Accountant Inbound Marketing Case Study

Officeheads is a Chicago-based accounting and bookkeeping services firm looking to grow rapidly in a local market. This meant they needed to start more conversations quickly with a very specific business owners. In addition to creating a new website, Fannit recommended social prospecting to enhance the business development skills of the CEO.

The Challenge

The original website design did not represent the brand energy of Officeheads and needed to be updated.

The team at Officeheads are great networkers, but needed an accountants marketing firm to complement their in-person prospecting efforts. Officeheads wanted to be able to start more new conversations, as well as keep the conversation going with existing prospects.

The Solution

Within 3 months after launching a new website and starting a social prospecting campaign, Fannit was able to get the Officeheads name in front of more business owners in the local Chicago market, grow their contact list, and most importantly — increase the number of sales qualified leads that closed into new sales.

  • Launched a New Website
  • Started a New Social Prospecting Campaign
  • Equipped the Officeheads team with inbound marketing tools
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