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As a tree service top SEO company, having a robust Tree Service SEO marketing strategy is essential if you want to see your tree services website rank on Google and successfully funnel new clients to your company. 

If your site lacks adequate tree service search engine optimization (SEO), it doesn’t matter how professional your site looks or how great your copy is, you will fail to see noticeable lead generation because your website won’t be ranking on the first page of Google.

Whatever your tree service SEO needs, whether they be a complete site makeover or a small amount of fine-tuning, our team here at Fannit has all of the necessary training and capabilities to solve all of your tree care SEO problems. We have spent the past 10 years refining our arborist SEO processes and have a proven track record of drastically improving our client’s rankings on Google. 

To give you a small taste of what Fannit can do for your tree services website, the rest of the page is dedicated to introducing 2 of our industry-leading processes.

1. The 4 Key Areas Your Site Needs Tree Service Organic Search Marketing For

At Fannit, we have a system called TRAP which covers the four major categories where your tree services site is in need of an SEO makeover.

The TRAP acronym stands for:

  • Technical 
  • Relevancy
  • Authority 
  • Popularity 

Each of these words identifies an area where Fannit can help you fix your website and tree care SEO problems in order to refine your online marketing and put you on that first page of Google.

Let’s dive deeper into the individual meanings of each process that goes into TRAP.


Fixing the technical side of your tree services site will enable Google to properly crawl your site, which in turn will mean that Google is able to index your site. 

If the technical side of your website is not functional or has numerous broken links, Google will not be able to adequately crawl and index your site, which in turn will prevent your potential clients from ever discovering your company. 

Here are three examples of what our technical team repairs during this stage of the process:

  • HTTP/HTTPS conflicts
  • Broken links
  • Slow loading speed


Your tree services company needs to have relevant content. This means that your advertising needs to be honest as well as relevant — nobody likes to be tricked, so if your potential clients see that the content on your website doesn’t match your keywords, they aren’t going to stay on your site very long. 

This pattern of potential clients finding your site and then leaving because of irrelevant content will increase your bounce rate (the number of people that exit your site after only viewing one page), something which Google will take notice of and punish your rankings for.

During the relevancy stage, our team will do keyword research and help you improve your content by: 

  • Determining searcher intent
  • Bolstering thin content
  • Removing duplicate content


Your tree services website need authority in order to rank, Google evaluates website authority by examining your site’s backlinks. 

If your website has backlinks from spammy websites, Google will notice this and determine that your website does not have authority based on the low quality of your links.

During the authority phase of the TRAP process, our team of backlink experts will ensure that:

  • All your backlinks are coming from valuable sources
  • You are constantly building more quality backlinks
  • Image hotlinking isn’t hurting your speed 


This stage brings the previous three phases together by ensuring that not only are you optimized for the technical side of ranking on Google but that you are also fully optimized for your human audience as well. 

Optimizing for people is essential because while technical optimization is crucial for Google to be able to determine the intent and quality of your website, this won’t help all that much if you don’t have an appealing site for your potential clients to browse.

Fannit will help improve your popularity signals by:

  • Making sure your content can be easily scanned by readers
  • Optimizing your post and page descriptions
  • Publishing online press releases

2. How Fannit Takes Your Tree Services Website From Good To Great In 30 Days

Fannit is able to take your tree services website from good to great in just 30 days with a process that we call IRON.

IRON stands for:

  • Interview
  • Research
  • Organize
  • Nail It! 

Here’s what the process behind each of these words looks like.


We want to understand your tree services company as well as you do so that we can replicate your voice when creating content for your site and so that we can develop the most efficient marketing plan for you.

During this process, we’ll conduct a series of interviews with you and your team to make sure we understand your tree services company, inside and out. 


The research phase takes place at the same time as the interview stage and involves our team doing extensive research in your field. Our team will research your industry, target audience, top competitors, and keywords.

Our research team will also conduct a serious tree service SEO audit of your website to uncover any issues your site is facing and discover how to best reverse them.


This stage of IRON is purely about strategy. Following the collection of data from the previous two stages, we hold a meeting with you to review what we’ve learned and to discuss how we can efficiently win your tree services company a place on the first page of Google. 

The purpose of this meeting is to inform you of what the current condition of your website is. As well as to forecast your growth goals for the next 30 days, the following quarter, and the next year. Goal setting is a vital part of the IRON process. 

We will formulate an extensive marketing plan to be presented to you at the end of the first 30 days that will be strategically curated by our marketing strategists for maximum growth for your company.

Nail It!

The interviews have been done, the research conducted, the strategy formulated, now it is time to turn the plan into reality!

Our production team will continue the TRAP process and will also start implementing new technology on your tree services site — improving lead intake systems, tracking technology installation, and analytics configuration, to name a few.

See These Systems In Action

If you’d like to see how Fannit’s tree service marketing strategies have been able to help other businesses improve their rankings and online leads by upwards of 200%, take a look at a couple of our case studies.

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