10 Highly Effective Habits of Amazing Content Marketing Teams

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When it comes to content marketing, your brand and your business need to stand out. You need to, well... be amazing. To do that, you have to have an amazing content team.

Content Marketing & Your Prospects


Hi, I'm Bryce Atilano, Content & SEO Specialist at Fannit

The content Fannit produces for you helps capture your prospects' attention at their point of interest.

This is key because it helps prospects understand, first of all, how to solve their problem and, second, that you are able to help them resolve their issue if only they were your client.

Our content and downloadables invite your prospects to engage with your company in a way that is meaningful and relevant for where they are in their buyer's journey. This is part of the marketing methodology we use.  


CHC of Snohomish achieved 1040% ROI

Community Health Center of Snohomish
Fannit has provided the Community Health Center of Snohomish County with Internet marketing leadership, great content, and has helped us increase traffic and new patient conversions - they are easy to work with and provide great value with our marketing budget.
Mallory Lisk
Marketing Manager, Community Health Center of Snohomish
Naimor Metal Fabrication

Naimor Results

  • From 2% to 10%+ Lead Conversion Rate

Community Health Center Results 

  • Online leads increased by 301%
  • Achieved a marketing spend ROI of 1040%
  • Improved the overall site conversion rate by 301%
  • Improved overall user engagement by 3.8%
  • Converted existing site to responsive site

Downloadable Content

If your prospects are not ready to buy services from you today, you want them to download your content so you can nurture those prospects


Segmented Content

We establish buyer personas in order to produce content that is meaningful to them specifically - so they feel like you are speaking their language


Shareable Content

Some content your prospects read will be so compelling they will want to share it with their social media community and friends


Search Engine Optimized Content

Because we research SEO performance for your industry, competitors, and your existing site, our content is optimized for better performance 


Meaningful Topics

We are tuned into the hot topics in your industry that are getting attention from prospects for your professional or technical company


Secure CMS Backend

Having your website hacked can have a serious impact on rankings, not to mention wasting time and money. Fannit provides you with a secure CMS

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