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Is your company on the first page of Google’s results when you search for fire and water damage restoration in your area?

Competition is fierce in the home restoration industry, so getting quality fire and water damage leads is one of the toughest challenges your company will face. That, combined with the increasing costs of conventional marketing, are two of the main reasons many fire and water restoration businesses struggle to find new customers.

The good news is that search engines, social media networks, and other digital channels are revamping the way your clients look for home restoration services. By partnering with an agency that specializes in water damage SEO services, you can ensure that your company is readily available to your customers when they need it most.

At Fannit, we’ve spent the best part of the last decade helping local home restoration companies build robust marketing campaigns that help them convert online visitors into paying customers. Our team understands how consumers behave when looking for a fire and water damage restoration firm, so we can make the right adjustment to your online marketing machine and ensure that you’re there when your customers need you most.




  • A New Way to Speak to Your Customers
  • What’s Fire and Water Damage Restoration SEO?
  • Reliable Fire and Water Damage Restoration SEO Services
  • When Should You Work with an Fire and Water Damage Restoration SEO Company?
  • Set Up a Robust Fire and Water Damage Restoration SEO Marketing Plan with Fannit


A New Way to Speak to Your Customers

Coming up with creative marketing ideas for restoration businesses is tough, but it’s the only way to attract new customers. There are thousands of home restoration businesses across the country and all of them rely on their local audience to generate an income. Furthermore, modern consumers usually rely on their smartphones or laptops to find local companies, so you need to market your services through the digital channels that potential customers use the most.

By focusing on marketing your services online, you can:

Reach Clients When They Need You Most

Your potential clients research home remediation services when they need something fixed as soon as possible. Online fire and water damage marketing allows you to place your website in search engines, local business directories, and review sites that your audience relies on to make a decision. This, combined with the urgency of their needs, will help generate more calls for your company.

Measure Performance, Track Results

The main problem with traditional fire and water restoration marketing is the lack of control. After your marketing materials are published, you have no idea how well they’re performing or how much money you’re generating. Digital marketing channels allow you to track every single penny you spend, so you can see which areas of your promotion strategy are working as well as activities that aren’t producing the right results.

Resource: https://www.fannit.com/marketing-analytics-services/

Create a Wholesome Marketing Plan

Like in other industries, home restoration marketing needs to be organized in order to succeed. Having a rigid plan that relies on conventional advertising channels may actually become a problem because you won’t be able to make adjustments based on the results you get.

Digital marketing is the complete opposite in the sense that it requires a detailed blueprint, but it allows a large degree of customization, so you can make adjustments depending on how your audience reacts to your content.

What’s Fire & Water Damage Restoration Organic Search Marketing?

In simple terms, online fire and water damage restoration marketing can be defined as all the steps you take to market your company through digital channels. This includes your website, social media channels, search engine marketing, paid advertising, and any other technique that promotes your services digitally.

Fire and water damage restoration search engine optimization (SEO) is a type of digital marketing technique that focuses on getting the highest search engine results rankings for your website. Consumers rely on Google and other search engines to find quality companies depending on the topic being searched. Fire and water damage restoration SEO can help you engage with users who need home restoration services and allow you to generate fire and water damage leads online at a low cost.

There are many different SEO ranking factors that help search engines determine your position every time there’s a search that’s relevant to your company. These ranking factors can be categorized into on-page and off-page SEO, but you need to focus on both to increase your chances of getting better positions.

Resource: https://www.fannit.com/blog/what-is-digital-marketing/

On-Page Organic Rankings

Keywords, loading time, and the content you generate are some of the elements included in on-page SEO. Also known as on-site SEO, this practice focuses on improving website components that are immediately under your control.

Resource: https://www.fannit.com/seo/on-page-seo-checklist/

Off-Page Organic Rankings

Off-page SEO is trickier because it consists of elements that are not on your website. This includes social media presence, online reputation, backlink profile, and other areas that you can influence, but not control directly.

Resource: https://www.fannit.com/seo/link-building-mistakes/

Reliable Fire & Water Damage Restoration Organic Search Marketing Services

As with any other type of promotion strategy, the main goal of fire and water damage restoration SEO is to boost your fire and water damage lead generation machine. However, implementing SEO along with other forms of digital marketing has a lot of benefits. For instance, fire and water damage restoration SEO is extremely flexible and it can be paired with almost all other forms of online promotion as well as traditional advertising techniques. This means that you can build a custom plan that includes search engine optimization regardless of the size or structure of your company.

Additionally, some of the benefits that come with fire and water damage restoration SEO and digital marketing include:

Establish Attainable Goals

One of the major problems that home restoration marketing managers face is setting realistic goals. If you raise the bar too high, you may set yourself up for failure and create a negative void in your marketing strategy. But, if you don’t aim high enough, you won’t be able to truly measure the success of your marketing. 

SEO and digital marketing aim to find a balance. To succeed, you need to create short-term milestones that will allow you to achieve bigger objectives, so you’ll be able to establish a set of attainable goals. For example, you can redesign your website as a milestone and try to generate a certain number of fire and water damage leads as a realistic goal.

Learn New Information About Your Audience

The only way to generate engaging content for your potential customers is to understand your audience. During your SEO campaign creation process, you’ll have to conduct extensive research about your customer base. However, this will also help uncover new information that will help you build a better campaign. Depending on how deep you want to go, you may even collect data that allows you to deliver better service to your clients.

Create a Detailed Fire and Water Damage Restoration Marketing Strategy

As we mentioned before, fire and water damage restoration SEO is not the type of strategy that you can simply improvise. This form of marketing is data-driven, so you need to conduct extensive research and create a step-by-step plan that starts with educating prospects and ends with converting them into paying customers. Remember, your fire and water damage restoration digital marketing plan should not only include goals, but also the resources you have available and how these will be allocated to best achieve your goal.

Visualize and See Prospects Move Down Your Funnel

Although digital channels can help you reach a wide variety of audiences, it’s safe to assume that every user is different. Not all of your potential customers will be at the same level in terms of contacting your business. This is the reason why you need to understand the buyer’s journey and create a sales funnel that allows you to visualize this process.

The buyer’s journey is a term used to describe the steps that most of your leads go through on their way to becoming paying customers. Your sales funnel basically breaks down the buyer’s journey into three steps, which are awareness, consideration, and decision. When combined, these can help you visualize where your prospects are in the buying process and what steps you need to take to move them down the funnel.

Monitor and Improve Your Online Reputation

One thing that conventional advertising and modern marketing tactics have in common is a heavy focus on reputation management. However, online reputation management includes rating sites, social media profiles, local directories, and other digital channels that consumers use to evaluate companies they work with. SEO is a great tactic to maintain a good image because you need to have a good online reputation to achieve the best rankings.

Consistently Craft Top-Notch Content

Users who have a high chance of becoming fire and water damage leads tend to conduct extensive research before contacting a restoration company. The good news is that fire and water damage restoration SEO enables you to create quality content that covers interesting topics and provides practical answers to common challenges. Remember, great content is the combination of functional information and easy-to-understand language, so pretend you’re one of your readers when reviewing your finalized copy.

Boost Branding and Social Presence

Fire and water damage restoration digital marketing is a holistic approach, so it allows you to reinforce your branding and establish a good social media presence. 

Your branding should be a synonym for your company. While traditional branding campaigns focused simply on changing your image, fire and water damage restoration SEO and other forms of digital marketing can simultaneously reinforce your branding message and generate quality leads at the same time. 

Furthermore, a solid social media presence will encourage potential customers to ask questions and allow you to respond to their inquiries in a timely manner. 

Resource: Expert Social Media Company Services

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Search engines are a great source of quality fire and water restoration leads because consumers rely on these platforms to find quality restoration firms. This type of unpaid or “organic” traffic is extremely valuable because it costs much less in terms of customer acquisition, but it can consistently generate a large volume of leads as well as sales.

Generate More Damage Restoration Leads

Generating more home restoration leads is the main goal of your marketing efforts and fire and water damage restoration SEO can help attract prospects and collect data you can use to develop compelling marketing materials. 

Unlike other aggressive forms of marketing, fire and water damage restoration SEO allows potential customers to come to you on their own accord, so they feel empowered to do business with your company because they feel like the decision was left up to them.


Enhance Internal and External Communication

For fire and water damage restoration SEO services to succeed, your marketing and sales team need to have effective communication channels. For this reason, online promotion strategies tend to improve the way your team members communicate and interact with each other. In addition to improving efficiency across the board, it can also create a more harmonious work environment because you’ll foster an atmosphere of collaboration.

Create an Attractive and Functional Website

If your website is outdated, has inaccurate content, or doesn’t deliver a positive experience, you won’t be able to generate fire and water damage restoration leads online. If this is the case, you should focus on developing an attractive, functional, and light website that is worthy of representing the quality of your services.

Reduce Restoration Marketing Expenses

If you only rely on conventional marketing, you probably have to invest a lot of money to generate a moderate number of water and fire restoration leads. Fire and water damage restoration marketing has a low price tag when compared to traditional advertising like television ads and radio spots. Not to mention the fact that you can track your expenses and calculate your return on income, so you can get an accurate idea of how much your promotion strategy is actually costing.

Measure Your Results and Optimize Your Campaign

As we mentioned previously, digital marketing allows you to track the performance of your marketing materials. In addition to calculating financial performance, you can also use this information to identify the areas of your strategy that are producing the best results. This can help you make adjustments and optimize your materials in order to improve the results you get from your campaign.

Set Up a Robust Fire and Water Damage Restoration Organic Search Marketing Plan with Fannit

Generating fire and water damage leads online is challenging, but with the right help, you can transform your home restoration website into a reliable source of business.

If you’re ready to learn more about digital marketing and get working on your fire and water damage restoration SEO strategy, contact Fannit today. Our team of fire and water restoration digital marketing experts will be glad to discuss your project.

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