Manufacturing Inbound Marketing Case Study: 144% Increased Online Leads

The talented team at Naimor had created tight, optimized processes for metal fabrication and delivering amazing service to their clients. But in order to scale the business further, they knew that marketing was the channel that needed the most growth.

The Challenge

As a manufacturing SEO Marketing agency, we recognize that within the industrial space, things can get highly technical. The most authoritative companies are the ones that can communicate their process and their level of skill the most clearly. The biggest task with Naimor was showcasing their abilities and conveying their expertise with their website design and content.

The Solution

We engaged Naimor through our design and development process which put us in a position to know their business every bit as well as they did.

Taking this new understanding of their business and applying our marketing skill to it was a breeze. We went through our extensive user-research and design process and cultivated a beautiful new website that is the central hub for all if Naimor’s expert information that can be shared with prospective customers.

  • Full website design and upgrade
  • Implemented HubSpot marketing automation software
  • Created a thriving blog with a large email subscriber list that constantly bears fruit
  • Successful implementation and management of inbound marketing
“From the beginning of our relationship with Fannit they've proved themselves - I would definitely recommend them as a great digital marketing firm!”
Shahrokh Naieni
“Their services resurrected my business and made me a viable productive company again. I am now stronger than ever in 40 years of business. It was like a miracle that how Fannit knew what to do to get B&D Rockeries back into the green and get me in touch with customer's looking for my services. Thank you Fannit. I wish we would of been involved in a marketing company sooner and received the benefits of there services. They have shown me the power of online marketing and how to reach customer's. I was amazed at how professional Fannit was in helping B&D Rockeries get back into the green by finding customers looking for my services. They were amazing.”
Neil Eneix Sr.
“The Fannit team has been great to work with from the beginning. They brought a refreshing transparency in their role as marketing support and really helped give us insight into how specific marketing channels were performing and how it was impacting our sales directly. They also provided insight into their marketing campaigns that helped me make decisions on next steps and where campaign budget would be best spent. I'd recommend them to anyone in the automotive industry.”
John McMillen
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