesn’t violate LinkedIn’s terms of service, but also converts at higher benchmark levels than industry standard.

This is more of a medium-term solution, with the focus being placed more on B2B relationships that can be nurtured over time. As a platform for lead generation, LinkedIn has been one of our biggest success areas for some of our clients.

Our process for LinkedIn Lead Generation comes in the form of a readymade strategy for you and your team to execute. We are able to discuss this consulting and strategic work on a case by case basis, depending on your business’ lead generation needs.

Lead Generation for All

Every niche has its nuances, and our experience across a wide array of industries has lead us to engineering solutions that can work for any of them.

Whether you’re a rocket burning fuel and you need leads NOW, or you’re looking to develop a repeatable system for generating leads over the long-term, we can help.