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Is your website a fancy sign in the desert? If you don’t have traffic coming to your website, it doesn’t matter how smoothly it operates or how pretty it looks. SEO marketing builds the digital highway to your business that drives traffic to your site and allows you to turn visitors into leads.
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Business building is our passion, and SEO has been the #1 way we drive growth since Fannit was founded in 2008. Our SEO services empower you with an SEO consultant who’s up-to-date on the latest SEO tips, tricks, and tactics for achieving the results your company needs.

How SEO Company in High Point NC Can Help your Business?

North Carolina, mainly the town of High Point, has been tagged as the Furniture Capital of the World nearly 100 years ago. This town in North Carolina is home to several local and international furniture manufacturers. Twice a year, they organize the High Point Furniture Market, attracting 160,000 people to the city. Shoppers feast their eyes with millions of square feet of trade furniture showrooms. 

As the market grows, so does the competition, that’s why most business owners tend to try new strategies for their business. As we go further in the 21st century, more businesses opt to offer and market their products online. Although social media platforms, like Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook, receive much attention around traffic, search engines continue to drive most website traffic. Thus, search engine optimization (SEO) for a company’s website plays a vital role in generating new leads and customers for the business. Before choosing the best SEO company high point NC, take a look at what an SEO service can do to benefit your marketing efforts. 

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Suppose you’re not familiar with search engine optimization or SEO. In that case, it is the practice of increasing the number of website visitors via free search results on search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo. SEO has a set of marketing rules that mainly focus on the visibility of your website as well as its content in the organic search. This way, you can be sure that real people read your website based on searching for the helpful content. 

Search Engines, What are They?

“Libraries for the digital age,” search engines are like that. The difference is, they store copies of web pages instead of keeping copies of books. When you type into a search engine, it looks through all the pages in its index to give you the most relevant result. This is possible through a computer program called an algorithm. 

Why is Search Engine Optimization Important for Marketing?

So why is effective SEO so important? Does it affect me all that much? If you’ve got a site that you want to rank high in search results, SEO is everything. Whether you are a business owner or a marketer, chances are, you’ve been told to use SEO. It is not surprising if you’ve been told more than once because today, it is a vital factor of any successful marketing strategy. SEO is considered a fundamental part of digital marketing because people make millions, even billions, of searches every year to find information about products and services. Having greater visibility and higher ranking on search engine results than your competitors is beneficial for your business. 

Appearing in the search results on these major search engines is not an easy process, but with an excellent SEO service, you can achieve it! Keep in mind that great content is an essential factor to encourage people to link to your website’s pages; this will show search engines that your pages have quality and interesting content. 

How Does SEO Work?         

All search engines have a crawler, and these crawlers are a series of internet bots that systematically browse the World Wide Web and are triggered every time you hit the search button. The crawlers return the information to the search engines and build an index then the search engines algorithm will work on this information with its calculations to match all the data with your query. To make it simple, SEO works by demonstrating to search engines that the content of your website is the best result for the question at hand. The primary goal of these search engines is to show the best and relevant results to their users.

Things your SEO Company Service Should Include

Now that you are aware of what an SEO is and how it works, it is essential to review the services SEO companies provide. All we want is the best for our business, right? That’s why you have to choose which SEO agency to use for your company carefully.

In comparing SEO companies, look out for SEO services that include the following in their packages:

Technical or SEO Audit

 The content management system and technical infrastructure of your website are essential to the success of your SEO campaign. The SEO provider should do a technical audit of your website before optimizing it. 

Technical or SEO audit includes analyzing the on-page and off-page elements of the client’s website to make sure that there are no technical difficulties to your online success.

There are free SEO audit tools; why should I bother hiring someone for an SEO audit? Yes, there are indeed some free SEO audit tools to use, but they don’t give your company with the same insight as a team of SEO specialists. SEO teams will take an in-depth look at your current strategy, and if you don’t have a plan, they will evaluate your website and provide one from the perspective of an SEO. This includes checking where your website excels and where it should be improved.

Keep in mind, if an SEO company won’t provide you with technical or SEO audit, there is a chance that they are not planning to create a custom strategy for your business. Remember, the best methods should be tailored to your business and target customers.

Keyword Research

Another essential component of SEO service is keyword research, and it plays a vital role in the success of your SEO campaign. Beyond keyword optimization, you optimize your entire marketing strategy for your brand or product. The agency will set the number of keywords that they will target for your search engine ranking, and use several methods to get the best keywords to drive traffic to your website. These methods may include the following:

  • Analyzing Google Analytics
  • Analyzing Competitor’s keywords
  • Surveying potential customers or clients
  • Using research tools


Off-page SEO helps search engines to analyze if a page is a good search result or not. It refers to techniques that you can use to improve the position of a website in the search engine results page. 

It shows the crawlers that a website is valuable or trustworthy through gaining links back to your site. 

Search engines value links depending on the:

  • Anchor text of the link – links with anchor text that is the same to your content has more value.
  • Linking the site’s authority – building links from authoritative sites have more value.
  • The number of links to the linking site – Links from sites that have a large backlink profile has a higher value.
  • The significance of the content on the linking page to the linked site. 

As the SEO company forms a link building strategy, it will focus on gaining high-quality backlinks from sites that are authoritative with relevant content.

On-page Optimization

Another critical component of improving your site’s search traffic is on-page optimization due to search engine algorithm updates. For example, Google, one of the major search engines have released algorithm updates like Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird. Through these updates, SEO companies have to modify their on-page SEO tactics to maintain their search engine rankings.

The process of optimizing web pages to help your website rank better in search engine result pages is called on-page SEO. It refers to both the content and HTML source code of a website page that can be optimized.

On-Page SEO Checklist:

  • Optimize Your Content
  • Choose Your URL Structure
  • Optimize Meta Tags
  • Optimize Heading Tags
  • Optimize Images for SEO
  • Ensure Proper Internal Linking
  • Remove Intrusive Interstitial Properties
  • Check for Keyword Density
  • Add Schema Markup/Structured Data
  • Generate Sitemap.xml File
  • Optimize Robots.txt File
  • Optimize Page Speed

Monthly Reports

Monthly reports from your SEO agency will give you an overview of your website’s performance in search engines. This will mainly focus on organic traffic, rankings, and domain metrics. Transparency is essential when it comes to SEO services, with month

How We Execute High Point SEO Services Properly
Search Engine Optimization will never die, it only evolves. In a nutshell, internet marketing has always been the same. The organic results in search engines were always intended to provide searchers with the products or services that were the most relevant result.
Initial Consultation
We meet with you and develop a clear outline for both your qualitative and quantitative goals of getting new leads through the organic search channel.
The Fannit team will again connect with you to obtain an in-depth understanding of your company to align a developed marketing strategy with your qualitative and quantitative goals.
We take the time to continually and carefully research your industry and your competitors to be sure we are equipped with the best SEO data to apply to your marketing strategy.
Strategy Plan Development
The Fannit team will create a strategy around your SEO marketing campaign using the researched information and analysis as well as our result-driven strategies to tailor with your company’s goals.
We organize actionable tasks to perform and execute within our project management software to make sure we are in the right cadence with SEO deliverables and the strategy.
Tracking & Measuring
Fannit has carefully developed a system to track SEO results and measure marketing campaign KPI’s to make sure everything is working together as planned.
Continuous Optimization and Improvement
The truth is that Google is an ever evolving search engine that makes constant updates to its algorithm. The Fannit team has equipped themselves with the crucial knowledge and experience to be flexible with Google’s ongoing updates, and adapt with optimization and improvement.
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Search Engine Optimization will never die, it only evolves. In a nutshell, internet marketing has always been the same. The organic results in search engines were always intended to provide searchers with the products or services that were the most relevant result.
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