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Successful marketing leans on an accurate set of data to lead key decisions. From assets to funds; learn how your marketing efforts are performing and know the next best decision.
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Likely, you’ve encountered the marketing agencies that constantly abuse the cliché of calling themselves “data-driven.”

But, at Fannit, we aren’t simply comparing two numbers together and telling you that we already picked the better choice for you. We compile a custom dashboard that shows you exactly what’s happening month by month in your marketing.

Custom Dashboards

During our onboarding phase, we walk our clients through a process that involves the configuration of systems that will tell us the following:

  • Keywords we’re ranking for
  • Monthly traffic
  • New form leads and calls
  • Total spend by channel
  • Engagements by channel
  • Much more

As the word “custom” implies, we don’t build two dashboards exactly the same. There are many systems that we get our clients set up with, such as Google Analytics, but there are also other unique needs that come up over time.

For this, we take our time to learn your entire business (in 30 days or less) and start mapping out what the key performance metrics will be to measure our progress together.

Our Analytics and Tracking

What makes Fannit’s approach to analytics and tracking special, is that we lay everything out in terms that you can easily understand.

Perhaps you’ve had a marketing agency in the past, or heard of an agency that would send you a long PDF report each month with their progress…but little explanation as to what it all meant.

Part of our process in working together is to connect on either a bi-monthly or monthly schedule to discuss what’s been done so far, what we’re working on now, and the trajectory for our success together.

Skilled Analysts and Developers

While Fannit’s core team operates in-house in Everett WA, we do have several long-term, close relationships with outside resources who can be most helpful in providing actionable insights to data.

One such partner is Megethos, a Premier PPC Agency out of Scottsdale, AZ that also is home to some of the most skilled analysts in the digital marketing world. Our relationship and joint talents have led to some incredible wins for our clients.

How We Analyze

Some of the key things that we look for when scraping analytics and integrating tracking solutions are…

  1. Data quality – how is Google Analytics set up?
  2. Performance by channel – where can we improve?
  3. Spend comparison over competitors
  4. A/B Testing ads and landing pages
  5. Much more

As a marketing agency, data governs all of our key decisions in your business. We’ll always discuss what the numbers mean and how they’re getting you where you want to go.

If you want to learn more about how we can make sense of your existing data or pave the way towards your goals, fill out the form below.