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Google is the most popular search engine, but did you know that it also has the biggest paid ads network in the world? There is no doubt that the search engine’s advertising network is a great way to attract leads, especially if you hire reliable Google Ads services to manage your campaigns.

At Fannit, we’ve spent the last 10 years developing successful PPC campaigns on Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords). In addition to understanding the different variables that impact your ad rank, our team has experience creating engaging ads that attract potential customers.

If you need help creating and implementing a Google Ads strategy, get in touch with our team of PPC management experts and start attracting prospective customers today.

Importance of Google Ads Management Services

Before going over our Google Ads management services in detail, let’s take a moment to review the importance of hiring a reliable digital marketing agency.

From the ad copy to the landing pages that appear on your campaign, there are dozens of elements that determine the placement of your ads. This is essential because content that appears on top of Google’s organic search results has superior performance in terms of return on income or ROI.

The problem is that there is fierce competition in most industries, so taking over from the established leaders requires a creative paid search plan.

This is where our Google paid search experts come in.

Our team of consultants has hands-on experience creating paid search campaigns from scratch. This includes performing basic steps like keyword research, the creation of ads as well as ad groups, determining the advertising budget, and monitoring the Google Ads campaign, among many others.

FANNIT Offers Google Ads Management Services

Google Ads is a superb platform to promote your services because it allows you to compete on a level playing field against leading brands with huge marketing budgets.

That said, simply creating a Google Ads campaign doesn’t mean you’ll start generating new leads right away. As a matter of fact, a Google Ads campaign that doesn’t drive sales can lead to huge losses for a small business. Unlike organic strategies, you need to make a direct investment if you want to advertise on Google’s network.

Businesses that want to boost their paid marketing campaign and ensure that their campaign is running smoothly right from the start can always opt for Fannit’s Google Ads service.

Let’s take a deeper dive into our Google Ads paid online advertising services and what they include.

Keyword Research and Planning

Local services ads are very different from massive billboards and conventional print adverts. The main challenge that marketers face is engaging the audience.

At Fannit, we’ve developed a process that allows us to understand the target audience and your product, thus giving us the information we need to craft ads and implement the right campaign settings.

Our Google Ads agency also has access to top-notch marketing intelligence tools, allowing our consultants to unveil the most effective keywords in terms of performance and profitability.

Google Ads Campaign Budget Analysis

Next, it’s time to decide what your ideal budget will look like. Keep in mind that Google Ads allow for complete control over your campaigns, so setting and adhering to a target cost threshold is relatively simple.

One of the biggest benefits of Google Ads campaigns is that they can be adjusted to any budget. That said, the more money you invest, the bigger the revenue you’ll generate.

This is the reason why we create a target budget for each client. Your account manager will aim to boost the performance of your paid marketing strategies and having the ideal budget will greatly increase the chances of seeing ads featuring your company at the top of Google search results.

Competitor Google Ads Review

It’s common for inexperienced marketers to take the long approach and simply learn from the campaigns they create. At Fannit, we have a profound understanding of how paid Google ads to work, so we leverage marketing intelligence tools to learn from the leading competitors’ campaigns.

By analyzing the ads that are currently ranked at the top, we can discover effective keyword variables and creative ad group structures. Then, our Google Ads specialists can implement relevant elements to your own campaigns, resulting in effective ads that generate more leads.

Landing Page Creation and Optimization

Landing pages are essential to the success of your Google Ads efforts. Simply put, these pages are designed to convert visitors into leads, whether it’s through a form fulfillment, quote request, or similar step.

Instead of following the same structure as the others on your site, landing site pages should feature a simplified design that doesn’t draw attention from the promotion. This results in a larger number of leads and a relatively high ROI.

It’s important to note that the polishing of landing pages is a recurring process. This is the reason why our team creates an optimization calendar to review and adjust your ads based on the campaign results. This increases the number of online sales while steadily reducing the cost of running your campaigns.

Google Ads Campaign Set Up

Once all landing page drafts and other basic elements are ready, we move on to the campaign creation process.

It’s common for local businesses to opt for Google Ads Express or another automated local service ads app. The problem is that these solutions aren’t dynamic enough to adapt to each company’s unique requirements.

Instead, our team creates a campaign that includes tailored ad groups, engaging calls-to-action, and landing pages.

Google Ad Copy Creation & Testing

As part of the campaign creation process, we also build the actual ads. But, this process can be broken down into smaller steps.

Google Ads campaigns need to be tailored to every audience. So, instead of building one set of ads, we create multiple versions of each advert. This allows us to test larger variables at the beginning and narrow down on the combinations that provide the best results. Note that we apply the same strategy to keywords, which can help us identify the most impactful terms beyond their search volume.

Once all ad sets are created, we prepare them to be launched and tested simultaneously. After getting the first results, we’ll make smaller changes with the goal of improving your ads’ collective quality score and boosting the number of calls your sales team is currently getting.

Conversion Rate Analysis

The success of a Google Ads campaign needs to be measured in conversions. This is the reason why this type of advertising falls under the umbrella of performance advertising.

Besides monitoring the actual conversion rate of your ads, we also analyze the elements that impact this metric. For example, if we notice that your ads are being triggered by a phrase that is not related to your products, we’ll add it to the list of negative keywords. This should reduce the number of irrelevant impressions and increase your conversion rate, and with it, your online sales.

Content Review & Modifications

After creating all of the text ads and other creatives, we’ll showcase the final versions and request your approval. If you have any modifications or improvements we’ll make them at this stage.

It’s essential for small businesses to maintain consistent branding and tone throughout all channels, so there will be similarities between your Google Ads, SEO, and other marketing efforts. Our team will ensure that all of these elements work together and create a cohesive brand identity that prospects will recognize across all channels.

Google Analytics Review

Tracking and monitoring the performance of your Google Ads advertising efforts is essential. The good news is that this is possible through another free tool from the same company: Google Analytics or GA.

Simply put, GA allows advertisers to monitor the performance of their ads and landing pages. Besides identifying the most profitable terms. GA will tell you which page variables drove the most sales through a detailed report. The best part is that the reporting features can be fully customized. This means that we can view the most important data for your business ads and filter out whatever doesn’t apply.

Ongoing Bid Adjustments Through Google Ads

When we first establish your campaign, our team will set a bid for each keyword. We then adjust this number based on the results we get in order to lower the cost of your campaign while also improving the performance of your ads.

For this process to be successful, we need to collect enough statistically-significant information. Once completed, you can decide what to do with the additional budget every month. Our Google Ads are designed to be scalable, so we encourage our clients to invest more money and grow their businesses as much as possible.

Our Google Ads Management Process

Having an internal team member manage your entire Google Ads strategy brings certain limitations, especially if this employee is learning on the job.

As a leading Google Ads company, we follow a proven process that’s adaptable and scalable. The general steps we follow are:


Google Ads campaigns require a huge amount of content, including both branded and non-branded materials. Besides creating these, we also built target personas, decided on targeting parameters, created budget standards, and defined bidding protocols. We also dictate when, where, why, and how the campaign will run as well as its general appearance on Google.


Now, launch time. Simply put, this process consists of submitting your ads for Google’s approval. Google reviews the content’s overall quality, appropriateness, and adherence to the search engine’s internal policies. Once approved, your ads will start showing and click traffic will slowly start flowing.


Once GA is set up in the campaign creation process, our team simply has to monitor the performance of your ads through the tracking platform. We use the data to make ad adjustments that improve both your Google ad rank as well as engagement metrics.


Once we find the right combination, we move on to the scaling phase. It’s important to note that all other steps must be repeated every time you grow the extent of your Google Ads efforts. These small adjustments will guarantee that you adhere to your budget while ensuring that you generate as many leads as possible.

Working with FANNIT’s Google Ads Management Team

At Fannit, we’ve worked with advertisers of all sizes across a huge range of industries. Yet, we find that we do some of our best work when we partner with local businesses that are ready to have a professional team manage their campaign and take their ads to the next level.

Our team of experts can support all aspects of your Google Ads paid marketing machine. From selecting the right budget to creating all content from scratch, you can rely on our services to bring you consistent results every time.

Why Choose FANNIT as Your Top Google Ads Management Company?

While our team consists of designers, content technicians, and other contributors, we make sure that every client receives personalized service from the same consultant.

When you partner with Fannit, you’re assigned a knowledgeable account manager that is in charge of sending updates and keeping in the loop every step of the way. This is the reason that all of the businesses that choose our Google Ads service see such consistency not only in their campaigns, but in the level of support they receive.

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Creating a tailored Google Ads strategy for your business can take a significant amount of time. Not to mention the hours you need to invest into managing your ads and adjusting the content on your site.

Fortunately, you don’t have to face this challenge alone. Our team of online paid advertising pros can ensure that you get the most from your ads on Google. It doesn’t matter if you want to drive more online sales or generate more local customers for your small business, our team has the tools and experience to build a successful campaign.

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